Never Force Left-Handed Child to be Right-Handed

Update: An edited form of this article was published in October 2011 edition of Circles Magazine.

I have used my right hand to perform major activities all my life. Even though my performance has remained average in most cases like quality of handwriting, sports and sketching, I considered it normal. Some time back at a family gathering my mother discussed with someone the complexities of bringing up children and I was surprised to learn that I was born left-handed.

She said she discovered I was left-handed due to the amount of pressure I exerted on her finger with each hand when two months old. At such a tender age she made sure my left hand remained immobile most of the time (though not uncomfortably) and was forced to use right hand freely that eventually became my dominant hand.

It was confusing for me at first but then a lot of unexplained habits began to fall into perspective such as attempting to pick something heavy from left-hand and then switching to right, preferring to chew food at the left side of mouth, skipping step while climbing stairs in order to land on the other foot etc. I often thought myself clumsy whenever something happened and didn’t thought it amiss until I discovered I was left-eye dominant a few years before the above mentioned family gathering.

I bought a guide for Snooker game and it gave details of an exercise to know your dominant eye. To increase shot accuracy, you need to place your Cue Stick beneath the dominant eye when playing shot and the book stated that born left-handed people, in most cases, have left-dominant eye. As you can expect, the exercise concluded that I was left-eye dominant. I didn’t focused more on the details and enjoyed the higher game accuracy that I now enjoyed.

After the revelation by my mother, I decided to do some research. As science explains, our brain is divided into two halves (hemispheres). Left hemisphere affects the right side of your body and right hemisphere affects the left side of the body. The left hemisphere deals with logic, words and language, mathematics, science, order/pattern perception, practical and reality. The right hemisphere deals with imagination, creativity, spatial perception, “big picture” orientation, symbols, images and feelings. If the left side of the brain is dominant, the person prefers right hand and vice versa. Our whole physical being is interconnected ever since we are born and forcing to go against natural dominance puts a lot of harmful pressure.

What more, about 85-92% of world’s population is estimated to be born right-handed which also causes some bias against left-handers as parents under societal pressure, ignorance or religious miscommunication forces their children to switch to right hand.

Forcing a left-handed to be right-handed causes reduced activity in the dominant right hemisphere and increase activity in the non-dominant side. Since creativity and imagination are dominant parts of right brain, they will remain under-developed and the left-side of the brain sees increased activity that deals with reality, facts and logic … characteristics that are opposite of the person’s true potential. The consistent use of non-dominant part of brain affects the personality while growing up and the adaptability can be difficult. Forced right-handers have to work a lot harder to improve handwriting, take more time to adjust in using tools like scissors and knives, are unable to perform better at activities (like sports) than natural right-handers, get tired easily and may even have language difficulties due to possible dominancy conflict between the two halves of the brain.

Comparing this with my own childhood I found some stark similarities. I had to use children’s handwriting improvement book until 8th grade to finally able to write clearly. I loved to draw and paint as a child but no matter how hard I tried I couldn’t improve and finally gave up by 7th grade. I was scolded repeatedly at home and in class for being a daydreamer and not paying attention. I always loved stories (and still do) and read fantasy novels most of my free time. I hate mathematics and enjoy history. I am able to think logically and analyze in a rather forced way and tire easily compared to when I am thinking something completely new and imagining a new story or concept to write down. The number of similarities is too long to fully list down.

There are select few who are ambidextrous (don’t have dominant hemisphere or so little dominant that it doesn’t affect much) and such individuals don’t have that much hard time in switching. Unfortunately I am not one of them and thus unable to achieve my full potential.

This doesn’t mean that left-handers are devoid of logic or right-handers lack creativity, it just points towards what comes as naturally and more easily to the person due to dominant side of brain. So if anyone you know is forcing a born left-handed toddler or child to be right-handed, please enlighten them and stop them for hindering the child’s growth. It is not advisable to force and yes, it is not un-Islamic as well to be left-handed as some believe.

For those who are interested in knowing if they are left-brain dominant or right-brain, watch this image below and see in which direction the woman moves (clock-wise or anti-clockwise).

If she is moving clock-wise, that means you are right-brain dominant and vice versa. If you focus a bit (or maybe a bit harder), the figure may turn her direction suddenly and begin rotating the other way.

The level of focus required to achieve that proves how much dominant on side of your brain is. In my case, the figure continuously moves clock-wise and no matter how much I try, I am unable to move it anti-clockwise. However I have seen others exclaiming how the figure all of a sudden change direction even though to me the movement is still in the same clock-wise direction.

Once again refer to this chart and see what characteristics each brain has and remember, never force born left-handed child to use right-hand permanently. You may teach them to use right but let them be left for their own good.


305 thoughts on “Never Force Left-Handed Child to be Right-Handed

  1. Zofishan Shahid

    Great work 🙂 One question though, if the image changes direction, does this mean those people are ambidextrous? Because for me it changed direction form clockwise to anti-clockwise and then back to clockwise again…does that mean something or am I abnormal? =P

    1. Wasio Ali Khan Abbasi Post author

      To be ambidextrous means you are able to use both the left-hand and right-hand with equal ease. If you are able to make the figure change direction, depending upon how much effort you required to do so (or maybe no effort at all) will explain how capable you are at “learning” or “using” the other half of your brain. Even though I am right-brain dominant but used right hand all my life, I have been only able to see the figure move clock-wise but others have had easier time making it change direction. Maybe I am the abnormal one here 😛

        1. Isobel

          If you had read the info properly you would have understood : right hand/right eye dominant=clockwise so there is nothing wrong with your “test” , you just did not get it.

          1. Rui

            You’re the one who’s confused here. If it moves clockwise, your right brain hemisphere is dominant, which means you’re likely to be left-handed. Each brain hemisphere controls the opposite side of the body.

    2. Dylan

      the reason why it “changes direction is because the image only does half a circle and then goes back to its original postion from the way it came.

      1. Ella

        I am right handed. I see the figure moving clock wise, but also anti clock wise. But, you said the anti clock wise did not make a complete circle. The figure makes equal turns both ways. What about that. Explain please .

    3. dylan

      Both your right and left brain seem to have reached a level of perfect harmony – rather than trying to dominant each other, they work together to create a unique and well-balanced “you”. Your spontaneous, impulsive, and free-flowing right brain creates an exciting and adventurous world, while you left brain helps you make sense of it and keep track of everything. I wish I can draw pictures with my left hand! I noticed my handwriting is not the same every time with the right hand.

    4. Nøkken

      The illusion of this figure is that it’s two dimensional, but to your eye it seems three dimensional. The reason it seems three dimensional is the shadow. The shadow does an anti-clockwise spin, on the other hand her body does a clockwise spin (this creates a conflicting illusion). The reason you can see her spinning is because of the speed with which she spins (she is actually flipping; half spin). If you are able to make her switch direction you’ll notice she shifts the leg she stands on (clockwise: left leg, anti-clockwise: right leg). If you are not immediately able to make her switch legs it’s because you are not paying attention to the shadow which in both scenarios move the opposite way of which it should be in the direction she is spinning.

      While this might give an indication as to which side of the brain you are using when looking at her, it is far from perfect. A person who has seen this gif many times (or a person well trained with spotting illusions) will be able to break the illusion and thereby switch her direction at will. Thus it is in fact a weak indicator of how your brain works. Still, it’s, to many, a mesmerising illusion and it’s hard for most people to break it.

      1. MaryLou

        For me, she’s spinning clockwise whenever I look at her foot, and counterclockwise when I stare at her t!ts.

    5. Maria Mosquera

      Wow… This is amazing. It does spin anti-clock wise but i need to close my right or left eye to see her change direction. Usually she spins to the right. They changed me when i was left handed as a child because it was a sin, it was ugly, made me feel akward all the time. Had problems for a long time but i agree that it takes a lot of energy and effort and even though i now manage to do everything “right”, it seems to me i am never quite there where my full potential is. I am working on it. Thank you so much. Maria

    6. Isobel

      If I got it right, it could whether mean you are ambidextrous [both part of the brain equally strong ] or it could mean that you are not what you think you are right now and that you have lost your eye dominance [if right handed right now, left handed and vice versa] I suppose only a O.T could tell for sure. I just found out or rather I was confirmed by an occupational theraspist [I always knew deep down] that I was a leftie via a the test of a ball. She throw at me a tennis ball I was supposed to catch with my right hand, I failed systematically so she ended up asking me to try to catch it with my left hand and this time I got the ball every single time like a magnetic attraction between the ball and my hand. This was a firm and clear grasp: it felt weird but so ridiculously empowering and left me with the warm feeling that I had finally reached my destination.

    7. Jezabel Rava

      I’m left handed and at first it turned clockwise, then it just turned left and right, then it turned clockwise again. So I’m also confused. 🤔

  2. Nadim

    I was forced to change from left hand to right hand too.
    I still do some things with my left hand.
    I always wondered if I forced myself to change to left hand again what would happen.
    Anyways, I wish my mom read your article 25 years ago 🙂

      1. Geetha

        when I was in pre-school my mum read an article about the similar topic. She tried to make me write with my left hand and when once I happen to write ‘3’ and ‘p’ the other way round my dad immediately put a stop. He said what is done is done. But as I was growing up there were periods where I would practice writing with my left hand but gave up cause it was difficult to control But now I find easier to write with my left hand so I’m practicing more often. Hopefully I will be able to write completely with my left hand by end of this year. Though I think I would still use my right hand for Japanese and signature. I dont want to completely neglect my right hand.

        1. Wasio Ali Khan Abbasi Post author

          That’s one of the hardest phases you can go through in childhood, being compared to others and reminded how awful you are. It also happened with me as I was compared to my neighbor and classmate (who I strongly believe is an ambidextrous) who always gained better grades in calculating subjects (Maths, Chemistry, Physics etc) and I was better with literature and theoretical understanding (English literature, Urdu literature, History, Islamic Studies). I was reminded how bad I was at science compared to him (and he was reminded how bad he was at languages and others compared to me), it was torturous for both of us. I at least never managed to make my parents understand that me and Ahmed are not the same people and have different approaches, attitude and environment and as a result had to start ignoring their glares and sarcastic comments. It worked to a certain level, enough to keep me going with my sanity intact. It’s is hard, but still manageable.
          I really hope you are able to use your left-hand properly for writing. I wish you luck and hope you do well.

      2. jovan

        I was forced to change from left hand to right hand like you but i think that my left dominance unlocked more potential in me and i too love stories,and im bad at math but good at history and languages and i could think about stories all day, too bad that i forget to write them down. Im just sad that i can’t draw good but you cant have everything in life, now i wouldn’t switch to right side because that is who i am.

    1. Sweetass Moi

      i was also forced to change from left hand to right hand too. But luckily on my part, i used the left for almost everything, like washing, cooking, and any hard work but one thing this change has done to me is that i have a very bad hand writing. i write with my right hand even though i could try writing with the left hand, the right hand is what i was forced to use. its so clumsy. when i watched the image, it moved both clockwise and anti clockwise. i have decided to start practicing with my left hand in writing. thanks for this article.

  3. meghan

    For me it was school that forced a change from left to right, with a ruler smack to the left hand if caught using it. I realized years ago that the change could have far reaching effects, This was the first time i’ve encountered information such as this. I plan to look deeper into the information found, at 45yrs of age i still have a lot of living left to do, maybe it will help. I REALLY wonder if this could have anything to do with tendencies toward mental or emotional problems or disorders???

    1. Wasio Ali Khan Abbasi Post author

      You have raised a very valid point Meghan, so let us look at it a bit more in-depth. As I explained in the blog, using right hand will increase brain activity in your non-dominant part of brain. This makes it stronger over time and stagnate your naturally strong right-brain.

      Now, continuous use may end up dividing the brain into 50-50, effectively turning you into Ambidextrous. Ambidextrous people, although REALLY great at analyzing but completely hopeless at Conclusions.

      If you ask an Ambidextrous person “Please tell me what is happening?”, he/she will explain the whole scenario thoroughly and beautifully. But if you will ask “What do you think about this?”, you will not get a proper answer. Why? Because in giving a conclusion/personal opinion, you have set his both halfs of the brain at WAR. The left-brain insist on giving a logical, straight, fact oriented answer while the right one will attempt to give a more general, creative and occasion dependent answer. The person himself will be at a loss as to which one to give and end up not making sense.

      Strictly, this is not a disorder but kind of mental problem that should not be there in the first place for a born left-hander. Emotional problems, yes there are some because around you everyone finds doing some work easy but you completely fail at doing the same thing no matter how much you try. I have seen my father going through the same routine of office, home, rest, food (including the cuisine) and watching TV daily, unchanged even to the minute for over 20 years that I have noticed (he’s 60+ now whilst I’ll be turning 25). This is torturous in some ways because to others you are slow learner, day-dreamer, non-serious and more or less a disappointment (you can’t do a simple thing? Look how your brother does it easily. When everyone can do it, why can’t you?).

      It just wrecks your confidence, creates completely wrong picture about yourself and you start believing you indeed are a failure … in fact, a born failure. Einstein said a beautiful quote:

      “Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”

      1. meghan

        Thank You for the prompt,informative response. I deal with a couple of “issues” caused by chemical imbalance. I had thought that although it is not an imbalance, a change forced like that could of led to mis-wiring. Glad to know that there is nothing to -my thoughts-, Oh yeah. right on the mark with the war and unable to answer thing.The situation at hand or person i am dealing with, plus all background knowledge i have that is relevant come together to produce the most likely to be accepted answer. No telling which side it will come from or if i can expand on it. I guess it could be called “”flashes of genius”” or examples of stupidity. All depends on how you look at it-from one side or the other or just a slow walk around the whole. Thank you again.

        1. Wasio Ali Khan Abbasi Post author

          It is good to see fellow right-brainers discovering new information and attempting to improve and salvage what could be. I plan on practicing writing with left-hand soon. It will be a painful experience initially I am sure, but hopefully I might start writing legitimately by the end of 2012 if didn’t gave up half-way 🙂
          Wish there was a shorter route to get re-wired correctly but I guess personal effort and hard work can never be replaced by short-cuts. I hope things work out for you as well. Good luck 🙂

          1. ahmad

            i have baby at he <was righthand dominent ichanged him ambixirous very early he does evry thing with both now i really care for him i toutched his weak points and it had that effect what can i do i m olso righthanded then changed recently

          2. Isobel

            I had that feeling deep down that I was a leftie but I did put it aside as it was such a long time ago. last Tuesday I did a test with an Occupational therapist and found out, to her surprise, that I was left handed from birth: I cried of relief and the anger of frustration I had carried all these years just vanished. Memories I had blanked out resurfaced and I remembered events which just proved her right: such as my mum shouting at me for eating with my left hand as she thought I was mimicking my brother also a leftie. My sport teacher changing me from the right to the left group as I would perform better that way but more of all, this persistent feeling of envy, when watching a leftie using their left hand, burning in me like a craving. I was forced by my mum but worse of all my first teacher to write with my right hand and have carried this resentment all my life. But last Tuesday, it all changed as that day was the day I empowered myself. I am more decided than ever to regain my left handedness and have been practicing for 1 hour everyday and in a week my writing is quite good unlike my writing with my right hand which is quite messy.
            I have read about technic to recover from the “trauma”, for me it surely was a trauma, and it seems to work on me: like wearing an ear plug in the right ear to kind of repair the damage done on that part of the brain and also I bought a eye patch to cover my right eye for 3 hours a day for 3 months. I am following the advice of an O.T. to a mum who felt guilty as she observed a daughter struggle at school after forcing her to change from left to right hand. She felt so guilty she had done a reverse job. Good for her!: at least she was caring enough to admit her mistake and sought help for her daughter who is now doing fine but still have to pursue the treatment for 3 months. I think, being older I will have to hold on to it for a while but it seems that you can regain your eye dominance with some therapy. I did the test of the dancer turn the way it is suppose to do when you are a leftie but once it did turn temporarily on the right side so I take it I am not quite switched back yet but I am definitively working on it [bought left hand pencil and pen to support my writing] and I working on my fine motor skills. I wish you the best of luck. I know for sure and believe “where there’s a will, there’s a way!

      2. Geetha

        I understand by what torturous mean. I’m born left hander changed to right as a baby. All my life I always get compared to my sister a right-hander. I kept telling my mum stop comparing us as no two people is the same even twins. Its always she can do it why cant I etc. It really hurts and I cant even create a decent sentance to make them stop. So in the end I just keep quiet.

        1. pabbi

          Hi Geetha,
          How did it work out? facing the same issue. is it possible to go back being left handed and no further complications?

      3. Pat

        This reply basically fit my daughter who is 14+, I really don’t know when she was changed from left hand to right hand but she herself recognize today that she is suffering from ADHA. And I decided to read up? Your analysis truly represent her and right now I don’t know how to start in correcting the huge mistake. What do I do please?

      4. Donna

        I just learned about this about myself when I could not get through tests in college. The college counselor made me do several activities and told me I was born left handed and someone changed it when I was a child. I would study hard and pass my own test but when I got the actual test in front of me I went blank. I was diagnosed with test anxiety. Ialso have generalized anxiety. I was put in a room with ear muffs and given 1 1/2 hrs to test but I could still hear noise so I could not concentrate. It was math and anatomy classes. I totally get what you said about day dreaming and not retaining the information. If I spoke out loud when I went over material, I remembered better. I never felt smart enough. I am a hands on learner too, if I do the work over and over then I learn better. I can read something and by the 3rd sentence its over. I did not finish college because I could not get through the college algebra and anatomy class. I even paid for tutors and still couldnt get through the tests. I feel like a failure every day. Whats crazy is my career is in accounting but its because I have trained by hands on, visual learning. I really hate that my teacher did that to me. It was so unfair for her to make that decision. I wish there was a way to fix it.

