Fusion Lounge – The New Fusion in Town (Updated)

20130108_214838A few days back I got a call from my friend Talha Shamsher. A new cafe was opening soon and they needed a blogger to attend the event. The invitation was initiated by Rimsha Malik who was also attending the initial meetup before the grand opening and had send it through Talha. I agreed and reached the venue right after finishing my evening exercise on 8th January.

The location is easy to find (very close to Act One, between Khayaban-e-Shahbaz and Khayaban-e-Sehar) with plenty of car parking space opposite the cafe. When I entered the building, I was greeted with a sober and formal environment. A staircase at the left side led to the first level where an altogether different environment prevailed with a lot of activity. The design was informal, the red and blue color combination playing really well throughout the hall and sofas were well placed to utilize the space for sitting. Talha and Rimsha were already there talking with Saad Saleem (event promoter) to whom I was introduced and received my first insight about the cafe.

Cafe Fusion is designed to cater to two different groups – the business class and family class. The lower level with more formal style was for business people with access to television. First level was for families with informal setting along with a stage for DJ and a projector to play video songs. My first thought about DJ and projector was that these were attractions for the youth since families are not that interested with DJ (unless it’s a Mehndi function) or projector (unless it’s Cricket/Football match). It is to be seen how these two elements can be used to attract families.

The conversation with Saad was pleasant and as he moved away to greet other guests I got the chance to look around and have more discussion with Talha and Rimsha. After a short while one of the owners, Akash, joined us and that’s when I gained more insights about the cafe

– iPads would be used to present menu to the customers (a rising trend and not a bad one at that)

– The food variety will also include Thai and Arabic along with the usual (that is good since most cafes around provide Italian and Continental food)

– Main specialty of the cafe would be steaks (for me that’s a big bonus point)

A lot of stuff is in the pipeline such as regular DJ nights, provision of WiFi facility to the customers and bringing full range of options for both business class customers as well as families. The official launch of the cafe is on 10th January, 2013 (tonight) and that is when we can fully experience what the place has to offer. For this meetup there were plenty of people and I even ran into my cousin Nafay Abbasi who made a brief appearance.

The volume of the music was pleasant, not too loud or too low, and despite the ambiance the visibility was normal. We were served appetizers along with softdrinks of our choice. I would say the taste was good and the dips were great. I relished the food with my usual slow pace (which was a surprise for Rimsha since she’s a fast eater and cannot understand why a person would DELIBERATELY eat slow). We spent a lot of time taking pictures from the Cannon DSLR that was in Talha’s hand. I am still waiting for the pictures; when I get them I will include them at the bottom of the blog along with the ones I snapped with my Samsung S3.

I will update this blog after attending the official launch of the cafe.


Official launch

Official launch

I somehow got the chance to visit the launch and from the looks of it I missed out on some of the good moments. Rimsha and Talha couldn’t make it so I went alone and experienced first hand the environment and how the other visitors responded to the launch. From the looks of it, it was a resounding success.

The cafe was lit very well from the outside and that’s where I met Saad as well who filled me in with what had happened so far. There was good media coverage including FM 96 and Express while many celebrities also attended the launch. Some activities were held such as Wish Lanterns and popping fake Wine Bottles to officially launch the cafe.

The ground floor was abuzz today as people were sitting and talking on the sofas while the main activity hub was the first floor where DJ Manal was doing her magic. Despite the fact that I came 4 hours late (around 10 pm), there were still loads of people and all quite energetic. I moved around a bit, clicked a few pictures, ran into my cousin again and after spending some time enjoying the music I left for home.

The gallery has been updated with more recent pictures and I am still waiting for those clicked by Talha. Will include them once he emails them to me.


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