My Blogging Journey

I started blogging in 2005 when my friend Umema introduced me to this world. Blogspot was the main platform those days and for many Pakistanis, Blogging was little more than online interactive diary where they shared their thoughts, write about their daily activities and tweak around to improve the display of the webpage.

I didn’t had much to share since casual blogging wasn’t something I could relate to, still I tried to work things out and blog. Slowly and surely I posted for few years until the fateful day of May 12, 2007 when Karachi witnessed terrible killings. I wrote a blog on it a couple of days later and ended up hating the very sight of my own blog.

I stopped blogging completely.

It took me 3 years to get over the images of dead bodies and burned buses I saw near Sohrab goth and attempted to get back into the world of blogging again. One major reason was my job where I got the chance to write blogs for a client, thereafter triggering the need to express my writing abilities once again and blogging was the obvious choice.

I continued with Blogspot (which was now renamed Blogger) for few months until I felt it was too confining. In January 2011 I decided to do something about it and created a new blog at WordPress. I imported my previous blogs from Blogger and tried to rebuilt my online life once again. Social media helped in creating a readership and in few months I was able to discover the side of me that was most suited to blogging.

I used to think I would be ideal to blog about Politics but soon I discovered that wasn’t the case. I tried short stories, sports blogging, technology and few others until I realized that what I mostly wanted and easily contributed was related to society. I could see problems and issues, possible solutions and my interpretations and that’s where I started to focus. It wasn’t long before I met many fine people in cyberspace because of these posts and became a regular contributor to Circles Magazine whose founder had stumbled upon my blog.

I now have the honor of getting nominated for Pakistan Blog Awards in the category of Best Social Activist Blog. I request the visitors and readers to click on the following image and see my nomination. Your vote and comment for my blog would be highly appreciated.

(Update: I just discovered that Umema’s blog has also been nominated for the category Best Diarist. I request the visitors to see her nomination and vote for her blog.)

Nominated for Best Social Activist Blog


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