        We always wondered why my 2 kids were left handed and now I finally knew. I always had to study hard, sometimes until I cried. I always felt like I was not smart enough, even though I would make A’s and B’s but never easy to make them.

  4. Patty

    My son was born a lefty. I’m a lefty. At the age of 4, his pre-k teacher (who was in her 70s) forced him to switch to writing with his right hand. When I finally realized what she’d done, I tried to get my son to switch back to his left hand, but the damage had already been done. He was convinced that he absolutely was not supposed to be a lefty. So now he’s 10 and all of the problems I’ve read from you and others, well I see these problems in my son. He’s written with his right hand for so long now and he says he doesn’t want to go back to being a lefty. But he doesn’t understand the full ramifications this has had on his life already. I’ve seen the negative impact this has had on him over the years and have always suspected that so much of what he was going through had to do with him being forced to switch. So as a parent I would ask you, would you have wanted your parent to have forced you to switch back and relearn how to write everything?

    1. Wasio Ali Khan Abbasi Post author

      That’s a very difficult question to answer. If I go back 15 years in time, I would find a 10 year old me utterly convinced that he is right-handed. If my parents would have realized the mistake and attempt to force me, not just I would refuse but would even call them crazy to even try it. For me, the left hand is weak so why should I switch? That means not only do I have to re-learn to write but also have to re-learn how to play different sports and completely switch many other activities.

      This is a very difficult age to control kids, but at this age I would say it was better that my parents should have forced me to at least LEARN to write and do some of the works from Left even if not forced me to make complete switch. Maybe some of the incentives might have also worked, such as:

      – If artistic, learning to make mirror images using both hands at the same time (there are some Youtube videos as well).
      – If sporty, learning to use both hands as forward and not relying at backhand at all (for Tennis and Table Tennis)

      For different nature, different incentive would work but I really would have thanked my parents if they had forced me to learn to use left hand at the age of 10 because I could have learned in 2 to 3 years how to use it properly and developed it on my own as years progressed.

      1. S

        I was also forced to use right hand when I was 4 and half or 5. My mother told me to do so only because a cousin was bullying me by hitting my left hand then report it to my mother that I hit him. My mother saw the whole thing but told me that I must change. It was bit abusive and my therapist encourages me to go back use my left hand. I tried but it is very hard due to the amount of effort needed. Even I want to change back, but it triggers certain sadness. I gave up again and again. I can relate to all the issues listed here and that is why I came across this site. My situation is different, and I am glad your son has you, a caring parent. I am still confused today emotionally, I am 43. I am determined to switch back though but it is much harder at 43 as I have work and obligations. 10 is a much easier age. I think if I were you, knowing my own experience, I would do more research on the topic, present the pros and cons to your son and let him make a decision for himself. I would not try to give him biased opinion but give him all facts. All the experiences from other adults. Take him to therapist (find a good one) if needed. I think what would made it much better for me growing up is that if back then, if one adult told me, I am here for you no matter what, I care about you and I want you to be happy. Whatever feels right for you (using right hand or left hand) is what you should choose, and I will support you, my child, always.

    2. S

      I was also forced to use right hand when I was 4 and half or 5. My mother told me to do so only because a cousin was bullying me by hitting my left hand then report it to my mother that I hit him. My mother saw the whole thing but told me that I must change. It was bit abusive and my therapist encourages me to go back use my left hand. I tried but it is very hard due to the amount of effort needed. Even I want to change back, but it triggers certain sadness. I gave up again and again. I can relate to all the issues listed here and that is why I came across this site. My situation is different, and I am glad your son has you, a caring parent. I am still confused today emotionally, I am 43. I am determined to switch back though but it is much harder at 43 as I have work and obligations. 10 is a much easier age. I think if I were you, knowing my own experience, I would do more research on the topic, present the pros and cons to your son and let him make a decision for himself. I would not try to give him biased opinion but give him all facts. All the experiences from other adults. Take him to therapist (find a good one) if needed. I think what would made it much better for me growing up is that if back then, if one adult told me, I am here for you no matter what, I care about you and I want you to be happy. Whatever feels right for you (using right hand or left hand) is what you should choose, and I will support you, my child, always.

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  6. anju

    i’m still not sure which side of my brain is dominant…i believe i was born right-handed, but as a kid i used to get confused about which hand to eat with…i would alternate between left and right..same with the side i chew food…i also used to try writing and drawing with my left hand sometimes…i still do that…and i’m currently a fashion design student who also loves maths & accountancy 🙂

    1. Wasio Ali Khan Abbasi Post author

      If you are able to alternate between the two hands and manage to love completely opposite subjects (Fashion Designing and Maths/Accounts) then you most probably are ambidextrous 🙂
      Being ambidextrous gives you a lot of benefits but just one drawback and that is confusion. As you yourself said, you got confused as a child which hand to use for eating. The same way you may also get confused when making decisions, especially those that depend solely on YOUR choice. At one moment your plan would sound perfect to you and the next moment you may start doubting it. That’s a war between the two halves of the brain which nearly all ambidextrous people go through but this is how you were born and nothing is wrong. Use it as your strength because compared to a left-dominant or right-dominant person, you will have much greater analytic and comprehensive understanding of ANY given situation 🙂

      1. Jay

        That is so true when it comes down to making one final decision I cannot make choice. I didn’t realize I was born left handed until I turned 23 and I’m 26 now. I am ambidextrous because I can write with both hands equally. I always had nice handwriting though, but I am accident prone. Even the figure above I can see it switched from clockwise to counterclockwise easily. I college I remember wanting to just combined the nature vs. Nurture argument in psychology class. I love science and music. I am really good at dance and creative writing. I was great in psychics ,biology and chemistry in college.

  7. Mel

    Really interesting 🙂 I stumbled on this searching for answers. My eight year old son has a great deal of difficulty with fine motor skills, writing being the greatest one. He didn’t start talking untill 4 and even now he’s still playing ‘catch up’. His speech therapist explained it in simple terms to me that our brains can file everything away neatly in ‘filing cabinets’ which we can access when necessary whereas his swims round in his head and he has to fish around for words and responses which in turn takes longer to respond if he does at all. He is getting alot better. He never had a lead hand by the time he’d joined school because up until then i’d been advised to let him work that one out which he never really did, the pencil would go into either hand, then when he joined school we started putting in his right hand which I think now was a bad idea. He does everything else left handed, drink, eat, kick a football, pick things up. I’d never really questioned it before until recently because his handwriting etc isn’t improving and what you’ve said about which part of the brain is most dominant it makes sense I think.

    1. Wasio Ali Khan Abbasi Post author

      Hi Mel. From what I know, strong left-brain dominant people have speech difficulties for longer period of time. I myself started to speak late, probably by third year and even then the coherency wasn’t there until many years down the lane. So I find that similarity in the situation you explained about you son. I would suggest to teach him to use left-hand for writing. It’s no use switching over forcefully, he may resist and not able to learn it at all but at least try to make him dual-handed when it comes to writing. Once he is grown up, 10 to 15 years down the line, he will settle down himself.
      The speech therapist explained it well and I am sure it must have helped your son in catching up. Once he settles down there will be marked improvement in his overall performance. I would advice you to encourage him towards debates and public speaking during his teenage years, it will speed up his “catching up” and once he does catch up, he will probably excel than others.
      I wish you and your son good luck 🙂

  8. Siddharth Swaroop M

    If u want the figure to change direction, focus on the shadow of her legs turning. I could not feel it for 10 mins before i did this, but now i can make myself feel tht it has changed direction with ease. Try it folks…….

  9. rheyniel

    i am forced to be right handed too hen i was younger and ever since i cannot make my writing skills better, i have a very poor accuracy in terms of aim like darts or basketball and i am also poor in sports, i have great imagination though but poor patience and focus. do you thin if i tried to be left handed again will my focus and accuracy be regain?

    1. Wasio Ali Khan Abbasi Post author

      Hi ryheyniel
      If you start learning to play with your left-hand, it will take you some time but will eventually learn to use it. It will require a lot of patience and focus though, something which you say you are struggling with. Maybe you can take it up as a challenge, to prove yourself that you CAN do it and be better. It will test your resolve and if you really want to be a better person, I say go for it and teach yourself to be left-handed.

      In the meantime I might be able to help regarding darts and basketball. When taking aim with your right hand, it is a natural tendency that you will use your right eye. Your dart hand/basketball shot will be aimed using right eye’s line of sight that will be a few degree to the left or to the right of the actual target. Either you can learn through trial and error as to how much difference there is and compensate accordingly.

      Another way would be to take target using your left eye. It will be awkward, positioning you hand below your left eye with your right hand but once you get the hang of it, your accuracy will improve.

      But before all of that, I would suggest you find out yourself which eye is dominant. You can use this snooker test to discover. Always use your dominant eye for aiming.

  10. Kathy Berger

    Hi I was also one of those people that was forced to write with my right hand. I did not find this out until I was a teenager, I am 43 years old now, and have a son that is left handed. I however can write with both my left and right hand equally well. I took a personality test for my job that looks very closely at the thought pattern and I had one of the highest scores ever. I was in sports in school and excelled at them, but ask me to make a quick decision on the menu at the drive through and it takes a while to choose. I can now see and understand why things are the way they are with my thought process and personality. I would like to start using my left hand again and see what comes of it, much to my mothers chagrin:) P.S. I can make the lady turn both ways, just by changing the way I perceive seeing her.

  11. kim

    Hi i am right handed but do alot of things with my left hand.I found it very hard to learn at school get muddled with left and right and my scene of direction is bad.

  12. zak

    I’m not sure I agree with this article. Everyone is different, and natural left handers who were forced on to the right path might just be imagining all of these negative side “effects” or they might be using it as an excuse for certain behaviours that could be changed with a little dogged effort.

    I am 23 years old now. As I began scribbling as a very small child, I always picked up my crayons and other media with my left hand. My mother would then also give me the infamous ruler smack and would place the media in my right hand. This process continued until I was comfortable using my right hand for everything. I drew constantly. When a parent took me outside to play ball, I’d get bored and run back into the house after a few minutes to draw. As I grew up I never had a problem improving my artistic and drawing skills. I won many provincial and national art competiions while at school. I can make complete photorealistic sketches of people in bars and nightclubs, I can create abstract artwork as well and I can come up with very creative concepts in general. I can draw immensely well, better than any left handed or right handed person in my age group, at least in my country, where art isn’t really a big industry. My skills might pale in comparison to what you might see outside of Africa, but they are still pretty good. I also write stories in my spare time and I’m thinking about studying film next year. I already have a degree in architecture. My switching over to the right hand definitely had no negative side effects. At least, I don’t think so. Perhaps if I had stayed a lefty I would have been 10 times better at what I’m doing now? I don’t think so. Our writing convention issimply better suited for the right hand. Seeing a left handed person writing always cracks me up. It just looks wrong and uncomfortable, the arm always needing to be raised so the ink won’t smudge.

    Besides, I don’t think that it’s an absolute truth that right brained people aren’t good at or not interested in mathematics, science, accounting, etc. I loved science and maths at school, and miss those subjects to this day. I hated accounting, though. Rather do not convince your children that just because they are right brained that it’s excusable for them to suck at maths and science. In my opinion those two subjects should be compulsory. I did extremely well in both, with marks in the 90s and sometimes I’d even score full marks on my tests, all higher grade, I might add. I don’t believe that I have an innate talent for mathematics, but a little dogged effort can get you very far.

    I do believe that, and here is where my parents definitely went wrong, a child who is clearly right brained should always be encouraged to improve on his creative talents. Convince him that if it is indeed what he loves, he should persue it. Getting me to study architecture was an attempt by my parents to play it safe – they considered it, and they did so correctly, a compromise between left and right. My parents are some of those people who believe you are a fool if you intend to persue a full-blown artistic career. What might have done damage to me is that I’ve never devoted as much time on my artistic talents as I should have, due to negativity from my parents and other family towards the finacial prospects of an artistic career. I intent to change this. Don’t force your child into putting too much more time and devotion into the left brained subjects at school. Let art or music or drama or whatever it may be, be his main priority but don’t allow him to slack off in the left brained side of the spectrum – those fields are also so very important in our lives. Afterall, it’s cool to have a lot of knowledge about a vareiety of different things.

    However, I personally can not vouch for the truth in the statement that forcing a natural left hander will ruin his creative life forever. I might very well force my own children over ro use their right hands one day.

    Regarding that silhouette…I always see it truning lockwise initially, but I can force it to spin the other way by looking at the anchored foot, and then switching the direction in which the toes are facing at any given moment.

    This link goes to an online portfolio of some of my drawings, if anyone needs veryfication that I spoke the truth when I said that I can draw very well:

    1. Wasio Ali Khan Abbasi Post author

      Hello Zak, thank you for your thoughts on this article. It is really good to know that despite the change of hand it did not affect you and you continue to enjoy doing what you like to do. Let me assure you, I never said in this article that it is an “Absolute” truth and cannot be different at all. As I said in one paragraph:

      This doesn’t mean that left-handers are devoid of logic or right-handers lack creativity, it just points towards what comes as naturally and more easily to the person due to dominant side of brain.

      That is what my article explained, what comes naturally to you due to your dominant side of brain and maximizing it. It does not mean that if you were left-handed, you would be ten times better. It means that it may have been easier for you to do the same but if you have managed to cross that barrier that prevents you from achieving the level you would have then it is all for the best.

      Also, the Latin script the forces you to write from left to write is uncomfortable for the left-handers. That is why they have to keep their hands raised or adjust so that they don’t smudge ink. But Arabic script and its language driven from it, like the ones here in Pakistan (Urdu, Sindhi, Punjabi etc), are from right to left and they are uncomfortable for the right-handers. Now the right-handers have to raise their arms awkwardly to avoid smudging ink and all.

  13. Vincent

    I was surfing the net on both handed and notice your informative article. I was surprised that someone has the exact same thought as mine.
    I was born as a right handed (but my parent told me I use both handed first before I changed to right handed), then I continue using it for 19 years,

    While each person has their own reasons of using the opposite hand, mine is just simply want to use the brain potential as much as possible.

    I started practicing left hand use for 4 years now (23 y old now), which I manage to get most daily activity to be learn with left hand (including walking with left feet first) and I still practicing in writing, and it is extremely difficult.

    I began to think when I started learning left hand that it wouldn’t make much sense if someone is force to use right hand via leaving the dominant side of the brain less developed and they will “convert” to right handed, they are still using a side that is less dominant, so they should have trouble learning whether they realise or not.

    To cut the long story short, I consider what might happen same as you. I have some friends clearly demonstrated that theory is true, although I also have friends who are also have well developed right brain, which they are very good in East Asian calligraphy and Chinese water colour art and they are using right hand to do.

    But I think that if they also use the left hand again after so much right hand use, they can become very good ambidextrous as they already developed the less dominant side, so they just need to work the dominant side again (which should be a lot easier compare with a right handed trying to write with left hand like me, although still need hard work).

    I am glad someone like you wrote this out, so it can bring the message out.
    PS: For your information, the dancing lady change frequently for me, like 5-8 sec only, probably a by product of using both hand again, although I never understand how does it work.

    1. Wasio Ali Khan Abbasi Post author

      If your friends are good calligraphers despite using the wrong hand than I must say they have real talent for it. There is no alternative to it and if they are good doing it with right hand, they should continue with. They may become very good ambidextrous if they try but it is better not to let their brains go to war at each other when it is time to make crucial decisions.

      I had plans to start writing with left-hand this year and will probably start by the end of this month. I am quite sure it’s going to be very difficult, as you yourself indicated, but I am hoping to get positive results out of it 🙂

  14. Andy K

    What happens when a possibly right-handed child early on is reinforced to write and draw with her left hand due to that appearant tendancy. My eight year old has been writing and drawing with her left hand because of what we(parents) and teachers assumed was her natural tendency early on. When she began to play sports I have noticed a preference for right handedness. Baseball batting right, throwing baseballs and footballs with right hand, throwing a frisbee with her right hand, and KICKING with right foot. Currently in 3rd grade she is struggling with her handwriting, has difficulty with reading comprehension, and gets frustrated and emotionally upset with some test taking. Behaviorally she is always praised for being the nice kid or the kid likely to share. Also math is her best subject and she loved playing with build it type toys…lego..tinker toys. I just had a meeting with teachers about her learning problems and they were interested in my theory of maybe she is truely right handed. We are going forward with some basic learning disability tests. They suggested a few tests to check her handedness but I’m not sure of their professional expertice. Any thoughts on the problems with the reverse hypothetical

    1. Wasio Ali Khan Abbasi Post author

      I think this is the same case in a reverse way. I was a complete convert to right-hand since childhood since i was developed that way from cradle, so maybe that is one reason I didn’t developed strong preference for left-hand but from the sound of it, your child maybe pure right-handed. It is similar to my childhood friend Mohammed Ahmed. He preferred writing with left-hand, no matter what his mother did (she even tied his left hand a couple of times to force him to use the right hand but he couldn’t, so she let him be) but used right for everything else. He played Cricket with right-hand both Batting and Bowling (similar to Base and Pitching in Baseball), played Soccer with right foot preference and everything else right handed. He liked maths a lot compared to languages, however I am sure he is Ambidextrous because he always struggled in taking long-term decisions.

      If your child is not Ambidextrous, I suggest going through the tests and see if they provide with some conclusive results. At this point it is just a theory but if it really works and she indeed turns out to be right-handed and reverts to the other hand, so much the better.

