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Son of the Soil [Guest Post]

This guest post is by Khalid Kamal who presents his point of view regarding the use of term “Son of the Soil”.

This term finds itself in the speeches and writings of political types all over this country. What does it really mean I have often asked myself? Most words and terms have a place or time when they are appropriate to use. Let us examine this term in detail.

Soil mean earth and earth is often referred to as “mother”. Although all forms of life depend on mother earth. Literally speaking earth is not anyone’s mother. The sort of motherhood attributed to EARTH is the innovation of poets and romantics. There is another unsavory group of characters who likes to refer to earth as their mother, because it allows them under convenient cover to sow seeds of hate and intolerance and they are political demagogues. I will not name any names but you are well familiar with them. They have existed in all countries and every chapter of human history. Continue reading


Citizen Registration: Tool of Inclusion or Alienation

This is a guest post by Khalid Kamal. It was first written for a scholarly journal back in 2008 and hold some interesting insights regarding citizen registration in Pakistan.

ABSTRACT: this article is a critique of the citizen registration and identification laws, and practices inPakistan. Comments on the performance of the National Database and Registration Authority are based on NADRA Ordinance (2000), information provided at NADRA web site and several dozen interviews with individuals denied CNIC’s. The purpose of interviews was to assess how extensive the problem is and how the effected citizens may be helped. The study was conducted by the non-profit “Stateless People in Bangladesh and Pakistan”. Continue reading

Pakistan and its Official language

(Guest-Post by Mr. Khalid Kamal)

There is no such thing as a national language. Every nation has citizens who speak dozens of languages. Every language is important and should be respected. It is citizen’s right to learn their language, preserve, and promote it, and enjoy it in all manner of ways. Continue reading

How to save Pakistan in 3 Easy steps

I am back to the world of internet after more than a week’s worth of hibernation. Why was that? Well, for starters it was Eid and secondly I spend my Eid at my village Waleed which is 500 km away from Karachi. We do have internet over there, it’s a village not a stone-age era cave, but spending time with nature has a calming effect and it’s worthwhile to go into hibernation from cyber space.

During that time a certain Syed Kamal came across my blog and also commented on my Chronicles of Pakistan: The Urdu Controversy blog post. We had an interesting talk over the phone and he later emailed me his article about how to save Pakistan in a simple way. As I told him and also write here, I agree to his points and believe that an entire generation of Pakistanis now have to sacrifice their lives in order to bring unity among themselves, discipline their behavior and work hard to bring peace for the betterment of Pakistan and its future generations.

Following is the article by Khalid Kamal (Logical Dude) which I reproduce below as I received it. All credits go to the author of the article. Continue reading