Rise of the Female Entrepreneurs – Updated

At the start of my third year of BBA back in 2007, I had realized the disaster we were heading towards. Despite the growing economy, I just couldn’t understand where will all the graduating students of BBA and MBA will go, especially since all institutes taught us to seek job rather than create jobs. Just a lousy course named “Entrepreneurship” was taught just for the sake of teaching and the institute would consider its job done; now it is left up to the student to utilize the learning of that one particular course or the 43 other courses he/she studied during the program.

In recent years the need for self-reliance has grown and surprising number of people have decided to open their own ventures rather than seek jobs. Back in 2010 I covered the exhibition of Ash Lamour, a handbags brand started by my good friend Ayesha Akram. Now, a couple of former classmates of mine from school and university days have also started their own brands. Arete by Aliza is a clothing brand while B by Bushra is a footwear brand.

Currently both Aliza and Bushra are holding an exhibition with two other female entrepreneurs this weekend (April 13 – 15, 2012) and I got the chance today for a visit. It is surprising to see where passion leads you despite whatever you have studied. I have seen actors who are doctors by education, musicians who are engineers and also heard that a PhD student of Social Sciences had taken up Rickshaw driving in order to understand the society deeply. Similarly, it was pleasantly surprising to know both Aliza and Bushra will come up with work and designs on their own for something they liked to do. I saw similar spark that I had noticed in Ayesha when I visited her stall, therefor I did what I usually do … take some pictures. Here are some shots of their work.


I also came across this infographic about Women Entrepreneurs that was provided to me by Allison Morris. It is primarily about women Entrepreneurs in USA but can hold future significance for Pakistani females venturing into the business.

The graphic has been embedded from its parent website Online Business Degree
The Rise of the Female Entrepreneur
Via: OnlineBusinessDegree.org


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