  15. ZyGS

    I can greatly identify with most of the experiences that you guys have shared.
    However, I have a problem and I question.
    My parents recently told me I was born left handed and that, I did almost everything with my left hand until my mother forced me to use my right hand. (This included eating) and I can recall I had a problem with wearing shoes and slippers. I always put the right shoe/slipper on my left foot and vice versa.
    As at the moment of this writing, I am strongly right hand dominant and I have had many various emotional and psychological imbalances and I don’t know what is causing it.
    It took me a long time to learn how to speak well and at the moment I stutter when speaking. I can identify with the fact that I look clumsy most of the time and I cant even figure whats happening to me.
    I don’t really like math and I don’t see myself creative a person.
    I am a slow reader and during exams, I don’t finish my papers on time.
    I hate to admit this but for a year and half now, I have been exhibiting symptoms of paranoia and I think this is as a result of my deep involvement with religion; Fear of being alone, fear of being in the dark amongst many other weird fears.
    I just want to know if I was really born left-handed and if the switch to the right hand has anything to do with it my current state.

    Would learning how to use my left hand help?
    Should I try to regain the power of my left hand again.

    PS: At the moment, I dont really know what I am good at. I dont seem to be creative or care about fashion and music and I dont seem to love math no matter how hard I try…. I just get emotional.

    1. Wasio Ali Khan Abbasi Post author

      ZyGS, the situation you have explained sounds quite serious. Some of the symptoms you have shared, I can relate to them as I faced them as well like learning to speak late, emotional imbalance and sometimes stuttering especially when I am tired.
      I learned to control my emotional side initially by reigning it tightly with logic. As a result I became quite emotionless, more robotic in behavior. This allowed me a lot more room to observe my surroundings and learn through social interactions. It took the better part of my teenage years to use this method to gain emotional stability and another few years to attain maturity.
      I won’t say it is a good method but I had no one to guide and this is how I learned through trial and error, finally becoming what I am today through sheer willpower. Until you find a better solution, I suggest that you start depending upon your instincts more and strengthen your willpower.
      As for creativity, don’t confuse it with traditional arts like music, painting, sculpturing etc. Creativity can be expressed in any form. I cannot play any musical instrument, I was never good at drawing or painting and by voice is good enough to crack glass if I tried to sing. This puts to rest any ‘traditional’ creativity the right brained people might have, but the word creativity used is not really traditional.
      Creativity means you defy orthodox methods and find new ways to do the same thing. This could be in sports, social interactions, computer programming languages, business strategies and what not. Anything you are good at doing, as a right-brain dominant person you have the innate ability to do it more creatively. You can do so in any part of your life, including exams. I remember a friend, left-handed, who used to keep watch that was 20 minutes ahead of the correct time and used that to time his exam paper. He would always manage to finish exams at least 15 minutes ahead of the original time using that method. No one, including me, had ever tried doing that more than 10 minutes of time difference.
      Religion itself does not cause fear, so don’t worry about it being the main factor of fear within you. However if there are natural fears, the religion may increase them if you focus too much on the punishments side for the sins a person commits. Balance that by focusing on the rewards for doing good deeds and try to incorporate those positive habits in you. Try to smile more naturally, greet people with respect, treat those younger than you with kindness and help those in need. These are just minor abilities but they have major impact on your personality. The greatest effect will be to accept the inevitability of death. It will come when it’s time, so no use worrying about it. What are you going to do about it matters little because you cannot make any strategy to counter death and neither can you plan any successful campaign to attain paradise. What I learned from life is to accept its reality, understand that it will end when it is supposed to and whatever I have done in this life I will be answerable in the hereafter. Therefor I have stopped fearing darkness, lonliness, failure etc only by accepting the inevitability of death. Just realize the fact that it will come one day and that’s that, be it in the heat of battle or as an old person in bed. No use worrying about it and better start living because life has colors, people, places, architecture, breaths, water, air, soil, plants, animals, birds and gazillion other things you have missed noticing worrying about different fears.
      Just pick up the nearest object, even if it is a pen, and pay close attention to it. Focus on its color, its design, texture, mechanism, words etched on it and the fact how it fits in your hand. When you write, notice how blank page slowly gets filled as the ink flows to color the page. Notice how the words form into sentences, sentences into paragraphs and paragraphs into chapters. There is so much to know and feel that would boggle mind beyond belief.
      I do not know if shifting to left-hand will help you recover but taking necessary actions to counter fears in you are more important than changing hands. Try to work on them first before anything else and trust both your instincts and willpower to get you through any bad phase of your life.

    2. Natalia

      Some of the problems you experienced are very similar to mine. The only good thing was that I was allowed to use my left hand for everything else, except writing. Luckily, I did not suffer from stuttering. As I learned later, it could have been because I was forced to write with my right hand after I was able to form proper sentences in my speech. If kids are forced earlier, it may affects their speech center in the brain.
      One of the golden rules for parents: “Never compare your left-handed child with anyone else. You can only compare him with himself.
      For example, you can tell him: Today you are much better than yesterday.” Honestly, I do not think any child should be compared to others at all.

      Recently, having read a lot of researches regarding handiness, i decided to learn to write with my dominant left hand. It is such a fun!!! I am progressing very quickly. It is amazing how quickly our brain can re-wire, you become ambidextrous. You can really be a good fun at the parties, if you show your friends that you can write with both hands 🙂 . When I maser my left hand writing, I am going to try drama classes and creative writing … it is never late to try something new.

      As for being lonely.. I think a lot of left-handed are withdrawn people, we may have a few friends, but we really treasure them.
      You are not alone at all …

  16. ZyGS

    Thank you for making time enough to share your experiences coupled with words of advise. And I’m following the advise all the way. At least I am glad there is someone out there who has shared my experience and understands what I have been going through and now I don’t feel so left alone. Thanks once again bro.

    PS: I think the woman’s images moves in both directions if I set my gaze on it for close to about 5 – 10 minutes. You can try looking at it again and who knows, it may move this time around. All the same, I’d really love to get to know more about you.

    1. Wasio Ali Khan Abbasi Post author

      I have tried many times, even before writing this blog, and only rarely did it turned the other way for me. Then again I don’t see much point in forcing the image to rotate the other way since I am clearly right-brain dominant. As for my life, most of it is open book and available over the internet. You can read about and find some relevant links here

  17. Kim

    After reading this I feel sad. My mother told me I was left handed because I would ask her why I never gotten a confirmation on my pre-school book saying I was right handed or left handed. The space was left blank. Being curious, I asked my mom and she told me that I would write with my left hand and sometimes switch back to right hand. She told me I preferred my left hand and so she wanted me to change because she thought it would be hard for me to grow up being left handed as most tools are for right handed people (true I agree…). I don’t blame her because she just wanted what she thought was good for me. But now that it’s cleared up, I now understand why I used to experiment writing with my left hand when I was bored, the writing would come out wriggling like a toddlers handwriting, but now I can write very slowly with my left hand (the writing is clear but not as good as my right hand). But yes, I’m terrible at sports, I’m only good at sports that do not require using a dominant hand to play. My friends find it surprising why the only sport I do is running. 😀
    On the creative side… I was never good at piano, but I did enjoy drawing (with my right hand though) even though I was not extremely brilliant. I love singing alot. I hate Maths. I’m very emotional.. maybe that has to do with being left handed (or my horoscope sign Scorpio I don’t believe in it)?

    I wish I was purely left handed, I wonder if it would’ve affected the subjects I have chosen this year. I consider myself a Semi-ambidextrous. I’m still going to try and write more with my left hand if I have the time too!

    1. Vincent

      Hi. I’m not the writer =] but I share similar experience with you. I was told I am a right handed but in fact I only know that 1 month ago that I used both hand to do things before I went to school. And according to Asia country like Hong Kong I come from, right hand is consider to be normal and so I was dragged into believing that I was born right handed.

      Although I start to practice left hand 4 years ago with reason listed in my post, and only realise that I was probably a natural born ambidextrous a month ago. It is fair to say that not many people in this world know about ambidextrous, neither do your school book have the option “ambidextrous” which I doubt they will have.
      A lot people define true ambidextrous as equal handedness on all tasks which I heavily disagree on as a natural born ambidextrous can re learn their other hand on any motor skills (I also mean anyone can learn other hand regardless of whether they are born ambidextrous of not), and it is perfectly normal that your “dominant” hand will always be better since there is always a huge gap of motor skill experience between your hands.

      I tend to consider whether you like something is depended on your existing knowledge about it, so you kind of have to force yourself to known something that you hate but then later you adapted the knowledge and you will start liking it.
      I also hate to play music, but I got a piece of music (probably a 5th or 6th music piece) I really like sometime ago, and I want to prove I can learn piano without passing any grade as well as practice my left hand so I start playing piano, it was very very frustrating , but then when I manage to play to first few lines of note, I start become motivated. (and I still learning, although very slowly =.=)
      I am planning to take up art sometime later, which I also hate but want to be good at it.

      You should be proud because you are probably a natural ambidextrous as well.

      PS I am also Scorpio and I don’t believe in it =]

      1. Kim

        o.o OMG haha I’m from Hong Kong too! Wow. And yes, people from Asia believe left handers are freaks…. my best friend is left handed and she told me her grandma wanted her to switch because it was “bad luck” but her mom did not allow that to happen.

      2. Wasio Ali Khan Abbasi Post author

        Not just Honk Kong, even my country Pakistan also has the same mindset. Right-handedness is considered normal and lefties are thought to be abnormal (to say the least). Mostly it is due to religious teachings and miss-communication that results in so much trouble for left-handers.
        I do agree that any hand can be learned. It all depends upon how much you exert pressure on your brain and force the hemisphere to work. The experience itself can have great effect because your dominant hand will always have more developed motor skills than the other one. Then again, it is always better to have a dominant hand which is your naturally dominant rather than forced.
        In my time in school I did enjoyed Biology and Maths while preparing for exams. Those were the only time when I truly understood what I am studying and felt fascinated, but the marks put to end any fascination that I developed so I stayed away from them for good 🙂
        And yes, I am Scorpio and I do believe its characteristics (though not future predictions like how this week will fare or how your year will turn out to be).

    2. Wasio Ali Khan Abbasi Post author

      Surprisingly the first sport I became good at was also running 😀
      After playing Cricket for so many years as a child, I gave a shot for Athletics and despite lacking the physical toughness I still managed to do well and went on to captain my school team for 4 years. I think the lack of hand preference did play its part and it was a great experience while it lasted. It is really good to know that you are able to use both hands. Probably from tomorrow I will start practicing with my left-hand to see if I can train myself to write with the hand that should have been dominant. It is going to be a very frustrating experience but it is worth the shot 🙂
      Being emotional is part of Scorpio and I know that since I am Scorpio myself (October 26). When you mix it with the right-brain characteristics then it can have interesting effects as I have experienced in my life and sometimes it can get terribly confusing how people react to your words and emotions.
      Even if you were purely left-handed, I think it would not have mattered much with regards to subjects. I struggled a lot with maths but it was good that I survived and glad for that experience. Same is the case with Biology. I gained C grade in that subject but the knowledge proved useful 🙂

  18. Lakshmi

    That rotating woman is so fascinating! I am right handed, but very obviously right-brain dominant in terms of my personality. My toddler son is left-handed, so I found this site when doing a little research on how to help him navigate a right-handed world. The lady clearly turns clockwise for me. I had a hard time getting her to change direction until I turned my body to look at her mainly with the right eye. After a few moments, she changed direction! I wonder why I am so clearly right brain dominant, though I am very much a right-handed person?

    1. Wasio Ali Khan Abbasi Post author

      Are you completely sure you are born right-handed? I would suggest using any test to find out your dominant eye, such as the snooker test or any other. That will explain if you really are born right-handed or left-handed. You may even be ambidextrous without realizing it.

  19. Theresa Ward

    This is a very interesting article. I am lefthanded and clearly right brain dominant. although I am ok with some of the things noted on the left brain but not great with them. My mum is left handed so never was forced to use my right hand, not even at school. I love to sing, have very good rhythm and have a very good “ear” for music and play the trumpet. I am also very “big picture” focus and am always using this term in my discussions as a manager. Love good fantasy whether it is a novel or a movie. Decision making is very easy for me as I tend to go a lot with gut instinct. Do not function very well when I am boxed in and not allowed to explore options.

    1. Wasio Ali Khan Abbasi Post author

      You’re quite lucky in that you were never forced to switch hand. I am sure as a manager it must have been quite helpful for you. Big Picture orientation always helps in understanding the overall situation, but for right-handers it is always important to give them milestones to achieve. They understand the situation better when it is more systematic and quantifiable. I really wish you well and loads of luck for future 🙂

  20. Kalvin

    I’m 17 and im left handed, ive decided i want to try and write with my right hand so its more comfortable writing in binders because all left handed people know its almost impossible to write in a binder and this can be frustrating since im going to college in september, i excel in math and love history but my englsih isnt the strongest, ive learned how to write with my right hand enough to beable to read it with in about an hour and a half, but when i tried doing some math it seemd like it was harder to figure out the equations could this be related and could this make some of my mental skills lower like math, but the weird thing is i naturally play all my sports like throw a ball with my right and would this mean im ambidextrous and if i was would that mean it wouldt matter im really confused

    1. Wasio Ali Khan Abbasi Post author

      If you are left-handed for writing but play nearly all sports right-handed (and you are quite competitive in all these sports) then there is a strong possibility that you are ambidextrous. It does not mean in absolute terms. You might be weak ambidextrous, meaning one half of your brain is stronger than the other, giving more strength to one of your hands. Strong ambidextrous mean both halves are equally strong, which makes switching hand quite natural.
      Trying to switch hands will affect the way you utilize your brain since a different part of it is affected. Right hand is linked with left side of the brain and left hand with the right side of the brain, the strain of switching hands will affect the way you think and long term affects include a difference in thought process, personality, mindset, interests and habits and planning.
      No skills will be ‘lowered’ by switching hands. Instead they can be ‘thresholded’ but that is also debateable. I know two girls from my school days who were left handed and both went to become doctors. They excelled in Maths in class as well but without any doubt they were hardworking and would spends weeks preparing for the exams. So, whatever hand you use, you can always overcome the deficiency through sheer hard work and effort. If you really are ambidextrous, even a weak one, then you will have it much easier to do study the same thing with lesser effort compared to others.

  21. Kellan

    You said that the right brain controls the left side of the boy and the left brain contols the right side of the body. I am right-brained, but i am also right-handed, have a dominat right foot and a dominant right eye. How do you explain this?

    1. Wasio Ali Khan Abbasi Post author

      Hi Kellan. This is certainly an odd situation. I have not heard anyone with right dominant eye who also has a right dominant brain. Ambidextrous have both dominant eyes therefor that is out of the equation.
      What I would suggest is to try a few more exercises to make sure you really are right-eye dominant. If the results are still the same as you stated, I believe a better answer can be obtained from an expert on Neuro-sciences. They deal with brain all the time and know a lot more then me.


    thanks for this wonderful info about my biggest problem on earth.I went through a bitter experience back in my kindergarten where i was subject to several beatings cos i was left handed.After looking at the woman(rotating) i realized that my right side is i know the cause of some very embarrassing moments in my life.In lectures,church,public gatherings and even when with my peers ,i am always tensed up AND CAN’T THINK LOGICALLY.I AM DYING OF THIS.SOMEONE HELP ME COS I FEEL HOPELESS.
    joy korda(male)

    1. Wasio Ali Khan Abbasi Post author

      Dear Joy, many face difficult time just like you did when forcefully converted from left to right hand. The purpose of this article is to highlight this fact and make one realize the potential one has, the abilities and possibilities that can now be harnessed once you get to the bottom of the problem. You think differently, that is why you will behave differently as well and not the same way as most right handers do. So if you feel left out from the gang, don’t worry about it. You only need to identify your strong areas and work on them. I am sure you can do wonders you get the hang of things your way 🙂

    1. Joe

      Don’t worry, brother. Both right- and left-handed have strengths and limitations. Some may limitations not be inherently linked to the ability to use your right or your left hand. Some people use their left hand to write but when it comes to kicking a soccer ball, it all shifts to the other side. Don’t feel hopeless just because you were coerced to change from left to right. Even in your present condition, you can still achieve the best of your potentials. Yes, I know you can.

      1. Joe

        Don’t worry, brother. Both right- and left-handed have strengths and limitations. Some limitations may not be inherently linked to the ability to use your right or your left hand. Some people use their left hand to write but when it comes to kicking a soccer ball, it all shifts to the other side. Don’t feel hopeless just because you were coerced to change from left to right. Even in your present condition, you can still achieve the best of your potentials. Yes, I know you can.

  23. suraj

    I was also born left handed but forced to be right handed. I see the rotating girl image is moving anti-clock wise and after putting a lot of concentration I can able to make it move clock wise. My handwriting is pathetic. I like maths but slow in calculation and thats why most of the time I won’t able to complete my exam, though I know everything. I’m also very good in chess but take lots of time to think about my move. In cricket, I’m a left handed batsman but right handed bowler(I’m not good in cricket).All other things I do with my right hand. If someone ask me to rotate, I’ll prefer rotating clockwise.

    Is my mind fully developed? what should I do in this situation?
    Now I’m 19 years old.

  24. Priya

    I was born left handed but was forced to write with right hand. For the longest time i only saw the girl moving clockwise but after concentrating hard i saw the girl moving anti clockwise as well (i.e after forcing many collegues to see and fight with them stating that the girl isint moving anti-clock wise hehehehe). i am and have always been more creative and have all the traits of a left handed person as described in this article which is wonderful. However, i belief that being forced to write with your right when you were left handed at birth does not spoil your life or put you to at any great disadvantage (although i completely agree that such natural developements must not be forced onto a child). It may affect a person to an extent, however i dont think it affects one so much that it imposes any major disadvantage. President Obama is a left handed person and i am certain he uses “logic” too to run his country and not merely his feelings. So all you people out there (inlcuding me) who were born left handed but were forced to write with the right hand do not get disheartned, i am sure such things do not affect one immensely however yes there might be some possible changes like the article rights states. And yes, all things that i end up doing unconsiously like eating and other things i mostly do with my left. Also, i have realised that i can write with my left hand better than a person who is a right handed person so yes, we can become ambidextrous!!! cheers people!!

