Freemason Conspiracy No Longer Needed in Pakistan

For years we have heard about Freemasons, Illuminati and whatnot conspiring against Pakistan along with Jews and Americans/Israelis and trying to destroy the country. This oft repeated mantra gave us a ‘hidden enemy’ to loathe for all the bad things happening in the country and remain ignorant of many facts that were concealed in plain sight.

In this modern age, the Freemason conspiracy is no longer needed to undermine Pakistan because Pakistan is rapidly becoming self-sufficient in creating its own brand of Freemasons and Illuminati.To most it would really seem odd and majority would even go a step further to even reject my assessment, but there is little else they could do with all the truth around us. The concept of Freemasons and Illuminati dates back to the dark days of Christianity when Church had absolute power and evil acts were carried out in the name of God. These groups that came into existence were comprised of minds that were questioning and enlightened with modern knowledge. They rejected many claims of Church and worked in secrecy to enlighten people. Modern science has much to thank to the members of these ‘secret’ communities.

Something similar has now started in Pakistan.

Are there secret communities?

I do not know.

Are they enlightened?

I really doubt so because if you are enlightened and residing in Pakistan, you are either in trouble or pretty much useless to do anything.

So where does Freemason come into the picture?

Here starts the real answer. Be it Freemasonry or anything else, it starts with simple act of questioning things around you. Be it behavior of people, cultural norms, lifestyles, habits, hobbies, social structure, political structure, governance and plenty of other factors that one would think about critically and ask questions no one is willing to answer. The most obvious of all the things to question and the hardest of them all to answer is that of religion.

Where is God? Who is he? How does he look like? Why would a God create us and then sit back to see us kill each other?

Questions like these are the ones that not just throw people on the defensive, the wrong answer or perhaps the inability to answer rapidly kills the questioner’s trust on religion and those who follow blindly. Such critical people often choose to be Atheists in time and lose their trust completely on God or anything related to religion. This is what has started happening in Pakistan.

Since the past few years, perhaps half a decade if I have to be exact, I have started to come across people who have either become Agnostics or complete Atheists. What is thought-provoking is that these are educated individuals who study in institutes considered one of the best in the country. I even came across a person who claimed he believed in Scientology. I believe it is time to look at it critically and see what are the causes.

From my personal assessment, if we carefully analyze the psychological impacts upon people due to the impact media and religious clergy have regarding Islam and its teachings, there are obvious trends that would cause people to loose trust in religion (here we consider Islam) or at least begin questioning it. Following are some scenarios that could cause loss of trust in people.

Actions of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H): This may come as a shock but sizable number of people actually start losing trust in religion when they don’t get satisfactory answers regarding Holy Prophet’s actions.

-Why did he married Hazrat Aisha (R.A) so young? If you see a middle-aged man marrying a 6 year old, what would you think? Will you allow a middle-aged man to marry your 6 year old daughter? Some say she wasn’t that young, the age has been misreported in Ahadith, that means the followers can’t even write age properly?

-Why did he killed those who left Islam? Was Islam threatened by a few deserters even when Mecca was now under Muslims? If he really was Prophet, didn’t he foresee that his action will be so badly misrepresented in this age?

-Prophet had warned about sects in Islam, why? It’s common psychology, in fact common sense, that when you stop people from doing something they will actually do it. Didn’t he realized as a Prophet that warning about 63 sects will actually lead people to create so many sects?

These are few questions that I could think about regarding Holy Prophet, some of which I directly came across on various forums and sites ever since I started using internet for knowledge gaining since 1999. If some of these questions actually laid the foundation of Muslims leaving Islam to become Atheists, I won’t be surprised because in my experience, most Pakistanis that started visiting religious forums and websites when internet slowly became accessible, they had the shock of their lives to discover Islam is not as grand as media and clergy made it out to be throughout their lives.

Islam’s Teachings: This is also a fact the a few teachings of Islam also contribute to questions. Most questions that I came across were regarding killing of Muslims who left Islam and about Islam’s permission to keep slaves.

Sectarian Differences: Praying with arms folded, praying with arms open, wearing green turban, Mutah allowed/not allowed, difference in aftar timing … there are hundreds of differences between sects, all believing they are the true Muslims and others will go to hell for ‘Biddah’ (Innovation).

These are the three basic pillars that form the foundation for a person to start moving towards Atheism. What speeds up the process is the human action (obviously Muslim) that create the strongest impact. Let’s see some scenarios.

