How to save Pakistan in 3 Easy steps

I am back to the world of internet after more than a week’s worth of hibernation. Why was that? Well, for starters it was Eid and secondly I spend my Eid at my village Waleed which is 500 km away from Karachi. We do have internet over there, it’s a village not a stone-age era cave, but spending time with nature has a calming effect and it’s worthwhile to go into hibernation from cyber space.

During that time a certain Syed Kamal came across my blog and also commented on my Chronicles of Pakistan: The Urdu Controversy blog post. We had an interesting talk over the phone and he later emailed me his article about how to save Pakistan in a simple way. As I told him and also write here, I agree to his points and believe that an entire generation of Pakistanis now have to sacrifice their lives in order to bring unity among themselves, discipline their behavior and work hard to bring peace for the betterment of Pakistan and its future generations.

Following is the article by Khalid Kamal (Logical Dude) which I reproduce below as I received it. All credits go to the author of the article.

How to save Pakistan in 3 Easy steps:

(If you don’t do it, no one else will.)

The ideas presented here are transnational, multi-cultural and prehistoric. The ideas apply as much to me as to you. These can be used by members of any society or citizens of any state or followers of any religion. Nothing advocated in these ideas is against any religion. Religious affiliation of the reader is immaterial. Good ideas belong to those who seek them and put them to service for their own ends. Who may benefit from great ideas  is not circumscribed by national borders, geographic regions, cultures or languages.

You have been in countless discussions about the state of our nation,Pakistan, causes for the current state of affairs and how to change it. According to popular culture the dismal state we are in is caused by:

  • Terrible political leadership we have had since the founding of the nation.
  • Lack of Islamic laws and sharia
  • Nearly one hundred years of colonial rule.
  • The machinations of the great Satan the United States of America.
  • Wrath of God on Muslims.
  • And many other combination and permutations of the preceding.

The one thing that is common to all of these causes of national disgrace is that they lie beyond the capability of the individual to change. So we keep talking and no one does anything practical to improve our future prospects. Perhaps we just like talking about these things so we would appear to our peers and friends as an intellectually alive and moral person, and that certainly makes each of us feel good.


These are things within reach of every citizen of Pakistan regardless of age, religion, sex, language or wealth that can be done to save this country over a generation or two. It requires no heroic measures just doing what is our duty and no more. It is all about self reformation not reforming others which is much more difficult. You may be able to influence some around you by the example you set. Our only responsibility is “I”. So here is what each of us needs to do every day, all the time, even if we think no one else will join us. And keep doing it for the rest of our lives even if we fail sometimes.

Step-1: Tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, all the time. Of course we are human so telling truth as often as you can will suffice. But effort must not be discontinued on any account. Even if you think it won’t make a difference, even if you can’t do it every day, just do it and keep doing it as often as possible. Not telling the truth is the root of most evils. Unfortunately we lie too much we lie because we need to, we have to, we do it socially, do it for fun and for profit, there is no end. Our culture and poetry is full of it.

Step-2: Educate thyself (Learn the truth). You can only tell the truth if you know it yourself. How do you tell if you know the truth of any matter, idea or question? Assume that you know nothing and what you know is subject to revision based on methods of scientific enquiry.

Educate yourself about everything, particularly the humanities psychology, sociology, economics, anthropology, political science, linguistics, and most of all Philosophy. Learn and think for yourself. Keep asking questions until you reach  incontrovertible answers.Never mistake an opinion for a fact or vice versa. You have a right to an opinion of your own but you also have an obligation to ascertain the facts.

Step-3: Follow the law. Starting tomorrow (today will be better) abide by every law. Good laws, bad laws, new laws, old laws, federal laws, provincial laws, local laws. Bad laws can be revised or deleted but as long as they are on the books we need to follow them. (Even if you think this won’t work, or if you can’t do it every day, just do it and keep doing it.)

Question your beliefs and examine your actions every day at least once a day. Examine your thoughts and actions once a day everyday at minimum. Most fundamental unit of society is the family and families consist of individuals. Your actions may inspire your kids, neighbors, associates to be upright but you can’t give up being upright if they can’t or won’t follow your example. Perhaps my words will have greater credibility with you the reader if I tell you what your national poet said:

Afrad kay hathon mein hay aquam ki taqdeer

Her fard hay millat kay muquddar ka sitara

Practice of these ideas is neither going to reform you instantly, nor turn around the country or society overnight. Neither paradise nor nirvana can be promised to you as a reward for following these principles. It won’t make you wealthy, or more loved with your family or peers. You will get no medals or a mention in the history books. The only satisfaction you may rightly claim would be that you fulfilled your personal obligations and no part of society or country’s ills can be laid on your shoulders. You will have started a process of positive change in society that will be unstoppable. The process will continue long after your death, it will be your legacy to your children and grand children and many generations to come.

Your burden and mine is only that of reforming ourselves, nothing more is required  nothing less is acceptable. If you accomplish the above three goals with sufficient regularity you will have discharged your responsibility to your country, society and community. It may take a generation or more for the turnaround to happen but it is as assured as tomorrow’s sunrise.

Hem and haw all you want my question is will you or won’t you. If you choose not to at least start accepting some of the blame for the mess we are in. The last hope for our nation lies not with God but with you and me.

Your fellow citizen,

Logical Dude.


5 thoughts on “How to save Pakistan in 3 Easy steps

  1. zunerah

    Absolutely right. Makes perfect sense. It is just about fixing one’s own-self and if you, yourself can’t follow the three steps or do anything for the betterment of Pakistan, I believe one shouldn’t just sit there and point fingers at others.

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  3. Obaid Muhammad

    I was shocked and surprised to see the ending: “The last hope for our nation lies not with God but with you and me.” Yes we have to do our effort, we have to become good and that’s what God want us to be. He demands us not to lie, to educate ourselves and to follow the rules and regulations. If people use the name of Islam and do wrong things and kill people does not mean that those are the teachings of Islam, it’s actually opposite of Islam. Follow your second step “Educate Thyself” and learn about Islam, about God, about Prophet Muhammad Peace be upon him. You will learn how merciful God is and how Merciful Prophet Muhammad was. Prophet Muhammad forgave people who planned and tried to kill him on the day when he came back to Makkah. There are many examples like this in the history, you will know only if you learn.
    You have to do your effort by trusting and remembering God and asking God for help. God is good so ask Him for help, May God help us say the truth, to become truthful, to learn the Deen and the Duniya and to follow the rules and regulations and the laws. Aameen
    May Allah make us good citizens of our country, become good and spread goodness, May Allah shower Your Mercy, Peace and Blessings on our country Pakistan and make us those kind of people who deserve those Blessings. Aameen.


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