    1. S

      Priya, It is exactly true for me what you said, all of the above. I was corrected when I was four and half and now I am 43. I have done very well in school always, I am good at math, logical thinking and very detail oriented. but I dislike math so much now at this age I finally felt I can not do it anymore. My hand wring has been not good no matter how I practiced, sports not good and I feel I have done things I do well but not enjoy doing my whole life. I am still very creative but I feel I have so much to express that I simply do not know how to let it out. At least, now I am aware and I am trying to be myself and be happy. Did the change from left to right alone may have compromised my creative potential? I can not say for sure. I think an adult should never try to change a child the way she or he is. and I like your positive attitude. cheers!

  25. rajit roy

    I’m one of those that was forcibly converted from left to right. i came across this web site that seems to have a scientific and statistical approach:

    From this site, I have taken the following excerpt:

    The possible primary consequences of converting handedness are as follows:

    memory disorders (especially in the recall of learned material)
    disturbances in concentration (being easily tired)
    legasthenic problems or dyslexia (i.e. problems in reading and writing)
    spatial disorientation (uncertainty concerning the left and right)
    disorders in fine motor skills that manifest themselves in handwriting
    disturbances in speech (ranging from stammering through stuttering)

    These primary consequences can then transform into various differing secondary consequences:
    inferiority complexes
    overcompensation through heightened performance
    contrariness; an oppositional and provocational manner; (e.g. the class clown in school; and the persistent, compulsive wise-cracker in adulthood)
    various distinctive disorders in behavior
    bedwetting and nail-biting
    emotional problems lasting into adulthood with neurotic and/or psycho-somatic symptomology
    disorders in the personality profile

    I suffer from quite a few of the above problems though it may also be attributed to my chronic ill health. I would like to know if any of you can correlate to the above consequences. I certainly can

    1. Geetha Naido (@angelusPiper)

      I have some of the above. Even though this article helped me understand myself, I dont think it would help my mum to understand me. She convinced herself that switching is not a big deal. She thinks that if people who are forced to switch due to lost of limb can manage why not me. I keep getting compared to my right-handed sister. Keep getting questioned why am I so different and etc.

  26. myriadhearts

    I’m a leftie and even though I really appreciate the above information, I am reluctant to believe that the gif of the lady spinning really works to determine your dominant brain. Perhaps my “dominant brain” or perspective blinds me from seeing it another way but, for me…it isn’t about focussing more to see her rotating clockwise/anti-clockwise, the gif does it every few minutes accordingly. To make things simpler, just look at her foot on the ground and watch as it turns one direction (keep watching for a few minutes) and you’ll see how seamlessly she starts turning in the other direction.

    I’m proud to be a leftie and feel lucky that even though I am of Asian ethnicity I wasn’t forced to use my right hand as a child because my Dad was more influenced by Western thought..I do realise that I see the world quite differently compared to others, but is that really because of “handedness” or is it my ideology, upbringing and all those internal/external factors? Some say that the whole theory of left-right brain dominance is a myth now since both sides are connected with the corpus callosum and both sides rely on each other in most circumstances.

    Have a look at TED ideas on youtube, there are videos on the need for a ‘learning revolution’ and others related to the brain as well.

  27. Katie

    Hi, I believe I was a forced to be right handed. I’m indecisive, and whenever I was in school, I never really thought I fit in either right or left brain categories.

    I usually do things with my left hand– like hold cigarettes or yo-yoing- and I’m often confused about how to hold a knife and fork, I get right and left directions mixed up a lot, and overall, I have a hard time forming conclusions.

    Now that I know where that stems from, I’m also concerned with anxiety. Does this split put anxiety in my brain? Should I get this checked out at all? I don’t feel like simply going to my left hand will help me at all, only confuse me even more =(

    1. Wasio Ali Khan Abbasi Post author

      I doubt there is any need for getting help. All you need to do right now is adjust. Even I get directions mixed up. For example, I know the right direction for Left and Right in English, but when I have to say Left or Right in Urdu (Pakistan’s national language), I get the directions mixed up. Some of the other problems are already listed in the blog that I face but I try to adjust as much as possible and it is working for me to some extent.
      As long as your limitations are not a burden on yourself and to others around you, you are fine and healthy in any and every possible way 🙂

  28. dan

    Hi, I love your article. When I was about 6-7 I used my left hand for most things but many years later (now teenager) I use my right hand for all things. My handwriting is awful with left now. I have been studying that spinning woman and I found that I can literally think it to go the other way and it does, though I loose grip often. I can move my eyes anti clockwise and the woman after a couple seconds will go anticlockwise. Is this meaning that it’s using the right side if my brain? (I assume I’m right handed because I been using it like it’s the dominant one since around the time I said earlier?) what does this mean???

    1. Wasio Ali Khan Abbasi Post author

      I believe you have become a strong ambidextrous who now favors right hand more than left. As long as you are able to work to your satisfaction with right hand, I don’t believe you have anything to worry about. Just keep that left hand of yours busy as well, you never know when you would need its strength (particularly in sports).

  29. Jay

    Okay, this is weird. The figure/image never completes a rotation. It rotates to the left, changes direction half way and rotates to the right. Is this a joke or do I have a brain disorder? (I mean seriously)

  30. Michelle Tong

    It took about 5 seconds for me to change the direction of the figure from clock-wise to counter-clockwise, and another few seconds to change it back. I tried this a few more times to see if I came with about the same conclusion and I sort did. I remember when I was in about pre-school or a little younger, I still remember my aunt hitting my hand, saying I need to use my right hand. Throughout school I’ve always felt my left hand felt..I don’t know..more controlled, I guess. I use spoons and forks, etc, with my left hand and write with my right. I usually bounce a ball with my left too, even though I could bounce with my right too, I would prefer my left. I told my friends this, when they noticed during lunch one day I was using my left hand and they said I was weird. But thats okay. If weird is being me, and my friends accept it, I guess I like being weird.

  31. LInda Stapleton

    I was born left handed. I was forced by teachers to use my right hand. They didnt have a left handed teacher to show me how to wright properly with my left hand. I have often thought this is why I am the way I am. I’m Passionately logical. I think there is more of an issue here then others would like to believe. When I watch the rotating woman, she moves from clockwise to counterclockwise in an instant & back again. I really dont have to focus or concentrate. She goes back & forth rather quickly sometimes.I’m still not clear on what that means. May I have some input, Please?

    1. Wasio Ali Khan Abbasi Post author

      I think your situation is same as mine with minor differences. I think you are more ambidextrous than me and are able to move the figure more easily, showing that your both halves of the brain are close to each other in dominance. If I had to guess, I would say my right brain is 60% and left brain is 40% dominant. You can be close to 55% and 45% in dominance. This is only a possibility and more can only be found through psychological tests that find out brain dominance.

  32. Diger Phelps

    i went to a speech therapist in 2nd 3rd and 4th grade, I was forced to be a righty by my parents because its a right handed world. My penmanship is terrible,, my right side of my body has been injured dramaticly compared to my left.. I was watching the dancing lady and at first she was counter clock wise and then she switched, so I focused and got her to switch back and forth counter and clock wise. That was trippy. I would like to learn more on this subject


  33. silvermist

    helo,even i m a forced right handed person just like u all.i discovered it today at the age of twenty.m an mbbs student studying in profs. have told to figure out our dominant brain and utilise the skills accordingly in studies.m confused n really dont know how to work upon this.i imagine certain things,mug up a few chapters,some topics need to b remembered pictorically………….i dont know exactly which strategy is gonna help me.i just wish i wasn’t forced to be a right handed.

    1. Wasio Ali Khan Abbasi Post author

      IF you are a force convert, be sure to know that your right side of the brain has more dominance (even if slightly) than the left side. This means you are more easily able to remember concepts, pictures, maps and such. Anything related to creativity is relatively easier to handle by you, so try to use that to your advantage. As for chapters that you may have to memorize, well I don’t know how that can be helped. I am in my final year of MBA studies and the only two things that have troubled my entire higher education days are:\

      – Memorizing
      – Mathematics, Accounting and Finance courses

      I just can’t deal with them.

  34. Tony Batts

    the image is either not consistent, and turns the other direction on a timer, or im bugging out. but if you watch it constantly for a few minutes you can watch it switch directions. or im freaking myself out

    anyway i was forced to swtich from left to right hand as a kid, and i think it gave me strengths from both sides of the brain.

  35. niwlog

    I have found this article and comments very interesting. I was forced to write with my right hand when I first went to school, but after 5 years we moved and I was able to choose, so I now write with both hands. My left produces the better handwriting so I would say is dominant and but when I teach I write with either hand on the board and students find it fascinating. What disturbed me most was when my son when to school (four years ago), he hadn’t got a dominant hand, but preferred his left. At home we didn’t worry. After his first term, he was switched by his teacher to right handed as the school said he had to make a preference, yet I believe they should not have forced the issue and let him use both until he was ready to choose or as the volume of work increased a dominant side emerged. He began to have issues with school, which now I believe is partially due to pushing him to use one hand. We have moved him, yet he is still struggling to write right handed, even though his new school is trying to help him use either. I think the whole early year teaching community need to be taught how to deal with handiness, so they do not cause problems

  36. Timothy Musyoka

    This is a great theory told..I was born a left handed but developed a desire to use both hands. Today I enjoy the unknown potential to use both hands when writing. I hope I am both a cross dominant and an Ambidextrous by the complex of how i do things. I am really relieved of a big load towards why I find it hard when some judgment which normally leave me at cross road junction of final decision making and taking risks in most cases. I hope there is more to be analyzed through deeper research.

  37. Crysta Kleinatland

    Your “test” is an optical illusion and has nothing to do with the dominant side of someone’s brain at all. It is all a trick in the visual in the visual system based on the fact that she’s only a silhouette and has no depth cues. Without depth cues, your brain doesn’t quite know how to process the moving image, so she changes directions. And science doesn’t even know why it happens.

    1. Wasio Ali Khan Abbasi Post author

      Thank you Crysta for bringing this to my notice. It explains a few things, however the explanation leaves much to desire. Maybe the image of spinning lade is not the right indicator regarding dominant use of brain half, but if science cannot explain why it happens then neither can we simply right-off. Maybe there is a relationship, maybe there isn’t. Until a more concrete answer is found, we can let it be for the time being.

  38. Jolyn

    Hi. I don’t know if it’s been asked, but is it too late for me to try to be left-handed again? What I mean is, even though I’ve been forced to be right-handed, forcing my non-dominant left brain to be dominant, does that mean my right brain has eventually lost dominancy over these 21 years? Or is my right brain still the dominant hemisphere and I’ll be able to ‘revive’ it by practising to write with my left hand? Is it too late? Great article by the way.

    1. Wasio Ali Khan Abbasi Post author

      No, there is nothing like too late. Another poster on this article is 45 years old and I believe she has started to use left-hand again. I do not know if starting to write with left-hand again will revive your right-brain dominancy again or not but it will certainly help be more yourself than you have ever been. I haven’t started writing or such but I now prefer to carry stuff and weight (bags etc) in my left-hand rather than right. I sometimes find it awkward but for some reason it feels like this is how it should have been.

  39. Christina

    By this article it would appear I’m left handed, although I write with my right hand, I do most of my duties in work with my left hand, even simple things eating with a knife and fork, yet from my knowledge I was never forced to change my dominant hand? My mother is right handed, and my father is left, I don’t think I’m Ambidextrous as many tasks seem impossible with my right, as with my left.. But this article has opened a world of questions. Is there any other way to test yourself?

    1. Wasio Ali Khan Abbasi Post author

      I don’t know how else we can test but there must be psychological tests that can determine many answers to questions one may have. Contacting a psychologist or relevant professional would be ideal to know more about this.

  40. Tyler

    It keeps on switching first its clckwise then anti then clockwise again which part of the brain am i dominant in?

  41. Jason

    Its how you look at the image. Do you try to determine which way shes spinning from her Head to her Toes (clockwise) or do you view from her feet to her Head (anti clockwise). I can view both but it does take a little focus switching back and forth. I was converted from Left to right as a toddler. I asked my parents why, My mother couldnt give me an answer. All thru out elementary, I had a hard time writing with my right hand. I used to hold my pencil like I was toddler full handed and still till this day I hold my pencil awkward and my penmanship is horrible. I’m going to try train myself to use my left hand again and see if it benefits me being I was born left handed. Also based on the list of attributes of being left handed and right, I have combination of both.

    1. Wasio Ali Khan Abbasi Post author

      As mentioned above the picture, moving clock-wise means you are right-brain dominant and if you are unable to see her turn anti-clockwise, that means you the difference between left and right brain is high. The more right brain dominant you are, the greater will be the chances that the lady will NOT move anti-clockwise.

      However, as one poster brought this to my attention in the comments section, this picture is not a reliable source to find the dominant side of your brain and probably some of the complex scientific theories do not even recognize any divide between the two halves.

  42. lefty

    Good article…It’s quite simple – if you’re left handed but raised right handed, whenever you write or draw etc, you think about ‘how’ you’re writing, rather than ‘what’ you’re writing….same with drawing, playing guitar, sports etc. It’s a huge self-imposed limit or disconnect. Whether you’re trying to learn or create something, that limit of ‘how’ vs ‘intuition’, how should I record vs intuitively record notes/music/ideas/illustrations etc is rarely breached, or completely overcome.

    Quite frankly, had I been raised left handed, I probably would never have scored less than 100% on any test. I more than likely would have picked up a scholarship to MIT or Harvard or something. Instead, I spent my whole life trying to figure out or copy a bloody penmanship style (hahaha), which I was never able to do (until I started writing left handed). Even now, I can’t write cursive particularly well with either hand. As a guitar player, I only managed to be an average rhythm guitarist, but as a lefty, I could have easily played any style. Same as an athlete. It’s pretty staggering how it affects our life. BTW, they should promote left handed pianos.

    So moms and dads out there, if your kids a lefty, be happy, or they could end up like me…

    1. Wasio Ali Khan Abbasi Post author

      You pretty much summed up what we go through because of the disconnect. I really wish I could have learned guitar, but I had opted not to and instead tried to improve on things I already know. That didn’t go so well, but if I was not switched the scenario might have been different.

      1. lefty

        It’s never too late…I made the determined switch from righty guitar to the rather painful process of learning to play guitar left handed. Still working on it, but after about 2 years, I can now play the way I only dreamed about as a righty, which is to say, completely intuitively. I don’t have to think about placing my fingers on the frets, it just happens. As a righty, that wasn’t the case. But as I’m now close to 50, the desire isn’t really there to master the guitar.

        Strange world we live in…

  43. makda

    hi name is makda keep it short i was left handed and not the opposite and i did some reading and found out that writing with my right hand doesn’t change anything except the fact that the right brain can handle multitask but when u start using right hand thoughts and some other activities doesn’t fully express themselves. and this leads to speech difficulties and stuff.but i think we should train our original way of writing don’t you think.i mean as long as it has some negative effect on us we should change it. there are some sites that help u should check it out.

    1. Wasio Ali Khan Abbasi Post author

      True Makda, forcing to use the other hand can lead to speech difficulties and expression of thoughts and ideas is no longer easy. The problem that we face at this stage of our life is that switching back to left hand is no longer simple. It’s really tough, can be frustrating and the negative effects may even multiply. The best way is to not force the switching of hand from early childhood.

  44. Aaron Cobb

    Hi. Can anybody tell me if you can still be left handed even if your right eye dominant? I ask because ive spent all my life right handed & play golf right handed. I just started sports fitness to improve my swing flexibility & the fitness instructor said the way my body followed instruction seemed unnatural for a righty. She seems to think that from a young age I’ve been forced into being a righty. A lot of what she says makes sense but I’m right eye dominant.

    1. Wasio Ali Khan Abbasi Post author

      From what I know, being right eye dominant makes you left-brain dominant and that means you are right-handed. Right eye dominance coordinates very well with your right hand and therefor there is little chance you were left-handed. Unless you are ambidextrous or very close to be ambidextrous that switching hand is not a problem, there is little possibility of you being left-handed.
      What I would suggest is that you take more tests to find out if you really are right eye dominant or if there is a possibility that both your eyes are dominant or maybe left eye is dominant.

  45. sophie

    I found your article very interesting, ever since i was a kid, i was always bad at sports in school during gym. we would have to play softball volleyball etc, so when it was my turn up to bat i would get up there grab the bat and i would almost always hear the coach or gym teacher say are you left handed, I always want to bat left handed so they would say are you right handed or left handed and i would say right because i was told i was left handed and they would make me bat right handed which totally felt wield and i would strike out . I was a very easy going kid . as i got older, i would cont to do many things and people would ask me are you right habded or left cause i would always go right to my left hand first. In high school the only subjects i would get A’s or B’s in would be Art and English . I was in special ed classes for math and science . I look at the list of the right/ left brain functions and shake my head I wish i would have know about it 25 years ago. I have taken so learning tests to see why i have such a hard time I learned I am a global learner i like to see the whole picture . I love the arts i love photography I always loved reading I always had a fantasy about being a author .

    1. Wasio Ali Khan Abbasi Post author

      Most of us wish the same thing, knowing all this many years ago would certainly have changed us in many ways. This combination of left and right has certainly impacted us and our natural balance has been altered. I have the same situation, I have been quite weak in Mathematics and subjects that require a lot of calculation. Arts and related subjects are much easier and enjoyable for me, particularly those that appeal to my creative side. Life would certainly be different if we had known this so many years ago.

