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Getting Back To Karachi Amidst PIA Fiasco

I was finally frustrated. The constant bad news, regular killings, frequent thefts and infurating talkshows caused me to snap and i decided to go out of Karachi. I have an exam coming up and couldn’t study for it in all the mayhem. I took advantage of this and left for Lahore to meet my sister and her family.
I stayed in Lahore for nearly two weeks, studying for the exam, enjoying the weather, going out with Lahori friends and enjoying the peace of Askari 10. I had a few deadlines to meet so it was my plan to return back by February 8. I went with an old buddy to get Airline ticket, my preference being PIA while my friend insisted on AirBlue due to better service and economical fair. Turns out PIA’s fair was cheaper so I purchased my return ticket and prepared to enjoy the remaining days in Lahore, not realizing that an ordeal was headed my way. Continue reading


Preparing for GMAT, a nightmare for the unwary

Published here on Express Tribune.

I will give huge credit to my previous university for teaching me one great skill … passing exam by just studying a couple of hours before the paper. I don’t know if it ruined me or blessed me but after nearly two years since graduating from university I find it hard to get back down and study with the same focus and zeal I had as a student.

GMAT, as it turned out, is not your run-of-the-mill exam and it can never be attempted successfully by rattafying (rote learning) the book. If you have a good memory, you might be able to do well in one or two segments of the exam, for the rest you’ll be out of luck. I cannot help but admire the examiners who constantly design and develop pitfalls for students using the simplest of tools. Many of the hardest questions can be solved through common sense while others with little bit of careful reading. Continue reading