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Amar Jaleel on History

I came across this article by famous Sindhi author and columnist Amar Jaleel in Dawn magazine. It speaks truth about how the central leadership did not gave rights to Bengali brothers in pre-1971 Pakistan. It is though provoking article and we see much of its effects even now.

United Front Against Bengalis

Amar Jaleel

The wise learns lessons from past mistakes, the fool just repeats them

To understand the gravity of the problems between Eastern and the Western wings of Pakistan, we must take into account the huge difference in the population of East Pakistan and West Pakistan. At the time of the coming into being of Pakistan, the population of East Pakistan was 45 million and the population of West Pakistan was 30 million. This reality was always ignored by the successive rulers of Pakistan from 1947 to 1971.

The heat of the language controversy in 1948 was still smouldering in East Pakistan when Liaquat Ali Khan came up with his constitutional proposals. He proposed 200 seats each for East Pakistan and the West Pakistan in the Lower House, and 60 seats each for the two wings in the Upper House. Ignoring the uprising of the Bengalis on language issue in the recent past, Liaquat Ali Khan again recommended Urdu as the state language of Pakistan. Continue reading



(This is a short story that I wrote a while back)

The wait was unnerving. I was sitting in the cubicle for the past quarter of an hour, imagining the scenario that may unfold. I wish I had a bad habit, like nail biting or lip chewing, anything to pass the time. In times like these even habits betray you, and I had enough on my mind already. Footsteps sounded outside as someone pulled open the door moments later.

Professor Aaliyah entered, with her lips thin and frown stern, as she took her seat. She had a way to make you feel you did something wrong even when everything was right. Today, however, nothing was as it should have been and for the first time I felt her expression was justified.

“I have no idea what you want to do with your life,” she said in her crisp tone.

I stared down at my feet, unable to answer. My worst fear seems to have come true. Continue reading