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Umru Ayyar Enters Comic Era

526499_268191986650601_1287984967_nSometime ago I came to know about introduction of a fictional character from the stories I read in my childhood, Umru Ayyar, in comic book. The team behind Kachee Goliyan was gearing up to introduce this old-time shady/assassin/greedy/wily person as a hero in the comic world, and that came out as a surprise to me. True, Umru Ayyar as a character presents a lot of interpretations and its stories give so many angles to work on that it is possible re-introduce him in a whole different package. Still, more strong characters like Ameer Hamza (to whom Umru played a role of adviser as well as guardian assassin) could have been used for the comic book.

Nevertheless, something is better than nothing and therefor when I was invited for the soft launch of Umru Ayyar I tried my best to take out time and attend it at the new acquired office space by the KG team. Continue reading


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Let’s Have Some “Kachee Goliyan”

Some time ago my good friend Hifzah virtually browbeat me into “Like”ing a Page on Facebook, called Kachee Goliyan. It was recently created and one of its creators, Ramish Safa, used to be her student. When I checked it out I groaned,

“Not another cartoonist-wannabee”

It wasn’t anything against Kachee Goliyan or its concept creators. I was a fan of Jay’s Toons, especially because of its “Jinnah Returns To Pakistan” Stick-figures comics that starred none other than founder of the nation, Mohammed Ali Jinnah. Later on I felt that the comics are not in the direction they should be and losing their touch. More than that, a few wanna-bee cartoonists started making comics just to garner similar fame that Jay’s Toons did and failed miserably; I thought K.G was another of the Wannabees. Continue reading

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