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Jinnah’s Pakistan

You know, it is always a pleasure to talk good about my country. Of all the good things we did, the best one has just happened. You know, the reason Jinnah worked so hard for the Muslims of subcontinent to have a separate homeland was that we would never feel the need of an enemy. We had an enemy in the form of Hindus; by giving us Pakistan, Jinnah made sure he gave the Hindus the best possible independence they could have asked for and they could be safe from harmful psychotic effects of the Muslims that opt for Pakistan.

One thinks that Africa is a poor continent, that is why several of its countries are torn due to war and famine and African is killing an African on the basis of clan and personal gains. Here, this is a shame. We are killing each other just being in the different party. We are being killed just being at the wrong place at the wrong time. We are being killed just for being a Pakistani … and by whom? Not by the filthy Hindus, not by the deceiving Goras but by our own people. Muslim is killing Muslim, Pakistani is killing Pakistani. With friends like these, who certainly needs an enemy?

Did Jinnah really wanted to see its beloved city to be blossomed with blood that way? Not just on 12th May 2007, but ever in the history of Pakistan? Why is it that we got our country after so many sacrifices and bloodshed, and we are still shedding blood after 60 years of Independence? If we would have been illiterates, uneducated and hateful against our own country, such cases might have been justified … but these people are all sane, educated and

many from good families. What the hell are we thinking? We love our country yet we kill our own countrymen, and for what reason? No reason at all. Just a couple of people who are in limelight say the word go and we start the butchering.

Where is our dignity?

Where is our Independence?

Where is our


Where is our patriotism?

Where is our motivation?

Where is our sense of justice?

Where is our freedom?

Where are we?