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Law Education In Pakistan

In Economics there is simple demand and supply rule that applies in most situations. When there is a demand, there will be supply. Increased demand will increase cost and supply will rise up to meet it. When the supply increases more than demand, then demand will reduce which will drive the price down. The rule is quite simple to understand and can be applied to most real-life situations as well with some alteration. Continue reading


Pakistan and its Official language

(Guest-Post by Mr. Khalid Kamal)

There is no such thing as a national language. Every nation has citizens who speak dozens of languages. Every language is important and should be respected. It is citizen’s right to learn their language, preserve, and promote it, and enjoy it in all manner of ways. Continue reading

My Views on KLF 2012

Karachi Literature Festival 2012 was fortunately organized at a time when I had no clash with anything except one extra class on Sunday morning. Having missed the first event on account of being out of city visiting my sister and getting stuck there due to PIA strike, I was looking forward to attend interesting sessions. I was not disappointed and the two days had gave me a lot to think on.

Here are some of the sessions that I attended.

Manto and Partition

The first session that I attended was on Manto by historian Ayesha Jalal and it was moderated by M.R.Kazimi. After introductions, Mr. Kazimi spoke at length that made me yawn but I tried to keep up as much as possible. When Ayesha Jalal herself took the podium, the real fun began. I never read Manto but heard a lot about it and hearing about his life from AJ was a treat. Some of the cheeky statements made me laugh, such as:

“Manto was a heavy drinker, he became alcoholic after coming to Pakistan”

“Manto never fell for Ismat Chughtai, his wife did”

The perspective was new and gave a lot of insight into Manto’s life before and after partition. Continue reading