The Sacrificial Generation

Few weeks ago I had a discussion with my lawyer cousin and we traced the extremism history from the time Z. A. Bhutto banned alcohol to events until last year. The very nature of extremism is frightening enough that even thinking about a solution can give you cold feet.

After looking at problems from various angles we came to unanimous conclusion that education is our primary problem that paved the way for extremism; however, it wasn’t the lack of education but the nature of it that caused a shift in the mindset of Pakistani population. During 50s, 60s and even 70s the people of Pakistan were dynamic and took part in matters of the nation with keen interest. So much was their power that they brought down Ayub Khan’s government with sheer determination. The power continued to be displayed until Zia Ul Haq took the stage and began educational genocide of Pakistani youth.

Having text books re-written to focus on Islamization of Pakistan (practically ignoring any right non-Muslims have in this country), using religious zealotry to prepare Holy Warriors to fight against Satanic Russians in Afghanistan and using brute force to silence any voice being raised against him. In order to further strengthen his footing, he based it on religious parties by passing Blasphemy Laws and taking Anti-Ahmadi and Alcohol Prohibition laws to a whole new level.

A process that began in late 70s was never corrected and after 30 years it has now become uncontrolable monster. What can you expect from a child who learned his school lessons the following way.

A for AK47

B for Bomb

The current Pakistani youth is largest in the nation’s history, and majority of it has roots in 80s in which they were born. The education system created such a severe polarity that a self-destructing societal system came into existence that is now slowly destroying society’s fabric. Let us look at the impact of this and other education systems in Pakistan.

Extremist Education

This is the education you were imparted with and ultimately led to zealotry. Pakistan was created for Muslims, therefor a large number of migrating Muslims were inclined towards Islam and its teachings. Zia’s Islamization of Education resulted in preparing hardliners in the regions of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Balochistan, Souther Punjab and certain urban sections of Sindh. The rest of Pakistan also had an impact which was repelled somewhat by local Sufi ideologies, but it succeeded in further closing minds of people, making them intolerant and short-tempered to anything they feel against Islam in anyway. Even if well educated from renowned institutions, the members of this particular society received hardliner education directly or indirectly with political instabilities, ethnic violences and repeated military coups providing nurturing grounds for hatred seeds to grow. Now we actually have scholars that defend this extremist education and ways to counter it are no where to be seen.

Secular Education

A sizable section of population enjoy Secular education from families and private institutions and are found in urban areas, particular richer sections. The members of this society interact regularly with foreigners and detest people who dress and act Islamic or have more narrow views where religion is concerned. This lot has the greatest reach to resources such as media, internet, books etc that improves critical reasoning and permit them to achieve personal excellence in the field and profession of their desire. Majority of these harbor passions and dreams which would be very difficult if not impossible if they attempt to attain them from religious point of view, especially where music is concerned. Many secular minded groups and individuals are vocal against laws like Blasphemy and anti-Ahmadi, citing history of violence that has been caused due to their misuse for personal gains.

Moderate Education

The receivers of this education usually belong to middle, lower middle class or lower class who follow religion to its basics and are often fan of teachings of renowned Sufi saints. These people have the lowest voice in society since they live to stay in peace and preach and provide peace and harmony to those around them. This education is not provided at any educational institution and people either are taught by moderate individuals or learn through books and written records from moderate people. They have nothing against either Extremist group or Secular group, considering them both to be at opposite ends which only results in problems and conflicts.

Apart from these three distinct groups, there is one more group that is composed of lost souls. These are individuals who do not know where to go. They can be fitted in any group but they also don’t belong to any group. They either don’t have an idea themselves or are too confused to realize what they really believe which side to choose.

With such a mix, it is hardly surprising to see conflicts arising where both literate and illiterate, education and uneducated are seen divided on matters with such passion and extreme that they are even willing to kill the other. What more, both groups at either end don’t have full information about the matter they fight about. Be it Blasphemy laws or listening to music, they are always at odds with each other. Even two friends who grew up side by side, may even studied in the same institution, would still be opposite of each other with one having extremist mindset while the other secular.

Between these two, the moderate ones find themselves without voice and often silenced by one or the other. This group has the least media coverage, the least resources and the least possibility of making an impact. Ironically, the majority of the country’s population either belong to moderate group or to no group at all.

Our leaders sacrificed a whole generation of Pakistanis and made them into zombies; slaves to their ideologies who bicker, fight and kill each other on the name of religion. The moderate Muslims still have superiority of numbers but their minds are weaker and resources limited compared with those of Extremist and Secular mindsets.

The only way me and my cousin saw the solution of our problems is that we, the current generation, have to sacrifice ourselves and probably our future in order built future of our country and upcoming generations. We have to head out of our cozy, pampered lives and get into the muck and dirt of our nation where the majority lives, spreading education and attempting to reverse the harmful effects of education that is meant for only destruction. A child of 3 years would start learning and until he/she passes Matriculation, the time period would be more than a decade. We need to spend at least 10 years of our lives educating the young, very young and old of our generation in order to develop a peaceful Pakistan.

