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Son of the Soil [Guest Post]

This guest post is by Khalid Kamal who presents his point of view regarding the use of term “Son of the Soil”.

This term finds itself in the speeches and writings of political types all over this country. What does it really mean I have often asked myself? Most words and terms have a place or time when they are appropriate to use. Let us examine this term in detail.

Soil mean earth and earth is often referred to as “mother”. Although all forms of life depend on mother earth. Literally speaking earth is not anyone’s mother. The sort of motherhood attributed to EARTH is the innovation of poets and romantics. There is another unsavory group of characters who likes to refer to earth as their mother, because it allows them under convenient cover to sow seeds of hate and intolerance and they are political demagogues. I will not name any names but you are well familiar with them. They have existed in all countries and every chapter of human history. Continue reading


My Interview With “The Pakistani Spectator”

A couple of days back I received an email where I was invited for interview due to my blogging history. It feels nice to be interviewed for a change and I agreed. I filled out the questionnaire that was sent to me and it got published on the website. The whole process took  less than 3 days to accomplish and I believe the questions asked are good even if they are generalized to suit every blogger. Some known bloggers have also been interviewed by this website and it is nice to see my name printed in the same category.

Following is the link to that interview: