Felt Safe This Eid? Thank Rangers For Their Efforts

The volatile situation of Karachi has been somewhat controlled in the past few weeks through Rangers operations. The Karachites experienced terrible days of mindless killings, even during Ramzan. When Rangers were called in, some questioned if they will be effective enough to make a difference, particularly after the Sarfaraz Shah’s incident.

Within few weeks of their commencement of operations, the number of killings reduced considerably and many perpetrators were caught. Leading to Eid-Ul-Adha, Sindh Rangers conducted operations and raids in various parts of the city. Their Press Release reads:

During last 48 hours, Pakistan Rangers (Sindh) has conducted targeted raids in different areas of Karachi. These areas include Suleman Farsi Society, Juma Goth – Shah Faisal Town, Bawani challi – Site Town, Katti Pahari – Orangi Town, Faqira Goth – Gulshan-e-iqbal Town, Nayaabad and Maripur- Lyari Town. In above mentioned actions 32 suspects were detained and 13 weapons of different calibre were recovered alongwith 2 vehicles.Pakistan Rangers Sindh has also undertaken all necessary security measures for Eid ul Azha in coordination with other LEAs for peaceful conduct of religious obligations. 

Pakistan Rangers Sindh has taken strict disciplinary actions against few individuals involved in various criminal activities including some of them having links with a gang of motorcycle lifters. Sequel to a court of inquiry, all the accused personnel have been dismissed from service and rigorous imprisonment from 6 months to 1 yr has also been awarded as per the crime committed which will be executed in civil jail. It is worth mentioning that Pakistan Rangers Sindh has a credible self accountability mechanism and any individual found involved in breach of discipline or criminal activity will be dealt accordingly in future as well.

As it can be seen, the raids were conducted in all dominant areas of political parties. MQM, ANP, PPP and Jamiat have stake in one or more areas mentioned above and they were equally targeted. JIT report and Wikileaks all mention political parties having militant wings or at least links to terrorist outfits, leading to violent solutions to prove who has the control of the city.

Despite all the negative image associated with Army as a result of Pervez Musharraf’s 9-year rule, it was Sindh Rangers that provided solution to growing security problems of the city and people welcomed their interference. What more, the Sarfaraz Shah incident also saw reduction in street crime compared to the months before the incident.

However, Rangers are not the solution to city’s growing security problems. It is an established fact that Police is politicized with nearly 30% of confirmed political appointments and falling standards of training. Other LEA (Law Enforcement Agencies) are also facing political interference in performing their duties.

What Can Be Done?

For more long-term solutions, the political appointments need to be thoroughly investigated and those who fall short of quality and standard required for police duty should be removed from service. The political interference also need curtailing, therefore Commissionaire  System needs to be implemented that is not directly controlled by political forces.

Justice is being served to those caught and sent to jail but there are plenty out there who are the real cause behind this mayhem. They need to be apprehended as well and some of them probably are very powerful personalities with a lot of political and government support. These people need to be brought to boot and without active support from Police and Lawyers, the judiciary cannot punish the culprits.

What Can We Do?

Political parties also need to cut their ties with the criminal elements of the society. But before doing so, the people should themselves cut their ties with criminals and groups that support such criminals. After all, political parties depend completely upon people and their support, without them they simply cease to exist. As long as we tolerate and support criminals, whether directly or indirectly, the political parties will continue to harbor them and protect them for their own goals. Some of these criminals are us, common citizens, who commit crime on daily basis as part of our culture. Bribing the police and government officials, extending cases unnecessarily to deny justice and many such acts not only lead to chaos but also ruin the moral and character of the society. Common man is part of society, therefore if the society is corrupt person is also corrupt.

By standing together and saying “No” to the damaging practices of our society, we will be able to start the rebuilding process. We cannot depend upon external factors to help us and rely on Army/Rangers to bail us in times of trouble. Blame game has led us to our current state, now we need to learn to let go of these unfortunate habits and work together, without ethnic considerations, for the development of the society and make it a heaven to live in.


2 thoughts on “Felt Safe This Eid? Thank Rangers For Their Efforts

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  2. Logical Dude

    Felt safe this Eid – Thank the Rangers

    The only thing I have ever seen the Sindh Rangers do, is obstruct traffic on arterial roads in Karachi on most days and nights totting high power rifles and looking bored. How would you like to go to your job with nothing to do? Before writing these lines I checked the net for a web site that might provide more information or propaganda about them. But no they have not caught up with recent developments in technology like web sites.

    So it is not possible to answer any questions about their organization like the underlying law which gave birth to the organization, how they evolved, who have been their officers and who is leading them now. What are their objectives and goals, what resources are devoted to them (budget, balance sheet etc. total number of employees) How do they keep track of their performance. Do they issue periodic reports? Is it published or it too is classified.

    We hear of raids by the rangers all the time, but what actually goes down, no one knows. Are those arrested really charged and punished? 2011 was one of the worst years for violence in Karachi could it have been better without them? What else have I seen the rangers do. I have seen them shoot an innocent man, who was begging them to spare his life. He was not only shot twice but also left to die like a worthless dog.

    What do I think about Rangers? I think it is a massive waste of public resources with out telling us anything. It like other beaurocracies is secretive and a way to create employment for the marginally educated and politically connected individuals.


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