It is now up to us to decide, either consider ourselves sacrificed for the destruction of Pakistan, or we sacrifice ourselves to save the future of both our country and our future generations. The time to decide is NOW.


32 thoughts on “The Sacrificial Generation

  1. Kazim Ali

    This social surgery needs a steady a cautious hand especially when you don’ t know what people make out of even an innocent effort but nevertheless has become extremely important

      1. Ghausia

        buahahaha you can’t possibly have a good opinion of me if you know me from ET then, people loathe me there. 😀 I’m a social sciences student, which is why you didn’t come across me while cyber-stalking people. Plus I’m sure you’re not as good (or creepy rather) in stalking people as I am. 😀

        1. Wasio Ali Khan Abbasi Post author

          Lol, no I don’t base my judgement through ET since the moderators there are my sworn enemies. They regularly disapprove my comments which cost me nearly 20 minutes to half an hour to type (with a typing speed of nearly 48 words per minute) against some of the sick minded idiots and that pisses me off. That’s why I don’t contribute blogs to them as well 🙂
          Social Sciences, that’s good. BBA is now for the losers just like ACCA used to be. Doesn’t really give you much tools to work with and after graduation one wonders if he/she actually learned anything worthwhile or not 😀

          And yes, I am NOT good at creepy stalking … you’re winner hands down 😛

  2. Ghausia

    Hah seriously? They allow me to get away with murder in my comments as you’ve no doubt noticed, I think secretly, they all like to gather around everytime someone yells “Oy Ghausia ka naya comment!” andd sit and mock me or something. Or maybe, they find me funny I dunno, my experience in life has always been the former more or less. 😀

    Social Sciences is shitty man. I’m confined because no other university teaches journalism, plus I have just two good teachers but we get crappy courses and our course co-ordinator is a tool. BBA is even worse though, I’ve noticed the crowd getting more and more maila each semester. The girls get sluttier, the boys get more lecherous, its sickening which is mainly why you wouldn’t find me while stalking people, I tend to stick to my BSS batchmates. 😀 Plus, I’m great at stalking man, I put in a lot of time, its effortless for me. People don’t realize how easy it is to know everything about them via the interwebs!

    1. Wasio Ali Khan Abbasi Post author

      You’re one lucky person I must say. Sometimes my blood really boils and I just wish to start post comments with some well chosen desi curses for the moderators … change my mind at the last moment because you know, you can find anything on the internet now and I don’t want less-then-civil words appearing in search results of my name 😀

      So true, you couldn’t say better than that about BBA. When i came to Bahria, it was home away from home and small family. Everyone knew each other, we would simply place our bag anywhere in uni and even after 12 hours would find it right there untouched. Much better, friendly and fun place to be but now its reputation is going down the drain due to management. I am just glad I graduated 😀

      How many semesters remain till your graduation?

  3. Ghausia

    lol I met a couple of sub-eds for the webdesk I think, not sure, at a workshop I went to, they were really nice and said they loved my comments. My teacher knows people at ET and said the same thing so I have great suspicion that they love mocking the loser who has a lot of free time on her hands. :d not to say they’re bad people, but its just really easy and fun to mock me apparently, learned that at school. 😀

    Ugh its reputation is so bad, I’m ashamed of telling people where I’m studying! Plus the management plays part in student politics which really sucks. Grr. I was a very sociable person before coming to uni, but at Bahria my friendly nature screwed me over because people were nice to me to my face, and then turned around and bitched and gossiped about me. Thus, my anti-social tendencies and snappy nature. 😀 I’ll be starting my sixth semester in the Spring, I’m terrified of graduating. The real world is scary and mommy can’t hold my hand in it anymore! 😛

    1. Wasio Ali Khan Abbasi Post author

      Hahaha, that’s true about real world. Mom and dad can’t support there anymore and you’re on your own. Happened with me as well but I was lucky enough to get call even before graduation even though I hadn’t applied anywhere … was termed “lucky b*******” since out of 52 graduates, I was the only one employed 😀

      That’s not bad, you only have to suffer just over a year and it’ll be done. Should be a relief once you’re through 🙂 Next time when you’re stalking, be sure to add me up. I kinda need fresh perspective on all the crap I keep posting and sharing on my profile 🙂

      1. Ghausia

        Plus the biggest problem is, I’m too stupid man, its so easy to take advantage of me and I’m too nice to see others negatively, a total hippie perspective of peace love and tolerance, gets me screwed over. 😀 Yes, I truly am nice, I just get snippy when I’m pissed off or annoyed. 😛

        I’m terrified of having to work due to being a journalism major, a lot more pressure than being a BBA student for sure!

