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The Weekend Crunch

The past three days have been jam packed as I attended “Mast Morning Show with Maira Khan” show at DAWN News on Friday morning, went for Bloggers Conference on Saturday and attended TEDxMazarEQuaid on Sunday; my weekend has never been this full before. Continue reading


Watched Launching of Space Shuttle Atlantis – LIVE

That’s right, for the first time I watched LIVE launch of space shuttle even if it was through NASA website that provided excellent HD streaming (with some lag as thousands of people were online watching the same stream). While online at Google+, I was waiting for Trey Ratcliff (from who was at the launch site and had planned for LIVE hangout of the event when suddenly I came across a post where it detailed that Google Earth will also cover the flight of shuttle through LIVE feeds from NASA. Continue reading

Pakistan Army is More Anti-American – Stephen Cohen

I respect Dr. Stephen Cohen’s analysis. I find them more accurate than most other analysts and believe his opinions should be taken seriously.

Dr. Stephen Philip Cohen, a senior fellow at the Brookings Institute, Washington DC, is a respected authority on the Pakistani army and the country’s politics. His book The PakistanArmy was published in 1998 and was translated into Urdu and Chinese. In 2004, he published another book The Idea of Pakistan. In an exclusive interview with, Dr. Cohen speaks about the Pakistan-US relationship and the future of South Asia after the Osama bin Laden crisis.

Q: Who do the Americans hold responsible for harbouring Osama bin Laden: The Pakistani civilian government or the army?

A: The US military respects the Pakistan army for its professionalism but they are angry with the Pakistani military for playing both sides against the middle. They are aware that if you’re an American soldier and the Afghan Taliban who are shooting at you are actually the ones being supported and trained in Pakistan. So, there is real anger with the Pakistan army over this double game. I can understand why they are playing this double game as the Taliban are an asset for Pakistan but the Americans do not like this. There is also deep resentment over some of the policies the army has imposed on the civilian government. Continue reading