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Let’s Have Some “Kachee Goliyan”

Some time ago my good friend Hifzah virtually browbeat me into “Like”ing a Page on Facebook, called Kachee Goliyan. It was recently created and one of its creators, Ramish Safa, used to be her student. When I checked it out I groaned,

“Not another cartoonist-wannabee”

It wasn’t anything against Kachee Goliyan or its concept creators. I was a fan of Jay’s Toons, especially because of its “Jinnah Returns To Pakistan” Stick-figures comics that starred none other than founder of the nation, Mohammed Ali Jinnah. Later on I felt that the comics are not in the direction they should be and losing their touch. More than that, a few wanna-bee cartoonists started making comics just to garner similar fame that Jay’s Toons did and failed miserably; I thought K.G was another of the Wannabees. Continue reading


Business Education in Pakistan

This article was published in October 2011 edition of Circles Magazine. It has a follow-up article titled Marketing Education.

Higher education in Pakistan has had an unfortunate history of myopic view of what future of Pakistan holds and how a particular degree will bring glory to the family. There was a time when anything less than doctor or engineer was akin to insult for the family. Then came the ‘IT Boom’ and ‘Computer Wizard’ became the new trend that lasted for a while. In the previous decade the economy saw a lot of activities and MBA turned into the new star in parents’ eyes.

Universities, like Pan Shops, began to open all over the urban centers of Pakistan offering business education and throwing run-of-the-mill business graduates in the market. Similarly new engineering departments began to emerge in existing as well as new institutions despite lack of proper faculty and market demand. Continue reading

Curious Case of Mumtaz Qadri and the Blasphemy Law

On an ordinary day an ordinary man rose to extra-ordinary heights of fame after riddling the body of a man of authority with bullets. Mumtaz Qadri killed the then Governor of Pubjab Salman Taseer while acting as his bodyguard from Pubjab’s Elite Police Force.

The reason: Blasphemy Continue reading