        Exactly I’m just muddling my way through patiently, keeping my head down and staying away from controversy. I’m sick of studying man, spent my whole life doing it, and only college was a worthwhile experience. 😦 haha are you sure you want a heretic infidel like me on your FB? I mean, all of Sir Basravi’s efforts were in vain, and I still haven’t converted to the path of piety and righteousness. 😀

        1. Wasio Ali Khan Abbasi Post author

          In time you’ll learn to manage that, your professional life will teach you how much to trust the other person. My friend couldn’t speak loud even if she tried, too soft spoken that we sometimes wondered if she actually said anything or not. She took up teaching in Beaconhouse, teaching Maths to class 5 and 6 I think. Within one year she became an accomplish Screamer and when she starts, you can see others running away with terror on their faces 😀
          You would only need to learn how to channel your ‘pissed-off’ attitude whenever you like. That’s a great tool to stop people from messing with you!!
          And don’t worry, the wider the variety of views the better. Sulaiman Basravi is a great guy but I’m afraid his attempts at bringing one to the right side are so lame that people wonder if there is a right side worthwhile to go. So if you’re working hard to get yourself influenced by him, you might succeed after the end of times if your work hard enough 😀

  4. Raheel Aijaz

    OK mr wasio enough hitting and hitted upon. I love your piece. and i also happened to comment on your comment on some ET piece too under the alias let us not digress
    anyways, man you’re good. i mean this ideas are so simple yet so effective. the 80s and early 90s generation is the key. we grew up in the time of a strong right but a smart left. junoon vital signs some tv shows street cricket and curfews brought us up. i miss those days. but you know its true education is the real problem. it sounds like a very simplistic and over generalized solution but there are ways to perform that social surgery very effectively. i’ll be party to any such movement by the youth.

    1. Wasio Ali Khan Abbasi Post author

      Thank you Raheel. I strongly agree about the 90s. We had great TV shows to see, not just alone but with whole family, and actually learn from it. There were great messages in every drama serial and at least the serial would end in few months, making it worthwhile to remember.
      We played simple games like Chor Pakram Sathi, Langri pala etc which bonded strong friendships and even with these simple games our level of joy was enormous. We actually had time of our lives while playing, something which neither the best video game or 3D movie can bring.
      And we learned and enjoyed all that with style. Curfews, people disappearing, road blocks, regular firing … we spent our whole childhood amongst chaos and still came out intact. The current young generation has no idea the joy of simple things and the impact it makes on your learning. You would see them whining for the latest toys, games, movies and yet not satisfied at all. To them it is just another part of life with nothing to teach them.
      And in all their enjoyment of life, there’s a horde of those unlucky boys and girls who are tutored by those who grew up with AK47s and bombs strapped on their chests, learning to kill anyone who says anything against Islam or prophet, hammered with concept of global Jihad and girls being forced to stay home like servants rather than a member of the family !!
      What is worse, this horde makes up the majority of illiterate young population who belong to middle, lower middle and poor classes of society and upper middle and elite are completely oblivious to it (until a bomb blast occurs when they wake up, blame it on brainwashed youth and go back to their slumber).

  5. Ghausia

    Oh I can speak pretty loudly, which is a pretty big problem in itself. 😀 Partly due to Bahria, I’ve gotten very wary of people, and that contributes to my paranoia and anti-social tendencies. 😀 I don’t want to end up being the print version of say, Jasmine or God forbid, Meher Bukhari blegh.

    lol I’m not sure how the guy figured it out, but once when I was early for his class and thus was the only one there he asked me about my religious views. Normally I reply with Muslim to avoid problems but I was so startled I told him the truth i.e. agnostic and he launched into a lecture trying to convince me that God is real nd I was like, duuude agnosticism is a spiritual belief in a higher being man, I do believe in God, not to mention, I’m a pseudo-agnostic because I actually do believe in Islam and so on, so it kinda bugged me that he was assuming all these things about me, I don’t need to be told that differing POVs can confuse you, what makes you think I’m confused anyway. But I know he truly did mean well and wasn’t just being a typical preachy pain in the ass so I never called him out on it, I just made sure to pick up a latte from Espresso after each of his classes to calm my nerves. 😀

    1. Wasio Ali Khan Abbasi Post author

      In my case something similar happened during the semester when I told him I have Sufi mindset. Big mistake … it was like new battery was fitted in him as started telling about “DHOKAYBAZZ” Sufi Baba(s) that do not perform salaat, just keep sitting on armchairs twiddling their thumbs and claiming to be meditating … and for a while I really believed he had lost his mind. Took a while to get him back on track and convince him to continue with teaching Ethics course as he should be … few classmates were pretty worried as I am known to lose temper under certain conditions, luckily it wasn’t one of those times 🙂

