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Umru Ayyar Enters Comic Era

526499_268191986650601_1287984967_nSometime ago I came to know about introduction of a fictional character from the stories I read in my childhood, Umru Ayyar, in comic book. The team behind Kachee Goliyan was gearing up to introduce this old-time shady/assassin/greedy/wily person as a hero in the comic world, and that came out as a surprise to me. True, Umru Ayyar as a character presents a lot of interpretations and its stories give so many angles to work on that it is possible re-introduce him in a whole different package. Still, more strong characters like Ameer Hamza (to whom Umru played a role of adviser as well as guardian assassin) could have been used for the comic book.

Nevertheless, something is better than nothing and therefor when I was invited for the soft launch of Umru Ayyar I tried my best to take out time and attend it at the new acquired office space by the KG team. Continue reading


Let’s Have Some “Kachee Goliyan”

Some time ago my good friend Hifzah virtually browbeat me into “Like”ing a Page on Facebook, called Kachee Goliyan. It was recently created and one of its creators, Ramish Safa, used to be her student. When I checked it out I groaned,

“Not another cartoonist-wannabee”

It wasn’t anything against Kachee Goliyan or its concept creators. I was a fan of Jay’s Toons, especially because of its “Jinnah Returns To Pakistan” Stick-figures comics that starred none other than founder of the nation, Mohammed Ali Jinnah. Later on I felt that the comics are not in the direction they should be and losing their touch. More than that, a few wanna-bee cartoonists started making comics just to garner similar fame that Jay’s Toons did and failed miserably; I thought K.G was another of the Wannabees. Continue reading