What’s Happening in Karachi?

I recently saw program “Aapas Ki Baat” on Youtube in which Najam Sethi discussed Karachi’s situation. Because of this program Geo News transmission was suspended by MQM in some parts of Karachi for a short while. The views by Najam Sethi depict accurate picture of Karachi killings and background workings of political parties as well as indigenous criminal gangs that have political support. It also has some bitter realities generally refuted but secretly promoted by politicians.

It is better to watch rather than read, therefor I am sharing links of the program for easy viewing. The program is in Urdu language and has no subtitles.
Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4


5 thoughts on “What’s Happening in Karachi?

  1. Muhammad Shoaib Ikram

    I could not understand, what Mr.Najam Sethi wants to argue. Throughout his conversion, he has criticized MQM. He even says that if clean out operation takes place then 60-70% people of MQM will be caught and it is not negotiable from MQM side. MQM already has stake in major portions of Karachi then why MQM is responsible for creating such havoc situation. Why he is saying that when Mr.Zulfikar Mirza goes against Mr.Rehman Malik, it is just part of game plan and this further strengthens the existence. Majority says that Mr.Zulfikar Mirza is involved in creating such a worst situation in Karachi and it might be possible that when Mr.Rehman Malik interfere in order to solve the issue then Mr.Zulfikar Mirza again steps into it and states that Mr.Rehman Malik should not interfere in Karachi related issues. He could not find equality in this talk, he more often stated that majority of the mishaps and tactics were first adopted by MQM and then other parties have started using them, its totally unacceptable. I have no stake in MQM, ANP or PPP. But this conversation seems imbalanced.

    1. Wasio Ali Khan Abbasi Post author

      From what I gather, Mr. Najam Sethi has established that primarily it is MQM that is responsible for militizing Karachi and introducing brutal methods of torture. As far as “Bori-band Lash” concept is concerned, I will agree with Najam Sethi on that because there is even one video of Altaf Hussain screaming during a Rally that “Apna naap batao, Bori hum tayyar kartay hain”.
      From the other parts of the conversation, Najam Sethi is establishing that of all the arrests that will take place in Karachi to stop the killings and breaking of Mafias, roughly 60% would be members of MQM. To prove his point, he claims that those Mafias MQM support are also member of the party while in case of other parties, they are supporting indigenous criminal groups that are not, primarily, members of the political parties. So even if they get caught, the political party will not be directly involved like MQM will be.
      For Zulfiqar Mirza and Rahman Malik, it is indeed truth that they both speak whatever Asif Zardari instructs them. Without his approval, they don’t have enough courage to utter anything. Probably that’s why Mr. Najam Sethi believes that it is a ploy by Zardari to play mindgames with people and kind of out-maneuver his opponents. I personally do not know how much truth is there in his words but to me they made some sense.

  2. Muhammad Shoaib Ikram

    You just spoke what Mr.Najam Sethi said. I thought you will your give your view but you didn’t. Well, its OK, we exist in a so called democratic nation.

    1. Wasio Ali Khan Abbasi Post author

      True, I merely repeated Mr. Najam Sethi’s words since I agree with most of what he says. My personal opinion? Simple, all parties are involved and MQM more than any other because Karachi and Hyderabad are MQM’s stronghold, its personal space, therefor more of their people are directly involved in such activities. As for any other details, I can’t create anything new that people don’t already know. However, I have started “Chronicles of Pakistan” series where I will be tracing problems of Karachi and Mohajir conflicts in light of history. There my personal opinion will also be included. So far only one post is there, will be adding more with the passage of time.

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