      Whatever you be, please don’t turn into Meher Bukhari. Even though she looks pretty with all the makeup and trendy fashion, I feel the urge to throttle her or chuck my shoe on her and see if she can dodge it like Bush. I think it’s the vibe I get from her, she wants people to hate her or something 😀

      1. Ghausia

        lol that was exactly my experience with him, specially in this semester, the fifth I mean, I screamed at my course co-ordinator, I yelled at my asshole hypocritical fundo teacher, and I told off my Environmental teacher waaayy at the beginning, I was very impatient this time although normally I can manage to control my anger, plus I was angrier this time around, but the guy is just so small and sweet, my girly instincts won out and trampled on my bitchy ones. 😀 At least he means well, that’s the good part about him, that he truly is a nice person. A bit racist, a bit bigoted, but aren’t we all.

        lol Meher Bokhari is a total ho dude. For one thing, too much makeup. Too, too much. She looks like all the fifteen year old girls at my school that slathered on makeup but didn’t know how to do it ‘dhang se’ as my mom would say. To top it all off, she lacks brains. The woman claimed the blasphemy law was created in the 90s dude. And she lauded Qadri, which makes her a bigger cunt, pardon my language. Hey I like to be hated though, but only when I can’t be loved. Take my cousin’s three-year-old daughter for example. Every time I see her, I say, “Hi S, dadi loves ME more.” Hey, maybe that’s why she doesn’t like me… 😀 Anyway, I have a rule for judging girls which is something I learned at Bahria. The thicker the eyeliner, the sluttier the girl. And its actually true. All the girls who are known to ahem, do more than date boys at uni and are famous for it, slather on eyeliner like they have crates and crates of it at home.

        Also, it is odd I’ve never seen you at uni. Did you never spend any time in the cafe? Me and my friends were there a lot till our fourth semester, but now its always so crowded we don’t bother going there, just get food, hide it in my oversized bag, and then quietly take it up to the classrooms. 😀

        1. Wasio Ali Khan Abbasi Post author

          I guess I got targeted by Sir Basravi because I am the only one who would speak its mind, others would simply mumble “Sunni Muslim” or “Shia Muslim” and be done with it. It should have been easy for me but no one predicted sir’s response, so it was a bit funny moment him telling how anti-Islam it is to be a Sufi 😀

          The sluttier case must have propped up after our time. In our days few, if any, girls put on eyeliner or maskara. The few seniors that we saw, really pretty ones, used the eyeliner but they didn’t even had boyfriends. I guess some do learn their lessons well at home 🙂 In our batch none used unless its party or something and even then not much thick, so we never noticed. I’ll be coming to university on 10th feb, will try to observe this phenomenon myself. 🙂

          We used to be in Cafe most of the time, or else playing Table Tennis above the cafe. Since you are in sixth semester now, you were in second semester when I was in my last and our last year was really dry. We just wanted to get it over with. I was Vice President of Sports Club, so there was plenty for me to do especially with organizing sports events and leading team to Table Tennis tournaments against other institutions. Probably that’s why you didn’t see me much, I usually hanged out with handful people and in their absence would be with sports friends.

          Now it’s a complete fish market. Hard to get seats, food quality is pathetic and too loud to tolerate. I have no idea how you manage to stand all this crap, I would have murdered someone if stuck for longer 🙂

  6. Ghausia

    I had no idea why he suddenly asked me that, let alone how he knew I might not be totally orthodox Muslim which is why the truth popped out of my mouth, else only friends and journalism teachers who are open-minded and liberal know this, or in one case, Baldy who was pissing me off by interrupting my talk with the course co-ordinator with his bs. 😀 I swear dude, every Thursday I stopped at Espresso for a premium latte to calm my nerves after a two-hour session with the guy.

    haha there’s too many skanks there now, mingled in with the non-skanky backstabbing bitches that I thought I left behind in high school! I’ve always been in girls-only schools and I thought I’d seen it all, but apparently, girls that grow up around guys are nastier than the ones I knew! The guys are nothing to write home about either. This one BBA dude, he’s friends with a classmate of mine and I was talking to my friends in English in front of him and he starts getting over-free saying, “Excuse me, do you speak Urdu” in this pathetic lame way. So, he tryied to get to me a couple of times, I replied with a)piss off and die, b) go fuck yourself, c) suck it bitch d) fuck off asshole, e) flipping him off, and f) a variation of a-e. he doesn’t try to do it anymore. 😀 I know that specially with the fake-conservative Bahria crowd specially, I shouldn’t be that way cause swearing girls are so kharab or whatever, but aise mailay crowd k good opinion k liye mein nahe mar rahi to be honest. I’m nice to people whose opinions I do care about, honest. 😀 Besides, I’m not mean to anyone without good reason! Oh and uni is closed right now, we’re on vacation till I think end of Feb so you’ll miss the deteriorating crowd. 😀