  46. Hany

    Hello, I have been using my right hand for 24 years, I am a Muslim and our culture favors right handness, which it was encouraged by family, so I didn’t really get the chance to use my hands in their natural order.
    A recent experience made me notice that I was a naturally born Left-Handed.
    I noticed that I was very strong with my left hand, I throw balls to long distance without effort with my left hand, but I lack accuracy, When engaging in a physical activity my right side always tire more easily than the left (now I know why I always felt exhausted with minimal physical activity), Also I write with my Right hand, which I was taught to do all these years, I found it hard to try to switch now to write with my left (lousy handwriting).
    Would you consider me a Left-Handed or is just illusions?

    1. Wasio Ali Khan Abbasi Post author

      I am a Muslim as well and understand the whole family situation regarding right-handedness. In fact I have seen how family members actually promote and even force children to switch hands, so I can imagine your own experience in this regard. I cannot say if you are left handed or right, you can find out by determining your dominant eye. There are links on this blog and you can search for more over Google. If you are left-eye dominant then you are ‘suppose’ to be left-handed and vice versa.
      So far the symptoms you have mentioned, I have experienced them myself except the fact that my left-side has remained weak. I can’t pick more weights with my left compared to right and obviously have higher accuracy with right-hand due to lifelong experience, however I am considered a thinker among friends and family and my whenever I am in my thinking mode, it’s my left hand on which I rest my chin or place left-hand index finger on my forehead (it feels natural to do so, tried with right hand and it felt completely off and awkward).

  47. Maria

    I used to be left handed but for some reason, I started using my right one. I was in an Adventist nursery but I don’t know if I was “forced” to switch (it was the early 90’s and I remember they said Halloween was evil so it’s a possibility) or that I thought I was doing something wrong writing with my left hand when all my classmates were right-handed. My mom says she didn’t notice at all but she remembers I was very clumsy. I’m still clumsy, and I have terrible handwriting. My parents and teachers tried everything to fix my horrible handwriting but they gave up when I was in middle school. I still write like a left handed person but with my right hand. I wanted to be an artist but I ended studying economics and I’m not very good at math but I love history and literature. Thankfully, I love the social side of my career but I hate finance and accounting.

    1. Wasio Ali Khan Abbasi Post author

      Your story regarding handwriting and subject interest is pretty much same as mine. It is curious to know you don’t remember why you switched hands. Perhaps peer pressure? I remember it was considered odd to write with left-hand in classroom and other students often wondered out loud why would anyone write with the ‘wrong’ hand. As for handwriting, mine is legible but bad nonetheless. All these years, from my final days at school (back in 2005) until just over a year ago, I used to believe that my handwriting is bad because of Cambridge education system ( O and A levels). It was an observation from some teachers that they see too many students from Cambridge system having bad handwriting compared to the local Matriculation system where you get marks for neatness and handwriting in the exam papers. Only after knowing that I was born left-handed did I began to know the true story and can relate to the pain you feel whenever you see your own handwriting.

      1. Maria

        It probably was peer pressure. I remember that nobody else in my class was left handed. I also remember that I held the pencil with my right hand in a weird way, like a chisel in a 90° angle. The funny thing is that I could only write in caps with my right hand. I don’t remember why though. I wrote normally with my left until I was eight or so, when I began to get used to write with my right hand. Anyway, it was an informative read, many thanks for your article!

  48. Sheila Larson

    Hi, I am really wondering..if Im supposed to be left handed or right handed…I write with my left hand..(terribly)..and do everything else with my right hand, sports, cut, drive..when I looked at the image of the girl..first it went counter clock wise, then turned and went clockwise..there she remained…when I try to write with my right hand its actually pretty good. my step father used to try to switch my hand from left to right..but now im wondering if I am supposed to be right?????

    1. Wasio Ali Khan Abbasi Post author

      Sorry for the late reply, I have been travelling a lot and also working on my thesis and upcoming exams, so not able to give proper time to the blog. It is interesting to know that you do everything with right hand and write terribly with left hand. The figure also moved both clockwise and counter-clockwise for you, showing possible signs of you being ambidextrous. It is a possibility that you are primarily a right-handed person with ambidextrous qualities or someone who has turned into a right handed person with some leanings towards left-side (like me). Either can be possible in your case.

  49. rahul narasimman

    hey I’m a born left handed guy but after my first grade my father forced me to change to right handed in writing as he thought that all lefties are bad in hand writing …now in my 11th grade i am so afraid of my muscles my left hand muscles are very large and my right on are very small….now I’m not even having stamina to write single essay with my right hand….i have to switch between hands to relax my right…….its just an onerous task to write some 3 paras continuously with my right….i feel like my right hand is bloodless…..

    1. Wasio Ali Khan Abbasi Post author

      Rahul, you are definitely a left-handed person and if there is a such a vast difference between the actual muscles of your arms than it is better to switch completely to left. If you are in 11th grade, this means you are still a teenager and you have, compared to us, a much easier time to make a complete switch. Despite born leftie, my left arm is weaker than right due to less usage and that has been a major reason why I am unable to use it as primary arm to lift heavier stuff or play sports, relying on my right as has been a habit since childhood. The sooner you switch, the better it would be for you.

  50. nan58

    Well you probably just almost hate to see one more comment after having so many but I feel I need to add mine as well. I was born left handed, just like my Dad, but when I was about five I fell off a horse and broke my left arm. The day I got the cast off; when we got home I was so glad to have the cast removed that I did a somersault in the front yard and broke it again and had to go and get another cast. After having my left arm immobilized in a cast twice in a row, I was now using my right hand. There were things I still did though that showed left handed tendencies and some I still do. I sometimes eat left handed, I can shoot a gun either left or right handed, sometimes I will write with my right hand and erase with my left hand, etc. but I find I will get confused about which side certain things go on. My mom used to tell me I was putting on my pins (brooch) on the wrong side, things like that and I have had people tell me I do things backwards. That is really the reason that I am writing all this, I wonder if others that have had to switch from left hand to right hand, have run into issues with this confusion. I know I am left eye dominant. When you mentioned the thing about left and right brain I know that as a child I was MUCH more given to daydreams, fairy tales, art, etc and then I stopped and become much more left brained.

    1. Wasio Ali Khan Abbasi Post author

      Hahahaha, no way. I know there are a lot of comments on this post but for some reason I enjoy reading the input of new visitors and get to learn about their experiences. Yours is unique as well where you, due to your repeated injuries, ended up using right hand which eventually became your dominant hand. While someone like me who was “trained” to be right-handed and has experiences mixed feelings throughout life, you learned to be right handed due to unavoidable circumstances and comparing to the situations we have faces, there are similarities in the experiences. To this day I enjoy reading stories and attracted to art, but then all of a sudden my mind shifts and I look for order and patterns which is left-brain strengths.

  51. Sasha

    I am terribly confused as to what to do with my daughter. She is 6 years old and in first grade. Since she was a baby she always reached with her left hand. I myself was left handed until the first grade, at which time they switched me to right, I am now 40 years old. I am right handed when writing, but do everything else with my left side. I have always had coordination problems and am terrible at sports and math. My daughter is so much like me. Loves art, reading, sign language, and is very theatrical, but also very uncoordinated. I believe that she is supposed to be left handed, but her teachers want to switch her to her right. The say, and I have tested her also, that she is more right oriented. She kicks, steps up, and looks through things with her right side. Her ear dominance and throwing balls however is always with the left. I am concerned that if we switch her to the right hand she will develop unnecessary problems. Her teachers are insistent that she should be right handed and I am having a hard time standing my ground since she does seem to have cross dominance right now. My question is, if she has both dominances, brain wise right now and has always written with her left, should we keep her using her left hand or switch? Also if we do keep her left or switch her to right are there any exercises we can do with her to help her establish her brain dominance either way. I really want to do the right thing and don’t want to be biased by my own personal experiences.

    1. Wasio Ali Khan Abbasi Post author

      Sasha, I will give you two honest advises.

      1 – Let your daughter decide, neither you nor the teachers. Let her sort through dominance issues instead of forcing her or guessing which “handedness” she should have. If she is ambidextrous, it will appear in time. As I had mentioned in my article, my childhood friend Ahmed wrote with left hand but played sports with right hand and foot. He’s ambidextrous and was much better with maths than me but weaker in languages. In fact, now that I recall, he used to be top in the class in languages in grades 2 and 3 but his interest began to fall in them, he increasingly became more logical and his interest in science piqued while languages fell. It was opposite for me as I was good with arts and maths as child and relatively bad with languages, but in time I because strong in languages and bad at maths and drawings. It’s all due to handedness confusion and forcing us to use different hands may certainly impacted us.

      2 – You have the ideal opportunity to consult a child psychologist for this. There is no one better to answer your query than a trained and experienced psychologist who can save your daughter’s future. If possible, don’t wait any long and get in contact with a specialist and consult with him/her. The answers and suggestions/recommendations you will get from them would be much more valuable than any other source you can find. The psychologist may even have tests to correctly diagnose your daughter’s handedness and this might be all you need to put her life on the right track.

  52. nice

    I also was forced to be a right handed person but when i focused at the image i can see the figure all of a sudden change direction. So what does it means?

  53. daryan

    I want to learn how to write with both of my hands though would I still be able to write with my right hand of I write with my left daily until it is neat? Should I practice my left hand writing but write with my right hand once in a while just in case?

    1. Wasio Ali Khan Abbasi Post author

      Daryan, your body remembers the skills it has learned. If you practice writing with left hand, your right hand will still remember how it wrote so there will be no effect on your right hand writing. Learning to write from left hand would be the challenge and it will take a lot of time and patience to bring the writing up to a mark for neatness. I wish you luck for that 🙂

  54. nice

    And my hand writing is so poor even though i have writing subjects in elementary. I hate math ever since because I always get low grades but when I focused really hard I can get. And after Ive reviewed the next day i easily forget it. Even vocabulary words that i just been read after a few minutes its easily been erase from my memory. I’m such a daydreamer even though i’m doing something or listening to the discussion of my professors i tend to daydream and i cant stop doing it. I cant focused at anything, and do things at one tiime and I’m easily irritated, have many insecurities and low self-esteem. But I remember as a Kindergarten i used my left hand and doing basic math problems easily and after switched to be a right hander I started to be a slow learner at math. And to add up I’m not that good academically just balanced but I’m not really creative so what does this explains?

    1. Wasio Ali Khan Abbasi Post author

      Sorry for such a late response. I was slow learner as well and been that way most of my life. What I lacked in academics I balanced it with my hobbies. Remember, your creativity needs an outlet. It is up to you to provide the outlet and it can be in terms of writing, painting, music … any form of creative expression can become an outlet for your creativity. For me it was story writing and surprisingly this has still stuck even to this day. With computers you don’t need to be left hander or right hander for typing. That is why I am able to enjoy blogging and short story writing. Find yourself an outlet for your creativity and that will more than make up for your academic short comings, trust me on that 🙂

  55. hitomibeth

    I was born left-handed. My parents said they forced me to use my right hand until I learned to use it.. I think I am okay..I used to be really good in math back when I was young. But now, wow, even basic arithmetic eludes me. I love science and languages. Actually I chose journalism instead of biology, and I can draw, paint and such although I think in most cases like with balance and the use of the eyes I use my left more. People say I am creative. Some would say I’m too conventional. I don’t really know if I am really right of left.. Anyway, I first saw the girl move counter-clockwise and then clockwise and I could ‘make’ her turn vice versa. Though that gave me a slight headache 🙂

    1. hitomibeth

      Follow up..I once took a test in college for this psychoanalysis thing (forgot what it was) was based on a drawing. And the evaluator told me that I had a very hard time making decisions. Even now. I guess sometimes I would plan it in my head to do this and that and when I have to do it, I would be so tired as to have to repeat it again – this time in reality. My mom studied for Chemical Engineering and my brothers are good with numbers..but ever since I switched to being right-handed, I struggled a lot in math. Perhaps I didn’t get my mom’s genes or something. My dad is good with his hands and I got that from him too.. Anyway..about the switching, would that mean that the part of me being ‘psychologically incapacitated’ as what the evaluator said (maybe she said a different word I forgot) be the result of the switching?

      1. Wasio Ali Khan Abbasi Post author

        From my understanding, yes. Switching caused you to become ambidextrous (able to use both left and right) and the problem ambidextrous people face is the inability to make decisions. That is because your left brain is giving a logical solution to the problem while the right brain is providing creative solution, and both end up warring with each other which leaves you confused. It’s like a tug-of-war in your head that you don’t realize is taking place.

  56. beth

    I feel you. I was born a lefty however mom trained me to use the right hand because according to hervthis world was created for r handed…I grew up fine.

  57. Melodie

    I am 74 years young and before entering 1st grade was forced to use my right hand although I was born left-handed. My parents were divorced and my Mother, sister and I were living w/ my Great-grandmother and she was the one who worked w/ me to change. In those days children who were left-handed were thought to be mildly retarded and she didn’t want anyone thinking her great-grandaughter might be retarded mildly or not. Consequently, I had difficulty w/ studies all through school. Years later I did read an article that seemed to indicate that because I was forced to change it had affected my ability to study. I am creative, love to solve puzzles of all kinds, and I might add that my sister who is 2 years younger is also left-handed. I am unable to use a knife w/ my right hand and I deal cards only with my left…also sew, comb my hair, brush my teeth w/ my left hand. When I was 20 my Mother and Step-Dad had a son (My half-brother) and he is also left-handed. No one ever attempted to change them. It is interesting to note that my sister and I had the same parents whereas my brother, sister and I share the same Mother but his Father was not our Father….. consequently, the left-handed trait must stem frm my Mom’s side. I;m so glad I came upon this site because it certainly does make a lot of sense.

  58. Dimana

    Last summer I started a job, that made my right wrist hurts all the time, had no strength even to do simple activities, so just switched to my left hand. And it wasn’t a big deal for me, of course, I was a lil clumsy, but I’m right handed all my life! So my granny told me I started to write with my left hand, when I was a kid, but she showed me the “right” way, no matter it wasn’t wrong to be a lefty in the 90s. I do some activities as a lefty all my life, but haven’t noticed – holding heavy things, my cell phone, pour out bottles, drinking, eating food, that should be held in the hand….. I have the same handwriting with my left hand, but still can’t write as fast as with my right hand…… And I have a master degree in economy, but I’m the worst mathematician ever, no matter I’ve tried so hard to get better, I was wondering if it’s possible to be so dull, haha.
    In the end, I was born on 26th of October too, that’s kinda supernatural, haha

    1. Wasio Ali Khan Abbasi Post author

      Seriously, this does sound like supernatural 😀
      Same date of birth and same situation regards to Economics. Though I am an MBA now but Economic subjects have been one of my favorites. It’s only the maths part that is the downside for me but Economics itself is really wonderful 🙂

      1. Dimana

        Well, I’m not pretty sure I was born to be an economist, but I’m sure I was born on 26.10.1988 😉 Are you my astral twin?

          1. Dimana

            I used to be unhappy, coz I was one of the youngest kids in the class, my classmates drove cars, but I was too young….Today I don’t feel sorry I was born in the end of the year, haha. And we have a deal, only if u are 2 years younger, haha 😉

  59. Lily

    I’m right-handed but I see the figure moving counter-clockwise. Does this mean I was born left-handed but was forced to use my right hand?

    1. Wasio Ali Khan Abbasi Post author

      That could be a possibility but to really make sure that is the case, try an eye test to find out your dominant eye. There are a couple of tests mentioned in the comments. If you turn out to be a left-eye dominant, then that means you really were born left hander but were switched to right hand.

      1. Lily

        Thanks! So I tried an eye test and it turns out I’m left-eye dominant and I’m right-brain dominant. I also have the same symptoms you had. I’m clumsy, my hand-writing is terrible, it takes me a while to get used to sports, and I daydream a lot. So, what do I do know? Should I just focus on getting better at these things or should I start using my left hand or what? What do you do?

        1. Wasio Ali Khan Abbasi Post author

          If you can, try practicing with your left hand and see if you can start writing with it. Also, since you know you are left-eye dominant, you have natural inclination towards creativity. You can now better plan your future, focus more on creative stuff and even start doing conventional stuff more creatively. What i did was focus more on creativity and it has been fruitful for me so far.

  60. kenshiro

    Dear author,

    i came to realize that i was naturally a lefty hand. My parents changed my hand to right when i was very small. I was the worst at studying. I am always in a fantasy world. I don’t like mathematics. I have stuttering speech problems. My hand writing is very slow and very dirty. I take too much time to take decisions .I am very slow and lazy i don’t know why? . I am not good at drawing and arts. Teacher and school principles always complain that i don’t study seriously. Ok with great difficulty i passed bachelor university but with low grades. I joined a company people in my company say it to me that i shall act more maturely & act like a kid., They told me that even a 14 years old kid act maturely than me. Even if i work harder for them. I have more technical knowledge than others seniors 😦

    I am very bad at sports. I am not creative. Please guide me what shall i do?

    I will start to practice with left hand writing? one hour every daily?

    I shall try to play sports with left hand?

    Please guide me what shall i do i wished that i were never borned no matter how hard i try to improve my life it gets worse!!!!!!

    Note :- I see the dancing woman picture moving clock wise. I am 24 year old male. My life is cursed what ever i to do i can’ achieve it?

