Let’s Have Some “Kachee Goliyan”

Some time ago my good friend Hifzah virtually browbeat me into “Like”ing a Page on Facebook, called Kachee Goliyan. It was recently created and one of its creators, Ramish Safa, used to be her student. When I checked it out I groaned,

“Not another cartoonist-wannabee”

It wasn’t anything against Kachee Goliyan or its concept creators. I was a fan of Jay’s Toons, especially because of its “Jinnah Returns To Pakistan” Stick-figures comics that starred none other than founder of the nation, Mohammed Ali Jinnah. Later on I felt that the comics are not in the direction they should be and losing their touch. More than that, a few wanna-bee cartoonists started making comics just to garner similar fame that Jay’s Toons did and failed miserably; I thought K.G was another of the Wannabees.

Considering the fact that my friend had asked me to Like it, I decided to spend some time and see what the concept was about.

The very first comic I saw made me laugh.

Loha: 55 rupay kilo

Robocop lying in a scrap heap in Karachi’s Shershah Market and the two main characters, Sufi and J.C, were surprised as hell finding it there. It was a great start and subsequent comics didn’t lose that magic touch. One after the other the duo made comics on various topics, sometime sarcastic and often explicit, but sure as hell funny. They showed a side of Pakistanis we often see but don’t notice and K.G team brought that to light in humorous way.

Being rather conservative I usually frown upon explicit use in any form and that includes comics as well, but over the years I have learned to tolerate some of the stuff in order to promote free-speech. Not everyone can be stuffed into the same boat and hope they row themselves to safety. Each person has his own distinct style and manner, therefor I cannot expect everyone else to adhere to the same ideals or philosophies that I do. Sometimes doing what should not be done is the way to bring out reality and Kachee Goliyan does that wonderfully with some of the explicit content they have in their comics.

Before long their work caught attention and now they are quite in demand. Their comics continue to appear with the same magic touch and they even launched T-Shirts with K.G comics printed on them. This time around they took a new and bold step, something that hasn’t been done before.

A Comic Marathon.

From 12 pm on 16th October, 2011 they started to release one comic an hour for 12 hours, each from a different location. It was a great concept and it also helped them in meeting many new people who definitely are fans of their work. The last comic appeared some time ago before I sat down writing this blog, effectively ending the marathon.

The comics did what they do best … highlight some of the weirdest things in funny way. My favorite one is Wonder Woman going Islamic, wearing Burqa and renamed as Ajooba Bibi. It goes on to show how we “Islamize” everything we find contradictory and think that problem has been solved. Destroying originality is never a solution and rebranding it religiously is worse.

Another great comic was of the beggar talking on the phone with a slate hanging from his neck claiming that he cannot speak. The double standards of our society are evident and we live them on daily basis, but do nothing about. This is another side of reality that we have ignored for so long that it has become a cancer that is eating us away yet we neither we diagnose the problem nor seek a solution and it keeps getting worse.

The comics speak for themselves and despite a bit of explicitness, i still enjoyed their work. The marathon really was a great idea and hell of a good way to spend the day. So let’s just see the work they did to make our Sunday enjoyable.

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5 thoughts on “Let’s Have Some “Kachee Goliyan”

  1. Mohammed Ahmed Siddiqui

    Very good Wasio. At the beginning i thought another critics from you but actually it got better. And K.G came into my notice. 🙂
    my personal favorite commander safeguard 🙂

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