    Oh man, my second semester was spent horribly, we had just gotten thrown out of the IPP building to the BBA one where we had almost all BBA courses, the dude I was crushing on wouldn’t give me the time of the day, plus, Asif Shameem dude, ASIF SHAMEEM! I felt violated every time he called me guriya! And the BBA-1 people we studied were so annoyingly lame! It was awful! Ahem in other words, I wouldn’t have noticed you if you were dancing in front of me with a “Look at me, I’m in your future!” sign around your neck. 😀

    1. Wasio Ali Khan Abbasi Post author

      Lol, you got to study from Asif Shamim? He were EXTREMELY lucky that he joined Bahria one semester after we did, so we didn’t had to endure him. Heard he is from Larkana, same as me, but I would still prefer to run to the far end of the corridor as fast as I could. You might have also endured Management teacher Saba, HR teacher Salman A Khan and maybe Nadir Kolachi as well (the last one being much better of the lot).

      This Espresso keeps popping up a lot, where the hell is it? I remember going to Costa coffee a lot until it mysteriously shut down few years ago and since then I have tried no other coffee shop even after moving to DHA couple of years back. Nevertheless if you’re fending off looser guys especially with such well chosen words, I am surprised that a single cup of coffee does that much. If it was me I might have resorted to hard-drinking … no milk at all, that would have jolted me to senses 😀

      The IPP building is pretty well made, pity it isn’t big enough to utilize more student resources. I heard that even sports room has now been removed from there. Some of the Psychology girls were OK, one of them I remember came to uni in short skirt and was sitting in the foyer cross-legged. I was in SRC and saw guys ogling her. Probably that’s why the management enforced formal dressing a couple of weeks later (that b*****).

      Also in those days I was heading online campaign for the removal of SRC head from her post. That’s why I was lying low and not get noticed by her. I can now actually see muscle moving in her jaws as she lays eyes on me whenever I came to uni, so there was no chance of me dancing with any banner 😀

      1. Ghausia

        That man was just so, UGH. Bastard made my skin crawl. Worse were the girls that giggled at all his cheap jokes, the hos.

        Gasp! You live in DHA and you don’t know what Espresso is? OH MY GOD! How horrible! I refuse to tell you. Its next to The Diner and Shahbaz outlet of Habitt is all I’ll say and you need to go there like, right now. No I mean it. The next time you comment here, you better be having an Espresso coffee in your hand! They deliver too btw. 😀

        Oh please! I may have only been in IPP for one semester but having been in girl’s schools, I can easily categorize girls and almost every girl in IPP is there to a) get a degree so she can get married or b) find a boy for herself. Dunno about the miniskirts but the biggest cunts are from there, my so-called good friend spread it through the entire department that I had a crush on this senior, and all the gossip-queens knew about it. Bleeegh. Gossipqueens and whores the lot of them. I swear, I’m a likeable person, honest, I wouldn’t have so many nice tamizdar friends if I didn’t. 😀 Its your fault you keep bringing up all the topics that bring out the worst in me. 😀 The IP building is the med building now, and the new building is the Engineering building, with the 3rd floor for Psychology students.

        So far the only notable teachers we’ve had are Fehmida Raufi and Jacqueline, none of the ones you mentioned. Once, Jacqueline was nice to me. I was skeered. 😀 She is really nice waise, if you’re a good student that is, which luckily, I apparently was to her. I think of all the BBA courses we got, hers are the ones that I actually retain to some extent.

        buahaha I can’t believe you had the stones to do something like that, that’s pretty sweet. I wish we could get our course co-ordinator booted but instead some BBA teacher would be made our co-ordinator and we’d be worse off. 😦

        1. Wasio Ali Khan Abbasi Post author

          Hahahahahaha, Fehmida Raufi? Seriously? Did she predicted who’ll get married from the class before or soon after graduation? She predicted for girls in our class, none came true 😀

          Jacqueline was a student in her last semester of MBA when I joined Bahria. She was favorite student of our infamous Marketing teacher Mr. Butt and immediately took up teaching. Good thing we escaped her as well like we did Asif Shamim, I have a thing that sometimes compel me to clash with teachers on philosophical matters and she wouldn’t have tolerated me 😀

          What can I say, I am a bit brand conscious. I always buy books from Liberty, drank coffee only at Costa and get movies from Home Video shop in Badar commercial. Can’t try Espresso since I doubt they deliver to Lahore on short notice 😛 I’ll be back in Karachi by 9th and then will see if its coffee has any worth. My coffee group actually stopped drinking outside coffee once costa closed down and so I never cared to visit any other.

          I am sure your description of girls in IPP building applies to majority of BBA ones as well. The lot that has joined Bahria in the past couple of years has been dumbest we have seen in all these years. Even some of the teachers were shaking their heads, saying “I interviewed that boy/girl and I highly recommended to DENY the admission, so did the other two who were with me”. No wonder a couple of my classmates always managed to score a new girlfriend every month and I would simply shake my head on their obsession.