    1. Wasio Ali Khan Abbasi Post author


      From your comment I get the feeling that even though you faced the same problem as I and some of the other commentors have faced, that is not the only limitation at your end. It seems there are two additional shortcomings:
      1- Lack of confidence
      2- Lack of motivation

      These may have arisen due to the forceful switch to right hand but many other factors must have caused the situation to get worse. For example, even though I am not good at sports like most natural right-handers, I tried to mitigate the shortcoming through hard work. That is the reason I became captain of my university’s Table Tennis teams. Other than that, I have also been captain of Athletics, Badminton and Counter Strike teams of my school/university during my academic life. I managed these through sheer hard work and was rewarded as a result.

      I believe that you need more confidence building measures and require motivation to do better in life. If practicing with left-hand can help, do that. Otherwise I suggest you read books on confidence building, watch videos about it or even start some practices like meditation or Yoga for mind relaxation (this greatly improves focus, I know it because meditation helped me a lot in building my focus).

      If possible, I suggest you read the book “Awaken the giant within” by Anthony Robbins. You may read any other book as well that serves the same purpose.

  61. Gal

    This is awseome!!! When I saw the animation I thought to myself “yea right.. There is no way this figure can move clock-wise.” I then starred in it for quite a while concentrating and trying to change its direction. And it changed. I freaked out a little because it was kind of weird. It was hard the first time but then i figured it out and could change it almost at will.

    It’s awesome. I will definitely show it to others and by the way. Nice post!

  62. Douglas Pumroy

    Great site. I found out I was switched when I read a report about my experience in kindergarten. It said that “Doug is ambidextous, therefore, we’re encouraging the use of his right hand.” This was 1966. It royally messed up my life, but God is good and I started to learn to write lefty and play tennis and racquetball lefty and I have gotten very good at all of these skills. I have noticed that as I get better at lefty skills, my righ handed abilities in all of these activities also improves. I became a good tennis and racquetball player righty through very hard work, but lefty is SO much easier and more natural. I will continue to work very hard to regain my lefty skills in life and I am much happier and more content. People who ‘force’ do a great deal of harm to the people the switch. I have zero memory of being switched.

  63. Gerald

    Unlike most, I “converted” to be a lefty when I was young. Injured my right hand and I had nth to do, so I colored with my left. Afterwards, I became a lefty and my right hand couldn’t do a thing. (I was 4 yo back then). So I’ve been lefty for 11 years, then I practiced my right hand. To my surprise, my right hand could draw better than my left!! My left hand couldn’t draw to save my life, but my right handed drawings were marvelous although I never had any training. Since then, I practiced everything in my right hand, and now, I’m ambidextrous 🙂 I can write, play badminton, dribble a ball and shave using either hand. Being ambidextrous is the best 🙂

    1. Gerald

      Oh, and a side note. I’m a prodigy in both maths and arts. But my right hand cant count as fast as my left and my left hand cant draw as good as my right. So was I born ambidextrous?

      1. Wasio Ali Khan Abbasi Post author

        I don’t think you were born ambidextrous. When you are young, you can be “trained” to do something which means you can learn to do something and get better at it as time passes by. You are fast counting with left hand because you have used it for a long time, it has the necessary muscle development and neuron connections for speed and strength, responding to you faster. But since you are natural born right hander, your right hand draws better. Since you have used left hand for considerable time, you have strengthened you right side of the brain and have become close to ambidextrous.

  64. confidence

    I get so confused looking at that image…it turns clock wise and the dances a bit and then changes to anti clock wise….I use right hand…. I draw….I don’t like reading….I like cartoons…I am 24 years old. I laugh a lot….I love people…but I want my space because I keep a lot of things…many things… Am I trully right handed…

  65. L.T.H.B

    I was raised to use my right hand, but I always remembered my mom would hit me with chop sticks whenever I try to write or eat with my left hand. I’m 25 now and my hand writing holds record at school and work for being the ugliest hand writing ever. I can’t even read my own hand writing. Whenever I write with my right hand it feels like i have to focus extra hard to write out the letters instead of paying attention to what I was really studying. I use to love drawing but also gave up because I struct a wall, I struggle so much trying to draw what I was envisioning in college but then I accepted it as only a hobby and nothing is special if I can’t show what I see. I kept doubting myself, why I think this way and there’s something wrong with me. I gave up using chop sticks too, it’s just too hard using my right hand and embarrassing when other Asian cultures (that uses chop sticks) would ask me why do I use a spoon or fork instead of chop sticks for certain Asian dishes. My friends and family thinks I’m crazy, but today I finally got fed up with my hand writing and I Googled “Can you force a child to be right handed?” and you popped up! I’m not alone!

  66. gypsy

    Funny thing, I’m a right dominate person but it was going counter clockwise. and about 7 seconds later it started going clockwise then it went back to counterclockwise when I barely did anything. Then it went back and forth when ever I wanted too. I thought this was an animated gif trying to trick me at first but really it’s an optic illusion, an illusion that moves and whatever side your dominant with will make it seem like it’s going that direction. a person who is right handed will probably not know how to concentrate on their opposing side, all people have trouble with this (people who have one dominate side). I use my right hand to draw and write but I use my left for everything else almost always. I just tried writing with my left hand after looking at this and they are pretty equally skilled. it’s funny because I’ve never even used my left hand before for writing/drawing, I never tried or thought about it till now. I’m an artist so this will be funny when I’m drawing with two hands at the exact same time “two HANDS are better then one”. it will also be cool for my drawings since my left could draw logically and my right could draw emotionally/feeling and etc. this is really cool I would have never discovered this if it wasn’t for you!

  67. Pat Hoffpauir

    i was born left handed and still am. I am very thankful that I was not forced to change.
    However, I cannot use a calculator with my left hand– I have to use my right had on the calculator and this is the only thing i do right handed. why just the calculator??

    1. L.T.H.B

      One of the reasons why my mom had trained me to be right handed was because she had an superstition of left handed people. She came from a poor country and was poorly educated, so her decision wasn’t the most educated. I don’t resent her for her decision because she didn’t know better and I am starting over again at the age of 25. It has been 12 days since I have found out I was left handed and my life is changing every second. I still use my right hand but when it comes to doing my homework or writing notes at work, I’m using my left hand. At first my left hand had the present of a 5 year old but it’s dramatically improving as I write daily and so far i have drawn two pictures… and omg I AM LEFT HANDED. I want to keep updating you guys on this and please share more amazing stories of your struggles and improvements!

      My drawing from my right hand

      My first attempt with my left hand (2/24/2013)

      My second attempt with my left hand (2/27/2013)

  68. Bob

    Okay, I have read most of these post and so many facts online about changing a person who should be a lefty but is made to be use their right hand. I thought my son maybe left handed because sometimes he seemed to write with his left hand more when he was 3 and 4 so I just made him continue, my oldest son is a lefty and thought maybe it was in the Genes. It all makes since now, my son has the same learning problems but is the smartest child I have ever known when it comes to what comes out of his mouth or programming on the computer which is setup for a righty but in school he is a day dreamer. He comes home and doesn’t have to deal with this issue left or right, he does whatever and is okay until it is time for homework and it is a NIGHTMARE!!! Drifting off into space etc… We started to play sports, I started to always see him try and throw the ball with his right hand and I would always tell him to throw with his left, he still seems unable to do it like normal so I thought about it and had him try with his right, he does it normal, he swings the bat with his left and can’t get it right and the second he tried doing it right handed for the first time, he looked like he has always done it that way. His Gpa got him a 22 rife to go shooting at the range only when he visits in Vegas and he uses his right trigger finger to shot and his right eye to aim. On this moving cat test he said he watched the cat go counter clock-wise. Any thoughts if this could be part of his issue or all of it? Funny thing I found out after reading so much of this and even doing the test myself is I may of been a lefty but I am a righty. I write with my right hand, I am great at sports through out my childhood but I see it clock-wise, I automatically learned to play Pool left handed without thinking about it aim with my left eye the times I have gone shooting even though I shoot with my right trigger finger so my aim is bad but most of all I had the same learning disorder but yet I am the smartest person I have ever met. I just sucked at school and was also a day dreamer….

    1. L.T.H.B

      I am sure you’re a very intelligent person, because you show a lot of human awareness that a few people lack or don’t care for. Sometimes do you tell others or think to yourself “I feel like I have to think harder than most people?” when it comes to making simple decisions, communicating, or expressing yourself? I had those struggles and still do even after I started using my left hand again (started February 16,2013), even though I know the the answers in my head but I have such a difficult time expressing it in a timely matter compare to “normal” people with a faster response. It’s like a war within myself to make a desicion that could of been so simple to others.

  69. L.T.H.B

    Hi again, I would like to point something out. I always uncounsciously chew on my left side first and only my left 2 wisdon teeth came out. Is it because I depended on my left a lot that the wisdom teeth was stimulated to grow first before the right ever did?

  70. prerana

    you know i am a born right handed but from when i was born i just wanted to be a left handed. i dont know why but i just feel it deep in my heart. till today i am practicing and i just feel special and different in front of everyone when i do things with my left hand. is it a good thing or a bad thing to change hands?

  71. mike

    I was switched from left to right. I think the trick to the spinning girl is to blink rapidly and all of a sudden she’ll change directions. Maybe blinking “resets” the brain. Try it out, it works for me

  72. dakota

    I was a left handed and was force to change to right handed and I’ve always have the issue in writing and many times at a restuarnt eating stick, I too get confuse as to which hand i should hold the knife and which hand to hold the fork and I have to keep switching it. I find it so hard to drive on the right, I wish cars in my country are left instead of right. and as for the dancer, I can switch her from turning clock wise to anti clock wise as and when I want it and how fast I want it. ( half clock wise and half anti clock wise and on and I weird or what?

  73. kabir kumar

    thank you very much for writing this, it has helped me greatly, i am 13 and my dad just told me that i was actually raised right handed but natrually left handed, and there were some uncanny similaritoes to my own life, so once again thank you

  74. Reena

    I was born left handed, I was left-handed when I went to primary school from year 1 and 2. However I still completely remember, my Dad forced me to write on my right hand. He said that they will not accept me in year 3 if I don’t write on my right hand. I am 42 yrs of age now and use my right hand since till now when writing but there are still things I do on m left hand like chores. I wonder what did I become if I kept using my left hand?

  75. L.T.H.B

    Hello again, I just read about a disorder that had very similar effects we have from being forced to use our left hand. It’s called “Attention Deficient/Hyperactivity Disorder” by Quick Reference to the Diagnostic Criteria from DSM-IV-TR. This book is for case managers, therapist, and other professional to use to have quick diagnose of their patient.
    I had 17/18 of the symptoms when I was using my right hand for 25 years of my life. Now it’s 8/18 after I switched back to my left hand, and it’s improving more!
    Please share if you can relate to any of these symptoms.

    Attention Deficient/Hyperactivity Disorder

    Page 1

    Page 2

  76. Vonda

    I saw my mother teach my two younger brothers to be right handed. They both had difficulity learning to read. I have wondered if I should have been left handed also. Have any of you done this….I say turn right and point left or I say turn left and point right all the time. And even when I am simply driviing back the same way I came I will turn the wrong way every time unless I remember a landmark. I am now in my fifties and I also have attention dificiet disorder. When I first looked at the dancing girl she was going clock wise. But then when I look and then back she is turning clockwise then counter clockwise. Or when I look back she may be turning counter clockwise.

    1. L.T.H.B

      I did that a lot too, before I had a hard time distinguishing my right and left. My previous post on May,12th, I stated that I had a severe case of ADHD, but it has lessened now after I switch back to my left. I’m 25 years old (Professionals that I have talked is still doubting my theory… but I’ll update you guys if I find more evidence on this) Thanks!

  77. Migs

    I have something in mind,.. I have this 16 years old drum student. I was teaching her to play my way of playing the drums right handed way. For us drummers, we have this practice of developing our left hand if it’s our weakest hand. In her case, I didn’t bothered to ask if she’s a right handed person because I saw her playing right handed guitars the first time I saw her and I think that She can play it that way well so I really thought that she’s a right handed person. Later after 2 years I read in her notes that she’s a left handed person. I was shocked because I can’t see the difference before. It really feels that she’s a right handed person on drums. She didn’t even bothered to tell me then. I have friends though that are left handed and ended up playing right hand setup for drums. Their reasons, tired of setting up a right hand setup in a bar.

  78. Lynn Thaler

    I was born left-handed also, but my mom forced me to use my right hand. She thought it would be easier for me to be right handed. However, I still eat with my left hand, lead off with the left foot when walking, and other such things. The only thing I don’t do left handed is write.

  79. Rachel

    I was born left handed but switched due to peer pressure when I entered preschool. I broke my right arm and wrist numerous times as a kid and it was only my natural left handedness that saved me in school! The best thing about that moving image of the dancer is that I only had to relax in order to change the direction of the movement. If it was clockwise I just took a deep breath and it changed! No focus required. It entertained me for a good 5 minutes.

  80. Shannon

    I was raised in the 1970s. My grandmother convinced my father that there was no place in the world for left-handed people, so he forced me to become right-handed. To this day, I resent that. Of course, I write with my right hand. I perform other activities, like playing pool, bowling and driving with my left hand. Baseball is out of the question since I catch and throw with my left. I shoot a rifle right-handed. I often feel uncoordinated at times. I’m all screwed up.

  81. Marie

    There are a lot of victims posting on tis site. I don’t believe any of the suggestions that if you force someone to be right handed, then someone did you wrong. Some parents especially today allow their kids to grow like weeds in a garden without discipline or structure. I urged all my 4 children to be right handed and am very happy that I took the time.

    1. Dave

      Letting your kids’ development fall by the wayside and not taking the time to actively participate in their learning new skills would be the equivalent of letting them “grow like weeds”. Just because the majority of people are right-handed doesn’t mean that it is necessarily the “proper” handedness. I still have plenty of issues that I deal with on a daily basis that have their roots all the way back to my early grade school years.

      I wish I had better teachers who were more equipped and qualified to work with a special needs student like I used to be. But the times were different then and we’re constantly expanding our understanding of ourselves as time continues to march forward.

      If your kids never had any issues developmentally, then they were probably all born righty’s. I was very lucky that I had a understanding and patient mother who never forced me to learn with my right hand. I’d be a much different person today if she hadn’t.

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  83. robinhood

    you have written very nicely and it was very much relate with my life.i also switchover from right to left hand in very late but i managed it with a hard practice.

  84. ratzx31

    thank you for sharing this… I found out from my mother that when I was a child, I would pick up a pen or pencil and started scribbling with my left hand and each time, she would correct me and change my writing material to the right, eventually it was ingrained in me and I now do a lot of stuff with my right hand, though I have problems doing certain things with my right like I have to hold my fork in my right and spoon in my left or wearing my my belt upside down till i realised the logo was upside down.

    I wonder if the switch has really affected me, not that I want to blame the fact that I am a complete mess in my life, in career, as in what I want to do and be in life, but it just seems I want so much to create things, but I feel like my creativity is stuck and it is bursting inside of me but I feel completely numb, I can’t express freely even if i was asked to. Perhaps it is due to the switch and the greater use of the non-dominant side of the brain but I know as a child i spent countless of hours making up stories in my head, even with the dried blotches of paint formed at the bottom of the wall, I would come up with images and stories to go with it…. up until now, I tend to day dream a lot and find it hard to live in reality…

    I also wonder if the switch has an effect on me in that I spent all my life wishing I was left handed. Does anyone who is a true right handed or a converted right handed ever feel this way?

    I am so totally confused. I wished I was left a lefty perhaps I would thrive in a creative job and feel less of a misfit.

  85. Rob

    I’m seeing a flaw in the spinning dancer graphic. I see a visual clue that determines a counter-clockwise movement and I’d like to ask anyone else’s opinion. Look closely; there is a reflection that shows the extended foot which I believe biases the test and clues us that the foot is toward the back of the dancer if she is spinning counter-clockwise. It shows depth, right? Does anyone’s else see this? – Try covering the reflection at the bottom of the image and see if it is still as difficult for you to change her direction.

  86. Matthew

    It’s much easier for me to see it moving clockwise but if I try very hard then it is definatly possible for me to reverse it.

  87. Zipper

    Very interesting indeed. I’m 66 years old and have always wondered how this would change a person. As a young boy, at Catholic School, I was forced to switch hands when learning writing skills. I’m sure now that I was a natural lefty. This was frowned upon during my school era. My parents were both college educated and gifted in athletics. This was years ago and the standard practice, at that time, was to make sure all kids learned to write with their right hand (no blame here). I excelled in all sports. Playing baseball I would bat left handed and throw with my right hand. During this period of time it was almost impossible to find a left handed baseball glove. Later I learned how to bat right handed too (or switch hit). In football I would kick with my left foot. Even today I’m still an active runner yet it’s my left leg that is the stronger by far. I use my right foot for the gas pedal and my left foot for the brake (bizarre). At about 10 years old I remember begging my grandmother to play catch with me (baseball). We only had two gloves at home mine and my fathers. Both gloves were to catch with the left hand thus throw with the right hand. My grandmother put the glove on her ‘right’ hand and threw with her left hand. In later years I figured I must have inherited my lefty side from grandmother.
    Many thanks for your shared information as I’ve wondered many times over my lifetime if forcing someone to change hands would have negative effects. I’m encouraged that we know so much more today and won’t repeat these unintentional mistakes.

  88. haley n williams

    When I was in first grade my teacher noticed I was using both hands and told me I needed to pick one hand I held the scissors in both and said I liked my left better she tried to make me use the right and kept saying now are you sure but I told her I was sure. I Alwalys chose my left over my right and when my left would get tired I switched. Now my left is used for everything besides I can throw with both hands. I Played soccer and I defanitly kick with my left but I can usr my right for little things like passing. My grandma is the only other left person I know and I have alwalys got along with her more and we got eachother easily. While most people find a hard time to understand me as I do them. I fit very well with all the things a right brained aka left handed person does and not to well with right brained at all but If I focus really well I can make,the figure turn the other way for the tinest bit of time.

