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The Myth of Agriculture Tax

[Reproducing below news from in which Dr. Mohammed Tariq Bucha (President Malik Khuda Bukhsh Bucha Agriculture Foundation and Director & Chief Coordinator Farmers Associate Pakistan) explain Agriculture Tax in Pakistan and its associated myths. The views expressed are not mine, however I support what Dr. Tariq explains in this detailed post.] Continue reading


Dear USA, Please Stop The Aid

Dear USA,

It’s been over 60 years since the first official contact between Pakistan and USA took place and our founding father, Mohammed Ali Jinnah, made a blunder for which our nation is still paying the price.

He asked you for ‘Aid’ !!

The requested amount totaled $2 Billion of which you provided ‘Aid’ amounted to $10 Million, just 0.5% of the requested assistance. It was American money, so you were fully in your right to refuse any more help. It set a precedent that haunts us to this day where our politicians and establishment elements look for more aid, loan and grants from you and refuse to clean up the mess created in our own backyard. Continue reading

Karachi Shooting: Rangers Killed A Young Man At Boat Basin (Updated)

(Updated: Included a video at the end of the post with some description)

I do not know what to say or do. It is one thing that barbarism prevails in many parts of the country and daily we hear news of people dying in ethnic clashes, drone attacks, target killings, burglary, street crimes, enmity, blood feuds etc. Seeing this video, however, the brain simply goes blank and is unable to process reality.

Yesterday a short video became public where a young man was being held by Rangers in front of Benazir Bhutto Park at Boat Basin and he tried to plead with them to lower their guns that were pointing right at him at point blank. Within seconds the ranger shot him twice, in lower abdomen and leg, and he fell down. Later, a longer version of the video (embedded below) was made available that showed him bleeding like anything and lay there at the mercy of his captors who simply walked around him with no hurry and didn’t take him to hospital for emergency treatment despite the bleeding young man’s pleadings.

Caution: The video contains violent footage. Viewer discretion is advised. Continue reading

TEDxKarachi: An Insider View

I survived TEDxKarachi. Not because of any bomb blast or Imran Khan’s speech (to me one politician is just like any another politician but the philanthropist Imran Khan is highly respectful personality for me) but the fact that I volunteered for the event despite strong fever, saw it to the end … I consider myself a proud survivor who was part of the TED factor.

It was a surprise for me when I received email that I was selected as a volunteer and reported on 26th at the venue for introduction and instructions. I received TEDxKarachi T-shirt with a “Made in Pakistan” tag and got the chance to hear Fasi Zaka, Dr. Quratulaine Bakhteari, Sarmad Tariq and Noori rehearsing before I returned home. Continue reading