Karachi AI Meetup at KSBL


The Karachi A.I Summit took place on 31st March at Karachi School of Business and Leadership. Unique as it was, the summit brought together heavyweights of the A.I for a 3 hour event covering a range of topics. The event was Co-hosted by PEC & TECH Pakistan, Supported by PASHA.
Second in the A.I meetups, the event started with Mesum Raza Hemani’s address to the audience about Karachi.AI and its vision and zeal which was followed by Keynote Speech by Mr. Shoaib Ul Haq (Asst. Professor at KSBL). Mr. Shoaib gave a brief introduction to A.I and how it affecting Information Revolution,particularly in finance sector.
Following the strict time allotment, the first speaker was Mr. Irfan Sharif from Receipt Bot who spoke about the use of artificial intelligence in accounting and bookkeeping. He introduced the topic of automated bookkeeping where A.I sorts financial information without the need of human oversight and how softwares are evolving to properly deal with accounting requirements and complexities.
He was followed by Mr. Anis Sheikh who spoke about Financial Content Writing and Introduced the public with Pakistani Built world’s Top automated AI based content writing package “DANTE”, He stressed upon his struggles and idea behind the creation of Dante and how it’s revolutionizing the financial content writing industry. The product has a completed MVP on stock market commentary and is ready to be sold before the AMCs, Fund Management Companies and Brokerage Houses who hire costly analyst to develop commentaries on daily stock closings. BASE-H announced release of its financial content writing module to public in May 2018.
Continuing the excellence Ms Saarah Rasheed acquired stage, who spoke about financial trading and markets. Their talks highlighted the deep impact artificial intelligence can have on various mechanisms and measures used for financial reporting, bringing forth data that and its articulation which may not have been possible with just human oversight. Many trends and measures that A.I detected had previously eluded human intelligence and it opens new possibilities for improved financial strategies and automate algorithmic trading mechanisms.
Ms. Naureen Hayat spoke about the role of artificial intelligence in lending and credit. Focusing on FinTech, she emphasized how the huge cache of information can help predict behaviors and use that information to develop credit scores for lending, while reducing fraud at the same time. The pattern recognition is important for better KYC, reduce financial theft/fraud and better lending score, and this is where artificial intelligence is making leaps and bounds.
The financial segment of the A.I event highlighted key learnings, such as massive improvements to understanding patterns and better data gathering, sorting,analysis and predictions for financial strategies. Most of these are already in practice in various countries around the globe and its implementation in Pakistan will certainly improve business and finance sector to better serve the people.
But finance is not the only beneficiary of A.I. The next segment focused on E-Commerce and it started with Ms. Anum Kamran’s talk about Pakistan ECommerce Consortium and its wide motives together with collaborations with Karachi.AI. She spoke about how A.I is using customer data to predict buying behavior and how various websites use it to customize customer experience when they land on the website. Following it she revealed the new projects led by PEC & Karachi.AI to bring Pakistani Ecommerce Markets into AI driven play.
Mr. Usama Noman followed her with Botsifying E-Commerce, speaking about how Botsify is changing the way businesses interact with customers. With automated systems that can learn, Chat Bots can replace many functions of human interactions by quickly addressing customer queries and suggest products/services that they are looking for, including completing customer orders within the chat window. Mr. Usama also gave various examples including Chat Bots ability to get more customer orders by reminding them of abandoned carts, compared with email reminders to customers.
The final talk of the segment was from Mesum Raza Hemani who spoke on harnessing power of A.I to power E-Commerce where A.I’s intuition can be tweaked to better serve customer, including improved NLP, Visual and Voice searching, better recommendations and purchase reminders. Improving efficiency of A.I can bring additional benefits, including price prediction that can accurately place product/service within reach of the target audience.
Dinner and Networking session was scheduled right after the awards presented by honorable guests Mr.Kanwal Masroor (Founder TECH) and Mr. Ahmed Rauf Essa (CEO Telemart). Karachi.AI community is organizing quarterly meetups and scheduled for next one in June 2018 to discuss latest trends in various segments and share the learning experiences amongst the stakeholders.
If you want to bring Karachi.AI to your university, please contact page for details or connect with Mr. Mesum Raza Hemani on Facebook/LinkedIn. In case you are interested in learning more and accessing event content/slide/videos/resources to learn about AI. YouTube: City.AI or Type Karachi.AI on YouTube.
Please visit http://www.facebook.com/karachidotai and join the group ww.facebook.com/groups/karachidotai to stay updated with latest news from community.


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