  89. anonymous

    For me it started off going counter-clockwise, then I read that if you focus it’ll change, so I tried, and now I can see it changing on average of every 6 seconds. What does that mean? I remember that when I was little I used my left hand, but then all my friends kept commenting on it so I switched on my own (around second grade)

  90. Dave

    This is a very interesting article that you have put together. I’m in a similar boat – as a child, I started grade school at a Catholic school where it was greatly preferred that every student be right-handed. My mother was wonderful, though, because she never forced me to use one hand over the other. Instead, she would offer me the choice (ex. placing the spoon or fork in the center-front of the dish when I was learning how to use one). I had a really hard time up through the 2nd grade, when I was held back. I was writing sentences completely backwards to where you would actually have to hold the paper up to a mirror in order to read what I wrote down. My pencil grip required a great deal of force, so my hand would tire out really quickly. I was also very sensitive as a kid, so being singled out in front of my classes was not the best way to address my issues.

    Although we have lots in common, I had a few differences growing up. The first one being that my handwriting is really good and has been since I became more proficient at writing in early grade school. It impaired me at first, because I was really slow and a huge perfectionist. I learned how to relax a bit more once I got to high school, so now it isn’t much of a problem.

    I was well above average in terms of sketching and cartooning. I also noticed that I perceived things a lot differently than most others did. I could see certain details that nobody else was able to pick up.

    I have an above average IQ and math and science based problems have always come very easily to me. Granted, there are hard problems that still take time to figure out. But, so long as I have the tools to solve something (whether it be self-taught or learned only once) I’m usually able to figure out most difficult problems with a little time and patience.

    I play piano (self taught) and can play more complex pieces (Fur Elise, Moonlight Sonata – not very difficult, but harder than Chopsticks) entirely by ear. I still to this day cannot read sheet music, but I’m pretty good at music theory and songwriting.

    Growing up, I always knew that I was different from everybody else. The biggest difference being that I was always driven by my imagination and emotions. Yet, once I learned how to hone my skills a little more, I was really good at science and math while still earning higher marks for writing and literature. At 25 years old, I’m still trying to figure out what I want to do “when I grow up”. I’m good at a lot of things, but I’ve never been truly great at anything. That’s been my biggest challenge so far as I try to find my place in this world.

    Good luck to anybody else who had this problem or similar circumstances as a kid.

  91. randomdudeontheinterwebs

    I’m left handed and have heard all the stuff above at what lefties are supposedly good at. Maybe it missed me. I don’t seem to excel at that list, but rather seem to do okay (not super, just good enough) at a lot of what was written about both lefties and righties. And what I do consider myself good at is in the wrong damn category.

    As for the dancer figure, I can make that thing change direction with ease. Because of that, I’m not sure which direction is my natural way of seeing it. If you’re having trouble making the direction turn at will, you could try the following.

    a.) Slowly close your eyes while looking at it and then while either squinting or with eyes completely closed, envision the dancer twirling the direction you want it to. Open your eyes and you might just find her spinning in the desired direction. You can even try it while concentrating when staring off-screen. It’s worth trying a couple times if you can’t get it.


    b.) Scroll down so that just the bottom portion of the animation is showing. By “bottom portion” I mean JUST the shadow. NO part of the black figure (e.g. the foot) should be showing. Then try making that portion spin in the desired direction while looking at it. If you can do that, simply scroll up and the dancer will be spinning the direction you wanted. If you can’t do that, it might be because the shadow of the extended foot and that of the centered one seem to be turning in opposite directions to your brain. If so, then with the page still only showing the shadow, use your finger (horizontally) to block out the moving shadow of the extended foot. With just the shadow of the centered foot, it may be easier to change direction now. If you got it, just scroll up. If it still gives you problems, then I’d say incorporate a bit of plan ‘a’ into this method.

  92. Tammy

    When I started first grade (I was born in 1958) my teacher told my mom that she couldn’t teach how to write correctly if I was left handed. So…. when I was 6 I became right handed, sort of. Now, my husband is constantly complaining that I put things in the cabinet backwards. For example, I rip the foil with my left hand and the box goes back in facing the left. When he uses the foil, the box is put in to the right. There are a lot of little things that you never lose. My writing slants to the left unless i turn the paper sideways to the left. Back in the day, some people didn’t think it was good to be left handed.

  93. Ant

    HERE IS THE SECRET: to Making her change Directions..the first time i looked at her she was spinning counterclockwise for two seconds then suddenly i looked away and then back and she was spinning clockwise..after that i couldnt get her to change..about 15 minutes later she changed..back to counter clockwise, then i realized that I could’nt get her to change directions when i stared straight at her…BUT then i realized that all i had to do to change her direction was look to the Bottom LEFT Corner…or to the Bottom RIGHT Corner..

    BTW My mom Forced me to be a Righty as a Child..

    1. Ant

      (With my eyes Only..NOT turning my head)i look all the way to the my Right .then back at the image .or look to the left and then back at the image

  94. Patricia J

    I’ve read your article and I can reallly really relate to what you’ve been through. My grandmother told my mom to teach me using my right handed. Only when I was old enough to realize that it had affected my life and ability to think. I became very very restricted in my actions I have several thoughts in my mind that I can comprehend only in my mind. But once I blurt it out, Im always short of words. It’s like I always have to choose which words are appropriate to tell and it often kills me not to tell what I really wanted to say. I end up being silent because it’s the easiest thing to do. My college classmates used to laugh at me when I’m spaced out and my mom still scolds me for not attentively listening to her. Sometimes it hurts me because I knew all along that I always listen to her but she still picks on me even on the smallest things. She used to teach me math when i was little. I told her I hate it and I remember her always scolding at me when I don’t get it several times. Eventually I learned to simply study on my own because im sick of her always shouting at me. I did learn and I considered that I “love” from then on. But eventually I realized i still hate it. Somehow I appreciated Science because it’s about discovering the unknown. But what was taught in this subject is already known and I realized all I really did in school is memorize and eventually it bored me. But I still have the enthusiasm about it if it’s not put into an exam. I told you that it hurts me hearing my mom saying that i am not listening to her. It’s because all my life I have made her walk up to the stage to receive medals because I always topped the class . Looking back I realized why Im not very excited about receiving those medals because i didn’t know how will i use it. (and now ive vented it out.) like you, i gave up expressing my imagination. I used to draw things but it’s always unfinished and no matter how much i practice it, my imagination doesn’t come out of me naturally. Logic and analyzation also tires me out especially now that im taking up accountancy in college. I realize now that this was a careless decision i made. I think i can cope up with it but only if i shut myself out with others because this course and needs a lot of time to think. The only time i relax my self is when i sleep and imagine stories. I’ve had a lot of them in my mind but i think ive wasted most of it because i’ve had not written any of it. And it also meant sacrificing my sleeping hours. Words don’t come out of me naturally except if it’s about my feelings and when i wrote them. I felt and this is the only time i’ve told someone about this. Now im confused as to which i truly wanted to do. I want to create things but my the expectations from me holds me back. This makes me feels sad in the inside but i always look neutral on the outside so no one knows. I don’t wven know if someone will listen. Sorry for the long read but thanks for letting me know im not the only one.

  95. Ken Schaeffer

    I was made to switch to my right hand in 2nd grade when the teacher noticed I was making 3’s and d’s backwards. She called my parents in and told them what she thought and they went along with it. This article is very helpful to me. I don’t feel so odd when I listen to all of you. I remember in elementary school that the teacher would have us do math problems out loud and in order. I would quickly count ahead and see which problem would be mine and then do it on my fingers. If a kid before me missed their answer I went into a panic trying to do another problem so I wouldn’t be thought of as dumb.
    I’ve always wondered if this forced switch had something to do with decision making. I’m not decisive and often defer to others to decide on movies, restaurants, etc.
    I can really relate to the daydreaming comments. I was always chastised by teachers for looking out the window during class. I still have that behavior today but the weird thing is that if I take a multiple choice test I always pass. I daydreamed all the way through my master’s program and couldn’t stand to read the boring books but graduated with a 3.8.
    I still daydream a lot of the time and I’m really glad that they came up with the DVR. If I space out during a program I like I can just hit the back arrow and see what I missed.
    Some of the daydreaming can be harmful though. I can get lost in fantasies which can be fear or anger based. It takes a while to shake those out of my head. I’m a psychotherapist now and I tell patients that entertaining negative thought like revenge fantasies can be harmful. Your emotions can’t distinguish between what’s just a thought and what’s reality. They react the same and can lead to anxiety and anger and, I believe, impact your immune system negatively.
    Will welcome any feedback.

  96. Ariel

    I unfortunately made a decision to have my son write with his right a few years ago (he is now 8) and want to know if I can or should help him try to develop his left hand writing. If so, how do I begin doing this without disrupting his 3rd grade progress?

  97. Grace

    i am an identical twin I found out a few years ago that i was born left handed. I discovered this when talking to my friends who are twins one of them is a lefty and the other right handed. They explained that this is true of all identical twins. I spoke to my mother and she confirmed that i was left handed but she thought if it was best if my right hand was dominant and so forced me to switch. I don’t remember this at all and always believed i was born right handed. I always felt compared to my twin that i was less intelligent i remember getting told off in class for not colouring within the lines but I loved maths (i did it for A level) and i am a working opera singer. I think what i am trying to say is being forced to be right handed does not mean you are limited to reaching your potential just maybe you have to work a bit harder in some areas. The figure only turns clockwise for me i cannot make it change!

  98. Brandon

    This blog is interesting, and quite accurate. I was born left-handed but my mother made me be right-handed due to the increase in left handed supplies at the time(apparently) and so all my life I had difficulties writing. However, I still had a preference to use my left-hand in new things for some reason, and so when I finally learned to ride a bike, I could turn left easier than right(both with hands and without) and could easily use my left-hand to steer and not my right at all. When playing sports, I had a tendency to use my left-hand(except baseball I think) but ended up able to use both hands anyways. When it comes to thinking tho, I use logic and I am an amazing but complicated form of thinking and solving and I actually am able to give excellent answers even tho, I do not really have preferences or opinions, and I am if not equal, slightly better in writing than math but worse in understanding of reading than science(main subject) I am amazing at languages tho and easily learn them with at least some effort and availability. When drawing however, I always put symbolism in my drawings but can not easily come up of things to draw and use my emotions and experiences to create something(I often drew doves in school times). Therefore, I suppose I am somewhat ambidextrous maybe leaning more lefthanded, however am an even more mixed version of it, it seems. Thoughts perhaps?

    1. Ribeir

      That’s interesting. You’re a lot like me. I had tendency to use left side over the right, for example, if I had to plug a USB on decive with two USBs ports on the left and the right side I always chooe the left side. I noticied that when I was asked why I always use the left plug (I’m the only left-handed around).
      About when learned to ride a bike, which foot is in the pedal? and on a broom, which hand is on the top? in my case, it’s left foot and hand, respectively. Also, I suppose too I’m somewhat ambidextrous maybe leaning more left-handed.

    1. Anna

      Maybe because your mom/dad changed what hand you used from a young age? Ask your parents, you may learn a dark truth. Lol

  99. Anna

    Woah. My mind is blown. I think I need to ask my mom if she changed my “handed-ness”. I know my mom is old school and condemns being left handed, but I for some reason never considered she may have forced me to use right from before what my memory serves. Looking at that lady I CANNOT see her move counter clockwise. Also, my left side I have ALWAYS felt to be dominant. My left eye certainly is. Thank you so much for this!!! Now, to ask my mom the hard truth.

    1. Anna

      Also I am left handed in baseball and hockey and I always remember that when I skated I had to glide/balance on my left foot as my right felt more wobbly. Oh! And I got my motorcycle lisence two years ago and could easily make left hand turns but felt very shaky and unsure leaning to the right. I am going to be so upset if I find out my mom changed me.

      BY THE WAY, I found this blog because I think my baby is left handed and I wanted to know more about it. After reading left handedness may be genetic and then reading an article that described me, it dawned on me that I AM A LEFTY!!!! WOAH

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    1. Wasio Ali Khan Abbasi Post author

      Hey, I have been caught up a lot with work and two years of corporate job didn’t exactly helped me with my blogging. Recently left the job and now focusing on some private work. Just got the chance to watch the video and Oh MY GOD … what amazing drawing, and it took you less than 10 minutes? Incredible.
      I am terribly sorry for such late feedback but thank you very much for the appreciation and I sincerely hope you have continued the good work. If you did so well then, I am sure you must be doing a lot better now.

  101. Aditya Chawla

    I was also forced to go from left -handed to right handed. I also face the same problems mentioned. I have great difficulty while making a decision now because I feel that both parts of my brain are equally dominant. But I am pretty good at analysing the situation. I usually have an inner conflict because of which I end up being conscious of what I am doing and how it will affect me in the long run and end up doing worse than what I could actually do. I have a great skill for analysis but conclusions drawn by me are often confusing even to myself. Over the last 16 years of my life, my left hemisphere grew as dominant as right hemisphere and now even my analysis is way to confusing. Often I can’t follow up on my own thoughts and though I have a high IQ. I can’t solve some problems because of the multitude of thoughts striking me at the same time. I used to read a lot of novels and loved literature and had quite a lot of fantasies but now I am more science oriented and logical. In fact I feel that being science oriented is boring. I am emotionally unstable as well since I draw a general opinion about something that I should not as a logical person (the big picture) but that is something I don’t want to do. I have speech problems that I did not have earlier. I speak too fast missing some words or connecting them which others have problem understanding although when i repeat them to myself, they make perfect sense. I like being logical and have chosen a science based career but I was born left handed. Even now I am so very confused to write down my views that I have to reconsider while writing every sentence, I have faced a lot of depression because of this. Should I switch my hand? I can easily do that. That is not much of a challenge as compared to what I am going through as an engineering student. Will going back to being a left handed writer benefit me or not? Will it help curb the confusion problem or retain my emotional stability? Even though I play with my left. I am bad at aiming the ball at the right place. I often aim a few degrees to the right of what I actually should to get the aim right. What should I do to correct that?

    1. lthbui

      Hello! I definitely recommend switching back. I had the exact same war within myself a year ago before I saw this blog. Thr simplest decision like turning right or left was straining and when I talk to customers I get so emotionally overwhelm because my mind is going 100 mph but my body or mouth just can’t express it accordingly. I felt dumb and slow, but I tried really hard just to do something so simple. I am free now, and I am doing what I love and that is working with children and actually getting A’s in my class! There will be some relapses at times, but of course it takes time to heal. Theres a book called hidden handedness by Samuel Randolph. I hope you get a chance to read it.

    2. Ribeir

      Hello, Aditya Chawla. I can related with all this too. About you talking fast and missing words, I’m like this. Including writing. Sometimes I completly forget to type/say a word in a phrase, sometimes it does make the phrase a bit non-sense or result in wrong interpretation. I asked to my self if the left to right conversion was related but one one had mentioned (at least, I’ve read) so far. About switch back, I guess it’s the way to go. I did it about one yearh ago. I can’t say I’m a lot better(it’s too soon, I guess) but I feel already things is getting better. For example, I used to have a lot of headache that no one knows what is the source,get tired very easy and wake up already tired. Now I don’t have that almost every-day headache and I’m not getting tired so fast and neither wake up already tired.

  102. MI

    Stumbling on this article after observing my 2 year old niece. It might be a bit soon, but I am thinking she’s either left handed or ambidextrous. She seemed to prefer her left when coloring and scribbling but would also switch hands. With me I believe I am ambidextrous, or perhaps a lefty, though learned to use my right hand for writing. I’m believing more ambidextrous.

    Growing up I believed to be right handed, but in high school art is when I started to really question it. In projects using power tools or using a jeweler’s saw, I found myself switching hands with ease, being equally skilled sawing and dremeling with both hands. My favorite subject in school was art with science being a close second. Math was my least. I could do it okay, I was told by one math teacher I did well and he was surprised when I told him I hated the subject. I was painfully slow. It took me more time to complete math than other stuff. But as an adult I sometimes like doing stuff with numbers. I like the general concept. And science I like logic, but I also see myself as strongly right brain dominant. That and all the flaws associated. But yeah no matter what I do, people tell me I am creative. Both art and science were my strongest subjects and perhaps writing too. I could pull off creative writing with ease. Wait until right before the class and pull off an A writing some creative essay.

    Now an adult I come back thinking about my kindergarten experience. I didn’t know what tool to use. I kept switching between the lefty grip and righty grip, and left handed/ right handed scissors. At some point I believe the teachers made me choose a hand, or I gravitated to the right because there were more of those tools than the left handed ones. I might have also chosen because the English language favors right hand writing.

    But yeah I’m sure I’m left eye dominant, left foot dominant (though could switch over to kick right occasionally). Throw with either hand, but might prefer my left? Idk. I do most activities with my left. Or equally with both hands. Eating: right hand but if I make a hand switch I do just about as well. I went to my grandma and in conversation she revealed to me she couldn’t tell what hand I was dominant with. She caught me holding stuff in both hands. Both hands always filled. So yeah I believe I am true ambidextrous or at least mixed dominance, with writing preference/ strength in right hand, but equally skilled in other things with either hand. And that figure – clockwise most of the time, but I can see it switching. And if I try to force it to change it doesn’t work. It just switches on its own time. I guess that might mean my brain chooses dominance for the moment?

    And the not coming to conclusions problem. And the brain at WAR. So true with me. When presented with a question I’ll consider the logistics, then consider the ethics, what is right/wrong, then consider my emotions about each scenario. Then go back to logistics, then back and forth… Often there is no right or wrong. Just opinion or preference. And what is my opinion? What do I base it off of? Logic or emotion? What if those two are opposite? All the while it could be something like just choosing a menu item. What item do I want to eat right now? I have to say no to the other possibilities. Oh and debates, often I can see both sides of arguments. In a way I am learning to listen to my emotions and make decisions on that, rather than going by logic alone. This being true in situations where I need to be assertive. What is logically best might not be best for my emotions and vise versa. It makes a real serious conflict.

