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Marketing Education

This article was originally published in November 2011 issue of Circles Magazine. This is a follow-up article for Business Education.

Business education entails several phases of administrating business and marketing is one of the most vital parts of the business model. A business’s continuous growth is the virtue of good marketing skills and efficient branding by a marketing team or individual. A highly innovative Marketing specialist, on the other hand, sets a company on the track of phenomenal growth using the organization’s own strengths without needing to resort to cheap tactics, lies or marketing gimmicks to catch prospective buyers’ attention. Continue reading


Realigning Our Roots

As a Pakistani I find myself standing on a platform made of twigs and hoping that this make-shift ferry will survive a tsunami. Why I say this concerns less with my personal opinions and more with the daily death toll that makes headline.

While all other countries are busy making lives of their people heaven, we are confused at what life actually is. Until few years ago Mr. Anwar in my old neighborhood was extremely against his sons going abroad. He was and still is patriotic from head to toe and it took a lot to make him permit his eldest son to take up the excellent job offer from a Dubai based company. Later on Mr. Anwar got transferred to Saudi Arabia and after living there for three months he called me and told me to leave Pakistan soon. Continue reading

My Blogging Journey

I started blogging in 2005 when my friend Umema introduced me to this world. Blogspot was the main platform those days and for many Pakistanis, Blogging was little more than online interactive diary where they shared their thoughts, write about their daily activities and tweak around to improve the display of the webpage. Continue reading

Felt Safe This Eid? Thank Rangers For Their Efforts

The volatile situation of Karachi has been somewhat controlled in the past few weeks through Rangers operations. The Karachites experienced terrible days of mindless killings, even during Ramzan. When Rangers were called in, some questioned if they will be effective enough to make a difference, particularly after the Sarfaraz Shah’s incident. Continue reading