Osama Syndrome cured?

The month of May 2011 started off with a bang as people all over the world were startled with the news of great success …

The death of the infamous Osama Bin Laden.

As the information trickled in, we found that US Navy Seals conducted a secret operation during the night at a city called Abbottabad which is very close to the capital city of Pakistan. The night raid left Osama and his comrades dead, his sons and wives captured. The news further said that the dead body was offered to Saudi Arabia for burial, but they refused and the body was buried at the sea.

It was celebratory atmosphere in America as I watched on TV plenty of people waving hands and cheering at news, hoisting flags and claiming the end of evil. The biggest manhunt of modern times came to an end.

But what now?

There are plenty of questions that have risen as a result of this incident, many of which question the reality of the whole incident and hinting at being a rigged and sham operation to claim undeserved success. The simple reason is, there is no body to show to the media, there is no picture or video released as proof that Osama Bin Laden was indeed killed in the incident with a bullet through his head.

The majority people of Pakistan are not ready to believe Osama Bin Laden was there at the site and consider it another assault by USA on the sovereignty of Pakistan despite the fact the most of the Urbanites are celebrating the news as apparent on some of the blogs.

There are clear reasons for people to be skeptical:

– Lack of photographic evidence

– Body thrown into sea instead of shown to media which is unlike previously caught Al-Qaeda members

– Osama caught living in an area for several months which is a military heaven; it is “Lal Masjid” (Red Mosque) episode all over again which is considered a rigged military episode by President Musharraf in order to remain in power longer.

– Foreign office said that Pakistani forces did not take part in the operation. If so, then how and why did they allowed US forces to conduct operation despite the raging anti-US feelings ever since Ramond Davies issue? (This is one of the primary reasons that is also connected with Drone Attacks).

– Osama being killed in Abbottabad, an area so close to Indian side of Kashmir, means India is now at a whole new level of media uproar claiming that Pakistan is a safe heaven for terrorists and been sending terrorists and arsons from Northern areas of Pakistan to destabilize Kashmir and hurt India. This episode is another diplomatic disaster for the slowly mending ties between the two nations.

– A lot of other conspiracy theories are circulating, all pointing at the possibility that Osama is already dead and that this is a new drama of CIA that has gotten Pakistan military involved in an attempt to shame the military in the region as well as to its own people, claim success and get Obama re-elected.

In an interview to CNN before her assassination in 2007, former Prime Minister of Pakistan Late Benazir Bhutto claimed that Osama Bin Laden was murdered.

In fact, most of the Pakistanis believe that either Osama Bin Laden is already dead or too cunning to caught unaware and off-guard by the US. So the news of Osama being killed at Abbottabad is not considered authentic.

Abbottabad is located close to the capital Islamabad and home to Pakistan Military Academy, a facility to train newly inducted cadets before they join regular Army. The area is surrounded by ISI and Army intelligence and there is little that goes around without their knowledge. Certainly there is no way to hide the fact that the most wanted person in the whole world is hiding there for months with high, barbed walls and sophisticated security system. Also, Abbottabad is close to the disputed region of Kashmir, making it a sensitive area where everything has to be right, no matter what. The possibility of Osama hiding there is akin to hiding in Washington White House or probably President House Islamabad.

Alex Jones interviewed former ISI-Chief Hamid Gul and both the guest and the host were skeptical to US claims of killing Osama Bin Laden. Both believe it to be sham and an attempt to show some success after a decade of nearly failures.

Osama Bin Laden was really there or not, to Pakistan it doesn’t matter because in both cases they are at the losing side. Here is how I perceive things.

Osama was there: If he was there, that means Pakistan is safe heaven for terrorists, that even the most wanted person in the world can hide right in the middle of the nation’s most military filled area and stay there for months and that such people can safely train more terrorists who then go to Kashmir, Waziristan and Afghanistan to conduct terrorist operations.

Osama was Not there: If he wasn’t there, that means Pakistani leadership as well as Army are slaves to US, that they can allow a drama to be conducted for US elections and easily compromise sovereignty in exchange for few dollars, that honor is for sale while inflation stays on 13%, fuel now costs 10 times that it did a decade back, electricity prices get raised after every 2 months, personal coffers of politicians are bursting while average Pakistan is barely surviving on money that is equivalent to 30 US cents a day. This just reinforces the whole Zionist theory all over again and hate for western nations only digs deeper.

After losing roughly 35,000+ citizens in the past 8 years to terrorists attacks, bomb blasts, drone attacks and military operations; a consistently losing economy, a loss of nearly $70 billion to economy due to war on terror, puppet leaders who require approval from Washington to get elected in elections, repeatedly reinforced anti-US feelings and several other factors … I think it is natural for majority to feel anger at the episode. Even our military knows the mood and none of the spokesperson have given any statements about the whole episode or hinted at Pakistan’s support in the whole matter. In fact the military will be criticized in either cases whether they helped the US or US conducted the operation without informing their Pakistani counterparts. That probably is the reason why there is complete silence from the GHQ Islamabad on this incidence.

Even if Osama was killed, I highly doubt that Osama-syndrome is cured. Osama Bin Laden is no longer the name of a person … a living Osama is man hiding from his hunters but a dead Osama is a symbol for resistance against the US. Osama Bin Laden is now a concept that has been completely adopted by Al-Qaeda and Taliban and it will continue to live through them. The members of these two are spread all over the world, living among ordinary citizens in completely ordinary way until they get their orders for action and they get ready for martyrdom, taking as many lives of the perceived enemy with them as possible.

Maybe … just maybe … the real fight has now begun.


One thought on “Osama Syndrome cured?

  1. Fahad M. Farooqui

    I can not ignore any of the points you mentioned here, nor is there a single string of information out there that will make me believer this episode of OBL is not another American BS, elections are near, everyone like to STAY in power !
    As for Pakistan being a safe heaven for Terrorist, THAT IS NOT TRUE. after all, OBL was killed here in Pakistan !! meaning NO TERRORIST is safe if they are here !


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