Islamic Clergy: Actions of the “Protectors” of Islam are a major source of pain for most people. Exploits of Maulana Diesel are well known throughout the country and people are left questioning “Is this Maulana so untouchable after this much obvious corruption, all because he is part of clergy?”. Constant news of Imams exploiting Madarassa students financially and sexually are a source of shame, often making even the likes of me thinking where I should hit my head. Loudspeakers being used for hate speech against governments, western countries, rival Islamic sect and even professing killing them in the name of Islam is not lost to most people. All those who remember Amir Liaqat’s famous TV stunt that lead to the death of Ahmadis and Lal Masjid (Red Mosque) incident in Islamabad would understand this better.

Imams are also famous to “sell” Fatwas. So many people have gotten contradictory and outright hateful Fatwas that people have started questioning credibility of Imams themselves. In fact, giving Fatwa has became a household joke in the urban cities of Pakistan. Anything happened? Fatwa is coming. Veena Malik bared all? Fatwa incoming. Have you heard that song “Chayya Chayya” from movie “Dil Se”? Fatwa incoming. Salman Rushdie wrote a book (Fatwa incoming). I think Pakistan’s penal code should get rid of Blas… (you’re dead even before the Fatwa came out).

This leads to our second contributing factor !!

Muslim Actions: It is one thing to look at Muslim Clergy and feel disbelief about how things are being done. It is another to look at people around you and trust if they all are following the same religion. A father who prays five times a day, keeps sunnah beard, recites Quran daily and follow everyday teachings of Islam is of the opinion that it is useless to get his daughters educated because they’ll be cooking and giving birth to children, so what the use of education. Even if he gets his daughter in to school and colleges, he may be found complaining later on that he is wasting time and money on daughter’s education. What may go through daughter’s mind in this scenario is not hard to guess.

Ordinary person, young and full of zeal, straps bomb and blows himself up in markets, schools and localities where no one but Muslims live or interact. Killing Muslims in the name of Islam is a concept both ridiculous and horrific but apparently some people believe it to be one-way ticket to heaven where Hoors are waiting for them.

Old friends, spend childhood together and remained practically brothers for years suddenly changed when one started blaming the other for following Islam wrong and even committing Biddah. Small differences suddenly escalated to giant squabbles and those who were brothers are now as if enemies for life. If you hear one die in reality on differences like these, you may wonder how low Muslims have gotten themselves.

Have an enmity? The guy is from minority sect or some other religion altogether? No worries. Blasphemy law to the rescue. Just say he burned the Quran/said bad words about the Holy Prophet and the mob will help you kill the person. The law will actually help you even further, even if it means jailing and hanging a 14 year old child (if accused of Blasphemy). And we wonder why Islamic fanaticism is on the rise.

Problem in Palestine? Strike. Problem in Kashmir? Strike. Problem in Burma? Strike. Problem on Facebook? Strike. Problem with any Muslims, real or imaginary, in any part of the world would result strike in Pakistan with properties getting destroyed, life coming to a standstill and Mullahs everywhere with banners condemning American/Jews/Israel/India for creating the problem. If in the process (or generally, doesn’t have to be any special occasion) few local Muslims get killed … no big deal. Let them die, we care only of Muslim Ummah (and that apparently resides outside Pakistan).

We love the Arabs, their money, their oil, their language, their way of life … we change Ramzan Mubarak to Ramadan Karim just for them. We even sight the moon one day after them no matter what, even if we have to announce it 11 pm, 4 hours after sunset. It doesn’t matter that Arabs don’t give sh*t about us, consider us as working fodder for their buildings and cheap labor we will still love the Arabs in the name of Islam and go to Dubai for investment and shopping because it is Islamic to do so. I wonder how many Pakistanis began to loathe Islam after seeing the Arabs and their behavior.

Amir Liaqat is hosting Ramzan transmission this year. Isn’t he the one with that weird video full of abuses? Yup. And he’s doing a religious show, again? Yup. Why? Because Islam sells during Ramzan. You can see Amir Liaqat with Ramzan transmission and even Veena Malik doing Astaghfar, for her and for her viewers, so Islam is commercial. Exploding fruit prices are old news.

There are hundreds of examples where actions of the Muslims are major source of contribution for people who choose to leave Islam and become Agnostic or Atheist. I used to think there would be selective incidents where misguided people would do so, but in recent years startling number of people have come to my notice who are no longer Muslims (some even declare it on private/public forums), a vast majority of which left the religion because of actions of Muslims around them. And as I mentioned before, these are not the regular misguided people but actually educated people with good family background and great talent in their chosen field.

