First Annual Dinner by OPEN Karachi

OPEN Karachi held its first Annual Dinner at Creek Club on 2nd May and invited people from various walks of life to interact and connect with each other. The session was interesting to attend as I met various people, from teachers to entrepreneurs of all ages and it was a small but energetic gathering. 

Various people talked on the stage, including President of OPEN Karachi chapter and other office bearers. One lady, who was member of OPEN Atlanta, is now part of OPEN Karachi chapter and she along with her team contributed a lot to the event. A short video was also played that showed brutality against women (acid throwing) and how these women were then helped to get on their feet and earn a living. The event gave me a good feel about OPEN which was missing from the university chapters and I seriously believe this initiative can generate a lot of entrepreneurial activity in the country.

Due to various commitments and a time-span of a whole week in writing this post, a lot of details have slipped my mind about this event. A summary is the only possibility from my end and the feeling of great success for OPEN in Pakistan. Entrepreneurship is badly needed in the country because the business institutions as well as other disciplines have been constantly churning out students who are job-seekers rather than job-creators. This mentality continues even after several years of professional work experience and the entrepreneurial spirit remains dormant. With such initiatives, this spirit can be awaken and a positive change in the business environment can be made possible.


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