          And never try to follow on my footsteps. Remember the student revolt when they were stuffed in the foyer and shouting to permit wearing of jeans? They leaders were actually inspired from our online efforts to remove the SRC head (which we did succeed in a way when a new head was appointed) but instead of working systematically, they took direct action by staging a protest (the nutcases). They never realized that at the time of admission they had signed a bond with university that no student union will be formed and the students cannot challenge university’s decision, doing so can lead to their expulsion. No wonder the lot of them were threatened expulsion and they never even croaked after that.

  7. Ghausia

    lol she never did that with us, ewww! Although her predictions wouldn’t be too off either. 😀

    lol that wouldn’t happen with Jacqueline because she never discusses anything other than her course, she’s very strict that way, no being friends with her. But she was a good teacher even if she scares the shit out of me. 😀

    Loser Espresso is the in thing among the burger cool crowd don’t you know. 😛 Costa was so lame man, crappy coffee. I still buy my DVDs from Showtime in Bahadurabad, next to kings & Queens pizza, it was close to my home till we moved to DHA a year ago, but its on the way home from uni so I stop by whenever I need DVDs. And there’s an Espresso in Lahore too, look it up on Lahore Snob. Get Espresso now! 😛

    Yep that’s exactly the crowd there right now. What I don’t get is, most guys know they won’t score with a girl, that she wants a ‘boyfrand’ and that’s it, no putting out, why go through the drama then? The whole business seems far too horrid and distracting, plus with the not-so-lovely specimens at Bahria, you can’t even find a halfway decent dude. 😀

    Oh lord the jeans thing. So fucking ridiculous. I walked in next day and everyone was standing out the gate I thought maybe there was a fight going on or something so I saw a dude I knew and asked him what was up. He shrugged sheepishly and said, “Jeans.” I laughed my ass off all the way upstairs to room 313. 😀 I just take my classes, give my exams, and keep my nose clean, these assholes get involved in student politics waaay too much, not my cup of tea. Its like high school, only I’m not a silly little teenager who thinks she’s the shit anymore but an adult, more or less, and less polite and calm. 😀

    1. Wasio Ali Khan Abbasi Post author

      Hahaha, no matter what happens I will never be part of the “Burger” party of Defense and Clifton. I always was and remain a semi-bunkabab and that’s about all I need to be 😀

      Costa wasn’t lame. I agree that the coffee wasn’t much great but the environment was much better and guys could sit down even smoke peacefully with leaving traces of smell on their clothings (there was special conditioning system that pulled all smoke out instantly). And we could talk for hours at times without any problem, aah, miss those days.

      So if the loser crowd of DHA is into Espresso then I’ll guess I can gatecrash once to see the place and decide if its worth visiting 🙂 And I am not wasting time searching for a lame coffeehouse named Espresso in Lahore when the time is short and there is so much for me to do before I return back to Karachi 😛

      Actually the problem with the guys is that they haven’t read “Men are from Mars, Women from Venus” so they don’t know whom to hit and whom to avoid. If they had that much common sense, they wouldn’t be in Bahria in the first place 😀 And as I said, the decent dudes graduated in 2009 so you won’t be finding much good in the remaining stock 😛

      1. Ghausia

        I’m not sure which one I am, I don’t wear jeans but I speak English mostly, I can’t stay out with friends later than five but I’m a heretic, I don’t drink or do drugs, but its more out of respect for my parents because God knows, I could use the effects of alcohol sometimes, I think it makes me a sandwich. 😀

        Costa was like, the pioneer of cafes here, it was one of the first ones, just didn’t work out. And I go to cafes or cake, coffee, and catching up with friends, so can’t relate to your thing. 😛 Smoking is another burger thing I don’t do, I’m so ill-mannered that once, a classmate came to class late and I immediately sniffed him and exclaimed, you’ve been smoking! Not very polite, I know. Ammi bohat naraz hui when I told her. 😛

        Hawwww you dissed Espresso. You’re so dead to me. 😦 I’m positively heartbroken dude. 😦

        Hah, nice Bahria barb. 😀 The remaining stock refuses to graduate yaar, one dude was in seventh semester when I was in first and he’s still there, another mentioned in my fouth one that he was MBA final but we still saw him all the time in fifth semester, its so weird! There was never good stock when I started in fall of ’08 dude. :S

        1. Wasio Ali Khan Abbasi Post author

          Even if you’re sandwich, you’re still out of Burger and bunkabab dilemma and that’s good, we need more original and innovative people bugging us. It’s keep ideas refreshing and oddly exciting as well 😀

          Yeah Costa was pioneer but for some reason we felt more relaxed there than anywhere else. Although I don’t smoke, I been a passive smoker for few years now due to the company I keep. That’s why my clothes smell then same as those of chain-smokers and over the years I had a lot of explaining to do (never did much good though). And you did well by exclaiming that, the smoker dudes need constant reminder that they don’t need to give in to their cravings every time 🙂