We don’t need Freemasons in Pakistan, not anymore. With the way things are going, foundation stone of which was laid by Zia-Ul-Haq during 80s, we have created our own brand of Freemasons who no longer trust the religion, religious clergy and people who follow religion blindly. I do not know if they will be THE bright minds to push forward science or anything else, and I do not (and will not) advertise people who I know are no longer Muslims. All I know is that the way we have been pretending to be Muslims and guardians of Islam these past decades has come collect its share. We have created our own Trojan Horse with misguided, shortsighted policies and actions, so if any of you know that your best friend/brother/sister/uncle/classmate/(any frikkin relation) is no longer Muslim, don’t be surprised because they don’t want to be called Muslims after what all our so-called-Muslims been doing these past decades. If you want to do something, just pray that they find their way back and start to trust the religion because that is all you can do (short of blowing up, of course).


11 thoughts on “Freemason Conspiracy No Longer Needed in Pakistan

  1. Rizwan Hamid USA

    Tell you what you should do. Tell the Arabs: *****************************************************************. That should put them in their place, and will make you feel better.

    1. Wasio Ali Khan Abbasi Post author

      I may be relatively neutral when writing on blog or on different topics for different magazines, but I am still Muslim who knows what he believes in. My request to you is please, tone down on the language because at the end of the day I respect these personalities.

  2. Muhammad Waqas

    Corrections* 73 sects actually

    actually the problem is that you’re mixing the human behaviors with religious teachings. all of mess going in muslims societies doesn’t relates to Islam. they are being used and manipulated sometimes by their own thoughts or what they see. Actually nowdays muslims are more dependent of the religious teachings coming from family or the neighborhood molvi.

    If you just try to tell even to your close friend that the thing you are practicing isn’t right because its not what Prophet Muhammad SAW practiced or even His SAW companions.
    You friend will say are we mad. what about our ancestors and saints whom we’re following for centuries? When I hear such stupid arguments. It makes my believe firm about many muslims. that they are just followers of something not believers of real teachings Allah and Prophet Muhammad SAW.

    As far as the questions are concerned that you mentioned about. every question about this world has answers. It depends upon to the askers too. that to whom he is asking. the one who don’t have sufficient knowledge? If that is so he is also liable and ignorant about his own dishonest research.

    I’ve talked with agnostics and atheist many times. they are always confused and don’t answer the question. even their scientific believes don’t justify their arguments.

    ***I think Pakistan’s penal code should get rid of Blas… (you’re dead even before the Fatwa came out)

    ***Problem in Palestine? Strike. Problem in Kashmir? Strike. Problem in Burma? Strike. Problem on Facebook? Strike.

    Why don’t you present the solutions of question and obligation that you’ve written in this article?

    Your own writing is incomplete and based on the sense of freedom that you’re looking for. I feel poor about you that you’ve discussed secret societies as, as you’ve too much knowledge about them. but you’ve not mentioned much about suiciders. from where they are coming?

    And BTW how do you know that Rimsha was just 14 years old? because media mentioned so? that media who never showed real pic of her? that media who is trying to manipulate our minds on Malala case?

    1. Wasio Ali Khan Abbasi Post author

      Thank you for the comment Waqas. I believe that you did read the article but didn’t really grasp what I really meant by it.

      If you read it again, you will realize that I am neither presenting answers nor mixing behaviors with religious teachings. I am presenting a scenario how something similar to Freemasonry has started in Pakistan that starts with simple act of “Questioning” everything around you, the hardest of which is religion.

      I have mentioned how questions regarding Islam and its religious teachings are difficult to answer and in case of inability or insufficient answer, the questioner begins to lose faith over time. I have even listed down the questions that I came across. My purpose for this was not to answer these questions because frankly I am not in any position to provide a satisfactory answer myself.

      Now for some of your questions:

      – 73 sects, thank you for mentioning though I believe I haven’t used the number to indicate anywhere on my article how many sects there are. I have just mentioned that every sect believes they are true Muslims and rest will go to hell for Bidah.

      – Mixing human behavior with religious teachings … I have already answered that. The purpose of this article was actually to highlight this very fact. Our religious teachings are influencing our behaviors and the inability to answer religious questions is causing a lot of people to question religion itself. As a result, increase in the number of Agnostics and Atheists in our society.

