Watched Launching of Space Shuttle Atlantis – LIVE

That’s right, for the first time I watched LIVE launch of space shuttle even if it was through NASA website that provided excellent HD streaming (with some lag as thousands of people were online watching the same stream). While online at Google+, I was waiting for Trey Ratcliff (from who was at the launch site and had planned for LIVE hangout of the event when suddenly I came across a post where it detailed that Google Earth will also cover the flight of shuttle through LIVE feeds from NASA.

I searched for the link and download a support file of 700 kb for Google Earth (the software was already installed on my laptop) and placed it side by side with the streaming. Although I missed the hangout with Trey but managed to cover the launch by saving screen-shots. Space Shuttle Atlantis has been in service for quite a long time and has clocked millions of space miles in its history of space flight. This was the last launch of space shuttle Atlantis and it will retire after returning to Earth. That’s why it received so much media attention and blogosphere was abuzz with excitement. Enjoy the screenshots below along with pictures from Robert Scoble & Trey Ratcliffe as bonus.

Please Note: Non-technical people please remember that the word “Mach” means Speed of Sound. “Mach 1” means equal to Speed of Sound. “Mach 2” means twice the Speed of Sound and so on.

Countdown Before Launch

Shuttle Launch

Exiting Atmosphere

Reached Mach 3

Reached Mach 7

Flight of Shuttle till it reached Mach 13

Separation of Solid Fuel Booster

Flight Path Over Europe

Flight Path Over Middle East


Robert Scoble’s shot

Trey Ratcliffe’s shot


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