          I ditched Espresso for the time being. Got much more to do than running after Latte’s even though I can enjoy coffee at home using Nescafe saches 😀

          You didn’t see the good stock because it was already graduated or too busy to come forward 🙂 Seriously, we had some of the memorable people in Bahria that none could ever forget. We even had a group called “Taru Mafia” (of whose membership we couldn’t get due to severe threats from female classmates) who was responsible for the security of our university in every event and, err, maintaining database of call signs and nicknames of every girl and helping the unfortunates guys to find their match 😀

          It worked wonderfully for few years, then disbanded after a series of confusing events. We still remember those days fondly though !!

        2. Wasio Ali Khan Abbasi Post author

          Or maybe Tofu. You can never know uniqueness, so it’s better to be as unique as possible 🙂

          You can thank all those Morven Gold ads of the 90s where Tomb Raider machos were heroes because they smoked cigarettes. Even Wasim Akram’s (main cigarette nahin peeta) couldn’t take them off smoking for long. It’s a guy’s dream to be heroic and win girl, so they spend days smoking in hopes of attracting nutcases without realizing they are hooking up to frequent puffs of tobacco and nicotine. Once they realize it doesn’t work and instead they are teased (as in case of your classmates), the only way is to be sheepish and take it as a man 😀

          I drink coffee not because I like it or something, I drink it because it soothes my mind. I have perpetual headache (not migraine or anything) which nothing affects except coffee, that’s why I am not TOO picky about the Quality of the drink. Espresso should feel proud when I put my foot in its shop 😛

          For cute boys it would have been better to go Indus Valley, heard guys there as cute as girls (figuratively off course). Nothing can be better than arts to prepare the next generation of show-offs, wouldn’t you agree? 😀
          By the way, we had similar complains regarding girls in the university but later we thought a bit rationally. Good looking girls either get engaged before or soon after entering the university. If a good looking girl isn’t engaged before or soon after coming to uni, she definitely has a boyfriend and it proved true for 99% cases we observed. Therefor, the best is to not be picky and be happy at what you get … with grumbling obviously 🙂

  8. Ghausia

    I hope I’m not an egg sandwich. I don’t like those. I like the egg sandwiches with the green leafy vegetable, I don’t eat vegetables so God knows what it is, its the green thing that’s round and you put it in salads, at least I think that’s it, or its cucumbers, I donno. Maybe I’m a burrito?

    Oh I bitched about a couple of boys sitting in front of us for smoking, later my friend told me one of them nudged the other and motioned for him to listen to me. I hate being so loud! I do it to my classmates too, every time we have a break and they go out and come back after a while, I get a whiff of smoke and go up to him and say, “So. What did you have for lunch?” Yes you can tell me that its obnoxious and immature, and maybe cheap too. They get annoyed when I tease them, and I like teasing them. 😀 Although it must be said the guy’s nice about it, I just have to make a show of sniffing the air and then smirk at him and he just laughs and goes, yes its exactly what you think. Smelling of cigarettes is sexy, but not all the time dude, I mean, don’t these guys ever shower that they constantly smell like a cigarette themselves?

    Hah! You make coffee with sachets! Loooooseerrr! Any real coffee-holic will tell you that the only way to have good coffee is to make it properly, not use instant coffee! Looooseerrrrr! 😛

    There is this one guy who’s really hot, or was, he got a bit weird now, he’s been there since my first semester pata nahi when he’ll graduate, three semesters ago he was in BBA-8, this semester he was taking a course with BBA-5. O_o Very weird. Oh there is this adorable senior, I think he’s in MBA, ohhh he’s the cutest thing EVER. But they’re old stock I suppose. 😀 I should have gone to med school man, so many cute boys there but, you know, too much studying, I like my BSS courses, mostly class-discussion based. 😀 Your Taru Mafia seems very rude young man! Shame! 😛

  9. Ghausia

    Ewww I don’t wanna be tofu grooosss! Ohh can I be a pea? I had peas for dinner. Wheee!!!

    The Wasim Akram ad was so lame dude. Sadly enough, there are too many girls that find smoking sexy, and even worse I’m one of them. 😛 But while that may be so, I’d rather just watch such boys from afar and not pollute my lungs as well as theirs. Its all about the bad boy image and chicks may like bad boys, but who wants someone that will probably be dead by the time their kid turns sixteen man.

    Gaaah Indus crowd ick ick ick ick ick icckkk!!!! They’re the wannabes, the ones that are so kewl cause they like, drink you and wear skirts and like, totally makeout with their boyfriends who’s just so rad don’t you know. Blegh. If you’re going to drink or sleeparound don’t do it out of a complex at least. I know a couple of people that are like that, but they’re normal people, not retards who drink or party cause its the in thing. Grr. Very maila crowd at Indus dude.