      – Ancestors and saints … I agree with your points.

      – Every question about the world has answer … hence the purpose of this article. Answers are there but insufficient or the inability to answer may lead to disbelief (and probably is leading to disbelief).

      – Discussed secret societies as you have too much knowledge about them … sadly, no. I don’t have knowledge about them which I have mentioned in this article. The very first question gives answer to this question

      “Are there secret communities?

      I do not know.”

      – How do you know Rimsha was 14? … when did I say she was? You must be referring to the following:

      “The law will actually help you even further, even if it means jailing and hanging a 14 year old child (if accused of Blasphemy). And we wonder why Islamic fanaticism is on the rise.”

      This isn’t Rimsha, this was a Christian boy who was accused of Blasphemy back in the 80s if I recall correctly and he was sentenced to death by hanging. Luckily, few months later the sentence was overturned and the boy was taken by an NGO to Europe where he shifted to an orphanage. I do not know Rimsha’s age, the medical board determined she was 15 and she wasn’t sentenced to hanging.

      1. Muhammad Waqas

        well, I must say that you’re right about unsatisfactory answers by people with insufficient knowledge lead one to seek further in other beliefs.

        Apart from it, many in our society are using the above mentioned reasons to choose the freedom from every societal and religious obligation. After all freedom always attracts. I’m very desperate about such Muslims.

        I’ve talked with agnostics and atheists many times and have learned the science they follow. Even their science doesn’t conclude without using religious scriptures and stories. How come they are neglecting religions totally. The reality is that, most of agnostics and atheists don’t know much about the theory of denial of everything that they follow. All they need is freedom in young age. if you study it in dept, specially in west, the most part of agnostic and atheist belief consist of teenagers or young people. The only thing they always want is “party all time”

        **how do I know about agnostics and atheist beliefs? Im full-time blogger and web designer, because of It I spend most of my time on internet. my profession gives me alot of opportunities to interact with people from different countries with different views.

        Why I asked you about answers and solution?
        because you’re irritated with fatwas and blasphemy law. so there must be something alternative in your mind. I wonder when people give examples of Prophet’ Muhammad’s SAW life about people misbehaving with Him SAW and He SAW doing nothing but preaching them by actions. come on guys, He SAW was prophet. He SAW had to set good examples. There are many examples when His SAW companions killed blasphemous people in His SAW life. Even once Prophet SAW gathered Muslims, when someone disrespected him, and asked who will kill the blasphemous? A companions stood up and presented himself and later he planned and killed the blasphemous.

        I believe that people, there are many in Pakistan, who oppose the punishment of blasphemy don’t understand the superiority of Prophet Muhammad SAW. Actually all prophets were superior than mankind. I feel very bad even when western people make comics of Jesus AS.

        — o yeah I know that some so called mufti sell their fatwas for everything. Today I just heard that muftis are fatwing about terrorists who attacked malala. why they are doing it? because our politicians and army need fatwas at the moment to get clean chit to attack north waziristan. They need such fatwas as they needed in 80s. But still there are many good Islamic scholars in Pakistan. all we need is true scholarship of Islam which follows the correct Islamic teachings. Were are they? They are all around us. mostly unnoticed and unheard because truth don’t have access to television and media 🙂 You’re right that so called scholars and muftis have turned Islam into business. Nowdays there is a specific class which only cares about appearance on television. and they all are sold in Ramadan and otherwise. They will talk what anchors want to listen. they will talk what govt and media want to listen. But because of them I don’t want a ban on fatwas because “fatwa” and the “Islamic scholarship” itself isn’t bad. Why ban all?

        “They (our media and army) say someone attacked malala. lets all of us forget the drones and attack waziristan”. WTF?

  3. relsi

    it’s really dirsrupting,what are you muslim or what,if you criticizing islam then don’t follow it and let ous alone.
    I see you like western civilisation alot then why you don’t follow them?
    we don’t need those people who say are muslim but still love and want to be compared themselves to western civilisation,don’t forget western civilisation are attacking irak and afghanistan and killing their children,women and man and are leading a war against islam.

    1. Wasio Ali Khan Abbasi Post author

      Well, it is a bit difficult to know if you are addressing me or people in general. If me, then you didn’t really grasped the article (hint: it is about why some Muslims in Pakistan leave Islam and some of the questions they ask that often get unsatisfactory answers). If others, well, it’s your critique. Keep it up and just make it more legible in future for easy understanding.


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