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Disclaimer: Most pictures used in blog posts are taken from Google Image search results. If anyone has problem with that (copyright issues), please let me know which images are those and I will remove them from the post after confirming that they indeed belong to the claimants.

Considering how boring long posts are, I would prefer to shorten stuff about me and present it in more concise form using bullet points:

Who Am I

  • Wasio Ali Khan Abbasi
  • I was born in Karachi but my hometown is Waleed, Larkana. I have spent major portion of my life in Karachi.
  • I am ethnic Sindhi who can speak and read Sindhi but can’t write it and have good command on written and spoken English as well as Urdu.
  • I consider myself Sufi but believe that to be a true Sufi I still have a VERY long road ahead of me.

My Education Background

  • Completed O levels in 2003 from Beaconhouse School System and completed A levels in 2005 from the same institute.
  • Completed BBA in MIS from Bahria University in 2009.
  • Currently MBA student at SZABIST Karachi.

What I Am Good At

  • Sports: During school I was team captain for Badminton for one year and Athletics for four years. Also part of Football and Cricket teams during A levels. Also Team captain for Table Tennis and Counter Strike teams during my university studies (been out of form in all sports ever since started working, so please don’t send me any challenges for match at the moment).
  • Event Management: Volunteered for ITIF and ITCN in 2004, DAWN Lifestyle in 2005, Meritime Conference in 2006 and 2007, IEEEP Multi-Topic Symposium in 2009 and 2011 and TEDxKarachi in 2011. I also managed several institutional events including semi-annual Sports Week in university for four years, guest speaker sessions and other random events.
  • Writing: Participated in many writing competitions, was declared one of the winners of “Brit Idol Competition” in 2004 by British Council and Pakistan Winner of “Commonwealth Essay Competition” by The Royal Commonwealth Society, UK in 2005. I maintain this blog, perform freelance writing tasks (no academic writing, I hate that) for companies and websites and write stories, analysis on current affairs and societal problems.
  • Reading: I read a lot of stuff but primarily novels of High Fantasy genre (usually medieval stories as depicted in novel and movie Lord of the Rings) and books on politics and military. My favorite novels are Wheel of Time series, Sword of Truth and Codex Alera.

Work Experience

  • AceLogics: Worked as an Intern for two months and as part-time System Analyst for 10 months, starting from July 2008.
  • TimeSvr: Began as Offshore Business Consultant and got promoted to Project Manager Content Writing within 3 months. Continued working in the company, handling many roles and multiple tasks, for one year starting from August 2009.
  • Freelance: Starting freelance content development from August 2010 and worked with several companies and websites.
  • IEEEP: I joined IEEEP as Honorary member with the post Assistant Editor Newsletter in December 2010 and continue to contribute to their monthly newsletter and cover their yearly events.
  • Damco: I joined Damco Pakistan as an HR Internee in April 2012 for a duration of 7 weeks.

What I Like

  • Soft and soulful music. Pop music is enjoyable and to certain extend soft Rock. Anything more than that is irritating for me. Sufi music, songs and poetry are a treat.
  • Desi food, not TOO spicy though, and fast food in some limited way.
  • Action, comedy and sci-fi movies but no mystery or horror ones (they are often full of gory and bloody stuff that I don’t like watching).
  • Going out for hiking and stuff (although none in my friends circle does so I rarely get the chance for it).
  • Reading thought-provoking stuff and watching constructive, argumentative and innovative videos over the internet.
What I Want To Do In Future
  • Write a book that would explain how our society functions and provide solution to bridge the gap between Urban and Rural sectors.
  • Start philanthropic projects that would benefit various segments of our society.
  • Finish the novel I started but couldn’t continue because I lost the only copy to robbers who stole my laptop.
  • Transfer my knowledge and experience to younger generation, enlightening them on various issues so that they would not make the same mistakes that we and our elders made.
  • Become PhD in the field of Information Systems along with Masters in Economics, International Affairs and Social Sciences.
  • Help in correcting Pakistan’s history that has been brutally tarnished and manipulated in past decades and include harsh realities so that we can come face to face with the taboos of our society and learn from our mistakes.

7 thoughts on “About Me

    1. Wasio Ali Khan Abbasi Post author

      Thank you for the kind words Aamir. I believe it was you who wrote the blog on languages on Express Tribune website. Great work adda. Inshallah we’ll do much good for the country and for Sindh through social media.

  1. bakedsunshine

    Its so funny, no one’s listening to your comments on the feudal article. well they haven’t yet at least. btw, Hi. My name’s Shumaila. I like your Challenge story, and I dislike your support of feudalism ^_^

    1. Wasio Ali Khan Abbasi Post author

      No one is suppose to notice my comments since ET is not exactly targeting informed people. The target audience has been urban youth (in most cases elite class) and they like to bash everything left, right and center that does not relate them directly.
      I don’t have interest in defending any feudal. I know some of the brutalities that go around in rural sides, the only problem is only those brutalities get media attention and any good work is simply ignored like never happened. That’s why I tried to shed some light on problems faced by feudals/tribals and their scope of responsibilities, agreeing that not all are as good as I portray but neither evil as the media paints them.
      And hi, I am Wasio and I enjoy sensible debate 🙂

      1. bakedsunshine

        But bashing things is fun :O

        I realised you were only trying to straighten out the picture a little, and your points make sense since you’re backing them by facts and personal experience. But yeah, its amusing that hardly anyone’s listening and even if they do listen they’re simply going to bash you too 😛 as for the media, its always biased *rolls eyes* i experienced that personally when they unfairly condemned doctors during the YDA strikes. 😦

        I enjoy sensible debates too. 😀 so we have that in common.

        1. Wasio Ali Khan Abbasi Post author

          In that case you might like the latest post that I am posting in few minutes once I straighten a few kinks out from HTML code.
          It rarely affects me now. I have been bashed enough for 4 years starting from 2002 by non-Muslims on forums and chat groups regarding Islam that this ET bashing is just child’s play. I can only laugh at the naivety of posters or just ignore them, little can be done to educate them of areas they never visited or consider unworthy of their notice 🙂
          I remember reading about Young Doctors strike though didn’t delve deeper. Already there were plenty of bad news and I just didn’t want to read more.

          1. Syed Kamal

            Dear Abbasi Sahib,
            I specially like your goal of creating harmony between Sindhi and Urdu speaking communities. There is a crying need for us to do it. I would love talk to you about it. Until Sept 15 I am in Karachi. I will be in Western Canada thereafter. My cell no 0301-222-3894


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