    Hah that is totally true about the girls here man, engaged, soon-to-be engaged, or getting a four year degree instead of a two year bachelors so jannu ki mama ko pasand aye. God I’m such a mean person, but its true, very few girls are serious about studying. I like my courses at uni cause we get the same journalism teachers who are good at their shit, and I like my friends but I just can’t take the Bahria environment and crowd anymore. Bas bohat bardasht karlia. 😦

    1. Wasio Ali Khan Abbasi Post author

      In that case why limit to pea? Be a whole onion or Tomato if you wish to since Salad is now permanent part of most meals 😛

      And the Wasim Akram ad wasn’t lame, it was hit of the time. You know I actually tried to change my bowling style to his resemble Wasim’s but it was too erratic for me. I prefer to bowl in measured fluency and his action was too fast for my liking. No wonder he, Saeed Anwar, Amir Sohail, Javed Miandad, Waqar Younis and Imran Khan were idols of young Pakistanis. In fact, many guys had quit smoking because of Wasim’s ad but, you know, man’s mind rarely understand caution. So were back to puffing the sticks on the first craving 😀

      And yes, I have seen girls fawn over such guys but it usually correlates with the confidence level displayed by the guy as well. If your face if screaming “I am an idiot”, no amount of smoking sticks will win you any girl and we have too many guys of the said category 🙂

      That’s tradition for this part of the town. To be socially acceptable you have to be drinking, smoking and having one-night-stands. Can you blame a guy for this since this is the dream of every 4 out of 5 guys? And most aren’t too bad either, just too carried away in excitement I believe. We are pretty desperate lot at times 🙂

      Don’t worry we had had enough of Bahria management and crowd in our last year but still bulldozed through it somehow. And it was an achievement for me since I did it without a girlfriend to support. I do think I should be given Tamgha-e-Ghairat at least but seeing the type of government we have, I am pretty sure it would turn into another scandal 😀

      1. Ghausia

        Oh I don’t like onions or tomatoes, except in bhindi timatar, which I had for lunch today. Mom made it, but she made it the way I do because our maid saw how I make it so she told mom my secret ingredients. She forgot to put in the khatayi though. Also, I made coffee like, ten minutes ago. 😀

        I dunno how influential it was but I always thought it was lame. A lot of guys smoke to ‘relax’ or at least that’s what they tell me which is just plain ridiculous. Idiots.

        haha I don’t mind people like that, guys or girls. I just wrote a comment about something but then I realized that people Google me and deleted it. 😀 Its actually happened once, quite embarrassing for me. 😦 It was a good comment too!

        I don’t know how you did it man, I’m not that tolerant, my friends are constantly holding me back when I’m trying to punch people in the face or scream at them which, yes I know, not tamizdar behaviour at all and certainly not how my parents raised me. 😛 There’s just a limit to it man, I mean, the environment, management, just keeps getting worse and worse.

        1. Wasio Ali Khan Abbasi Post author

          Maids are a nuisance sometimes. They have plenty of experience of spreading rumors and causing fights between people and families. And, as in your case, leaking special recipes as well 😀

          Well, smoking does relax you in a way. It burns your throat and lungs and once a guy gets used to it, he begins to enjoy that experience and therefor feel more relaxed when smoking (obviously he is losing his mind and lungs but he won’t admit it).

          Ahh, Google, the ultimate enemy if your adversary is tech-savvy. Just type in the name and WALLA, all your “karamaat” are displayed for the whole world. I sometimes wonder if MQM has taken me serious or not. I have said plenty of stuff to warrant a bullet but who knows 😛

          Do it once, pleeeaasssseee … I only once saw (well, figuratively, I had heard the sound) a girl slapping a boy Live in my school days. Since then I haven’t seen any person getting pounded. Please do it once, get it recorded and upload it, I really want to see how much the guy is ready to jump in “chullu bhar pani” 😀

  10. Ghausia

    haha this maid makes killer aalu qeema and remembers all the recipes for my food so that when mom’s cooking for me, it turns out well so I forgive her. 😀 Plus if she hadn’t told mom my bhindi’s secret ingredients what would I eat!

    lol you know what, once an irate blogger from ET emailed me cause I bitched his blog out and he goes, “I Googled you to see…” and I was like, WTF dude! Freak. I was a looot nicer to him after that, that’s for sure!

    Hah well I’m not friends anymore with the one guy that wasn’t ashamed to raise a hand to me, and I’m friends with Bilal now, or rather, I like him, he still hates me, but since I like him I don’t fight with hi manymore. 😛 Mostly people tease me that its cause I went to a girl’s school and thus am used to bitchfights, but I don’t pinch or pull hair, I just punch people, did it once to a friend that screamed at me in front of everyone for no reason at all. You missed it. 😀


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