    Now with this article I am left wondering had things been different, if I had stuck with the left hand to write what would have been different? In my 30’s with carpel tunnel in my right I just might find myself seeing what happens when I use my left hand more. Already on the downside I notice I struggle with spelling when I use my left more, increased stuttering, and perhaps some language confusion when typing/writing and organizing but on the advantage seems to help my creativity. To fully improve I’ll need to find links to do left hand writing. My left hand writing is legible and almost as good as my right but awkward. I find some jumps and uncoordinated turns. I am trying to do the same motions with the left as the right. So yeah it will take some learning, but it will be interesting to see if writing with my left helps more than hurts.

    1. Patrick Kenehan

      I was born left handed but at the age of three I was forced by a religious order of Nuns to use my right hand to write . A wooden rule forcefully applied to the back of my left hand when I tentatively reached for a pencil to write forced me to accept the fact that as the “Holy Nun” told me forcefully, using my left hand was using the Devil’s instrument . I am now 77yrs old, am a non believer in any religion and believe that most religions are arrogant, presumptive and extremely dangerous. If your child is born live accept that life , love and encourage it and do not be guided by ridiculous, nonsensical religious rubbish.

  103. Daniel

    This helped me understand myself. Ive stuttered for as long as I can remember and Ive assumed it was because I was forced to write right handed since I heard the people mention it in the movie The King’s Speech. Ive always had bad handwriting and Im almost in college now. I love playing music, drawing, making things, foreign language, math, science, emotion, fantasy, and I scored “genius” on an IQ test given by a professional. If thats not proof enough of my split-preference, the spinning lady keeps changing directions on me. Im left dominant when throwing and other strength-related activities, but I still write right handed and Im mostly right footed. Im ambidextrous in some things like batting in baseball and using a computer mouse. I shoot guns right handed, but shoot bows left handed. I use scissors right handed, but undo bottle caps with my left hand. I dont know about my eyes though… Anyways, Im thankful I had the chance to read this article. And thank you for caring enough this far if anyone does.

  104. BOB

    It’s an amazing article. Thanks. I have a question: it’s possible for any reason to the eye-dominant change?

    1. BOB

      I’m asking this because while all this did happend with me: very poor writing(no matter how hard I try), lack of attention, love maths and my mother told me I was using left-hand until I went to school. I used to do things like a leftie too like holding with left-hand, reading backwards and also there’s a lot of lefties in my family. I did a the test to find my dominant-eye using this method ( method #1 and it give me the right-eye-dominant as result. I’m very confusing now…

      1. Wasio Ali Khan Abbasi Post author

        Interesting. I have never thought from that perspective but from my limited understanding, I doubt eye-dominance could change UNLESS you are ambidextrous. Ambidextrous have equally powerful eyes due to equal dominance of the two halves of the brain. I guess if you keep on using one side of the brain a lot, you may eventually become dominant from one side.
        Also, the test given on wikihow link is slightly complicated. The simple method is

        1) Make a triangle with the thumbs and forefingers of your hands
        2) Place a distant object in the center of that triangle and look at it
        3) Slowly bring the triangle closer to your face till your hands hit your face
        4) Your hands will automatically bring the triangle towards your dominant eye

        Another way is the snooker way I have described in the article. I found the snooker method more accurate because I actually experienced the difference, with the finger pointing in completely different direction with right eye and exactly where I am pointing when checked from left eye.

  105. Hina N.

    My life finally makes so much sense! I was born ambidextrous. Till senior kindergarten I switched between hands when writing and coloring. Once my mom noticed that I do the same with eating food. She started training me to use my right hand only. Then later on my dad and tutors subtly encouraged writing from my right hand. My writing is horrible to the point that even i don’t understand what I wrote LOL. Maybe if it were left to me, I would have picked my left hand. I write better than most non-left handers when I use my left hand.

    I always wanted to study history and either work in a museum or become an archeologist. I wanted to study English literature for the heck of it. But my mom was convinced I am a “genius” and I am wasting my potential. In highschool my Humanities grades were in 90s and my Science/Math grades were in 70s. I went to university to study science, and finally gave up in first year. I went to accounting next. Graduated with a commerce degree, passed my first chartered accountancy exam, worked as an accounting consultant… Yet was miserable.

    Finally had the guts to go back to school. This time to do a specialist in sociology and minor in professional writing. Your blog was very informational and eye opening! I am wondering if I can train my hands to go back to being left handed.

  106. Jesse

    I’m 19 years old and I am left handed. I was never forced to switch hands and have always used my left. I have a love for both history and math. Personally I believe that I have a couple of traits from both sides of the chart. I never did anything right handed until I joined martial arts, some instructors would make me train in a right handed stance. At first it felt very awkward and unnatural but after a year it started to feel slightly more easy. It was also the same situation when I began to shoot rifles because nobody I know owns a left/ambidextrous rifle. If i see the dancer spinning both ways does that mean I’m somewhat ambidextrous? and if that’s the case could I improve the ability to use both sides and see a noticeable difference?

  107. milf

    You’ve made some really good points there. I looked on the web for additional information about
    the issue and found most individuals will go along
    with your views on this site.

  108. Виталий Сталин

    Whaa?! I’m born full right dominant (whole body) but I’m trying to balance strenght and skill between my arms legs and eyes.. you know paired stuff… and I do pretty bad with my non-dominant limb ( hand or foot) … so anyways I want to ask: Am I the only one who sees the girl spinning clockwise.. focusing but still spinning clockwise… scroll down to read the comments and then go back to see it…. NOW SPINNING ANTI-CLOCKWISE!!! I keep focusing but she keeps spinning anti-clockwise…. what’s das magic

  109. Jules

    For a few seconds, I saw the figure spinning anti-clockwise… but the spin quickly changed to clock-wise. I’ve been returning to the image, but I can no longer get my mind to perceive it as I did the first time. I’m right handed though! Why is that? D:

    I don’t remember using my left hand as a child, but from what I remember, I did have early trouble holding a pencil and using chopsticks with my right hand. The reason I remember is because I was always reprimanded for it and even got beat for it. To this day, I still can’t hold chopsticks. Other than that, I don’t see myself having any problems with manual dexterity itself. I even consider it my strength – sculpting fine details with clay (well, hand-eye coordination in general) and I can massage quite well.

  110. Ribeir

    Has anyone seen that page? it does have a list of problems of making a left-handed write right-handed and a lot of comments of those converted left-handed(or parents of one). Worth reading!

    Which effects do you (reading this) related with? here’s the mine:

    – Bad handwriting
    – Shyness and being withdrawn
    – Poor concentration
    – Bad memory
    – Reading difficulties
    – Problems with spelling
    – Physical tiredness
    – difficulty in concentration (early fatigue);
    – speech problems ranging from stammering to stuttering;
    – fine motor disturbances evident in writing and other activities requiring precision
    – feelings of inferiority (sort of, I feel very slow to perform any task plus the bad memory, I really feel bad)

    As you can imagine, I was getting very low grades. I love math and science but I just can’t do none of them. I lost myself. I can’t do math. My memory became so bad that I try so hard studying something with very reading difficulties and after a while I remember almost nothing of what I learned. I haven’t only problems to remember stuff, to memorize too. I used to have a good memory (and people used to say that). But now I read something of my own interest and soon I remember almost nothing of it.

    There are others issues which I think strongly that the left to right conversion is the source. there are not listed on that page but I found in somewhere other lefties relating same of these issues. It was a while ago and I didn’t have the page save on my computer anymore as I wanted to. Another question: Sorry for my english; this isn’t my native language and very poor for obvious reasons.

  111. bob

    I was also born left handed and forced right but I’ve always found maths really easy and enjoyable, and I’ve found art to be boring and difficult, but I can draw some things pretty well with my right

  112. Stephanie

    I was born left handed, my father and younger brother are both left as well, however, I was forced to change in kindergarten. I had to go to speech therapy 1-3 and then we moved to a school that didn’t offer it. I always had the worse penmanship and got in such bad trouble for it. As I got older, my handwriting became even worse and I had to force myself to legible. Last year, I went to get my gun permit and an uncle made the statement since I ride a motorcycle, I should learn to shoot left handed. So, when I was practicing, I thought I’d try. I was surprised that I could aim much better left handed. Last May with my handwriting still deteriorating, I started researching switching back and came across a lot of sites stating the mental consequences that being forced to use your right hand can cause and I could relate to MANY of them. So, at 42 years old, I switched back. At first handwriting was a bit trying as I would be writing along fine with my left and then it was like my brain would pause and I’d have to think of how the next letter was formed but within just weeks, that slowed down. Now, 8 months later, my handwriting is much better than it was with my right. It is different and if I get very stressed, maybe a little shaky but overall much smoother and even my daughter was shocked that it was so much neater and more legible. I also feel ‘freer’ by using my left. Maybe knowing this is how God made me and I am free to be that way. To those thinking of swapping back, I highly recommend it. I think it’s helped me along with the realization there were legitimate reasons I was clumsy, shy, couldn’t hit a ball in sports, etc. It’s a good feeling. 🙂

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  114. Rajendra Kantharia


  115. Haliza

    Hi hi….i.m left handed but trained to be right handed by my parent. I can see the turning lady turning clockwise . N can see anti clickwise

  116. Minaaz

    Hey i am 17 n now it has been Mr thn 13 yrs i hav been using my right hand! I was brn lefty! I was made to ryt or do evrythn Wid ryt hnd
    snc i was in 5th i m havn learing prblms n i dnt rmmbr thngs this dys!!!
    m thnkn to strt prctcng wid ma lft hnd
    bt it is sch a lng tym
    wht do i do plz hlp
    i m facn lots of prblm in ma studies!!

  117. Stephen

    I was born left handed but used both hands and at a very young age was scolded by a teacher and made to choose a hand and I chose the right hand because everyone else was right handed besides my mom. I use elements of both sides of my brain. I find that I am right brained, but after 25+ years of using my right hand I have left brain tendencies as well. Like language. I tried really hard to make the picture change direction from clockwise to counter-clockwise and I couldn’t, at first. I found that if I looked instead at the figures shadow and thought to myself left instead of right and then looked again at the figure it had changed rotation. But the moment I looked again at words and attempted to read them I noticed in my peripheral that the image changed rotation again and was back to moving clockwise. So if language is the left brain then why is it the moment I go to read the image rotates to the right? Should it not rotate to the left? I think a lifetime of being forced to use a less dominant side of the brain has messed up something. I can write with my left hand, it just looks sloppy like a 3rd graders handwriting.

  118. XxHAMADEHxX

    You should really remove that spinning lady. It is just a gif and if proven to be nothing more then a gif.
    AKA the brain hemisphere thing associated with the gif is a hoax

  119. Brandon

    Are there doctors that help if you are in this situation and are an adult I’m 20 and write with my left hand but thought my right hand was my dominant hand my whole life

  120. Vic

    I was born left and force to use my right hand as a baby as well. My mother and grandmother were both lefties and didn’t want me to go through the trials they did (writing, stigma, etc.). So now I use my left hand or right hand depending on what I doing. And sometimes I can use either hand and have been told I will switch hands repeatedly without even noticing. However, my left foot is always dominant when I kick something.

    So much of what was written in this article rings true for me. Had a huge revelation while reading this about my speech problems growing up. The school put me into speech therapy when I was in grade school.

    Good to know there’s others out there.

  121. Linda Lee Boyles Edwards

    When I was a toddler, my mother would always put my spoon or fork into my right hand. I would also immediately transfer it to my left hand. She never forced me to change. I am VERY left-handed, left-eyed, etc. The only thing I do right-handed is to shoot pool (and don’t do that well). Interestingly, when I first saw the image, it would spin to the right. However, if I read words below the image, it immediately starts spinning left. If I then stop reading and just look at the image, it will eventually go right again. Anytime I want it to go left, I just start to read words near it. Even though I am very left-handed, I am very mathematically and science-oriented. I teach science and mathematics and LOVE it. I have tried to do creative things, but have no artistic talent (even draw poor stick figures) and no musical talent. I took piano lessons for 4 years, but was never very good. I can’t even clap well in rhythm to a song. Concerning facial recognition, unless a person has something about their face that I can latch onto, I commonly will take a long time knowing someone before I can remember their face. I can spend a few hours with someone one week, but if I would see them in a store or somewhere the next week, I’d never know that I’d seen them before unless I am told their name. So even though I’m left-handed, I’m also very left-brained (as far as what is normally attributed to the left brain). From a bit of internet searching, it seems that some lefties may have their math/language areas at least partially on the right. Maybe I’ve got “left” skills on both sides of my brain. This all fascinates me, as I’m teaching myself anatomy and physiology right now (which is what brought me to this site as I was researching).

  122. Rena Chadwick

    I’ve alays switched back and forth between my hands without thinking about it. My first grade teacher was the first who pointed it out to me. I still do it from time to time, but I feel like my hands have different specialties. My left can lift more weight. My right is better at catching. My left is better at throwing. I play pool left handed. I almost exclusively write with my right, but I prefer to color with my left. I took a test in physio on the conduction of my nerves/muscles. Both my right and left arms have almost the same amount of motor units. I hate math. Absolutely love science. I like to read but find English to be kind of boring. Grammar and all that jazz. Interesting read.

  123. Bert

    I’m left handed, I wish my mom forced me to be right handed. By the way, the dancing lady is no illusion. Which direction it turns depends on the height of the foot in relation to the front and back… or which ever way you start with. The direction changes as the height changes. This happens on the hands too but not really recognizable. Anyways, I believe I could have easily changed hands quite fast if taught from a young age. I boxed before right handed just fine. The world is right handed so it’s better for survival to be right handed. It shouldn’t be that bad. If I were still 10 yrs. old I would have mastered the right hand pretty easily. It’s too late now because most of us are too occupied by other things.

  124. Tati

    This picture literally look as if it were dancing for me.. idk how but at first it was moving clockwise then it started moving counterclockwise then I said in my head clockwise and it went clockwise then I said counter clockwise and it moved counterclockwise. . I’m simoly in awe but then I just stared at the image and all of a sudden it looked as if it was sorta dancing while spinning. Idek anymore man. I’m right handed. So how could I imagine that.

  125. P Smith

    Forcing a child to switch hands is child abuse, plain and simple.

    It is mental abuse. A child’s brain is naturally wired to use the left hand, and forcing the child to use the right causes mental stress.

    It is emotional abuse. Forced change tells left handed children that they are “inferior” or “bad” for using the lft.

    It is physical abuse. It is uncomfortable for a child and forces unnatural and potentially painful movement and position of the hand, arm and back.

  126. Maryam

    I’ve always wanted to learn to write with my left hand and always feel interested in left hand people when i meet them and funny enough just a week ago my mum told me she was the one that stopped me from using left when i was much younger. Is there any way i cab be lefthanded again?? Does it have any negative effect when one tries to change at this age. Ps I’m 19

  127. Aisyah

    I understand that using your right arm or hand when your left arm and hand is stronger puts you in a major disadvantage. The brain argument I think is of it’s own issue. A person who is right brained and told to do math, which includes logic, will of course be at a disadvantage. One study found that 60% to 70% of lefties are left brained. On the other hand 95% of righties are left brained. So yes, lefties have a higher proportion of right brained people but more than half are actually NOT right brained. There are less right brained righties than right brained lefties, and I am proud to be one of them. 🙂

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  129. Rahul Sharma

    Was my brain ruined by that person or was it my destiny to be so ruined by that auntyji who made me a rightie?

    Would my entire life been different?

    I am 40. Time to pack up.

  130. Anu

    I am right handed. But when i saw the image, i could see it moving anti clockwise. I had to try very hard to see it moving click wise. Again saw the image after few seconds and it was moving anticlockwise. Does that mean that i am actually left handed?

  131. Lisa Carlow

    Can forcing a left hander to be a right hander, cause adhd or add? When my son was learning to write, his daycare lady, made him switch to right. I confronted her about it, she denied it. I removed him from that daycare. It was too late I was unable to get him to switch back. He’s 12 now, and I see that he’s a little “off” on his coordination in sports, most activities in general.
    What is the best way to get him to change back, should I go to a specialist? Neuro doc?
    Please help. Thank you.

  132. Music Alchemy
    …the memories of getting confused about left and right are surfacing. I still do that now but I was born left-handed and had to re-orient and switch sides at six years old to accommodate the school. Initially they taped my left hand to the desk to try to teach me to write with my right hand. That’s probably when I went mute..I didn’t speak again in school for 6 months. I don’t recall how that happened…

  133. Branndon

    I am naturally left handed but was forced to write with my write hand but as I focused harder on the picture i was able to switch the director of the spin in 12 second intervals.

  134. Music Alchemy

    I was naturally writing perfect spelling from the right side of the paper to the left with my left hand before I entered public school at age 6. I remember talking to “angels”, I sang and wrote songs, I told stories. My first day of school they taped my left hand to the desk and tried to force me to be right handed. I was immediately traumatized and could not speak after that. I started sucking my thumb (the left one of course) and remained mute in school for the rest of that year. That incident caused them to leave me alone. I love my left handedness and am still as stubborn today as I was then.

  135. mograph

    Thanks for the article. I’m a leftie who was switched, and am trying to regain more sinistrality.

    I might have a hack for the spinning dancer, which involves cutting off part of the image by scrolling:
    – view the top half only, and it seems to go counter-clockwise.
    – view the bottom half only, and it seems to go clockwise.

    Interesting, ya think?

  136. Anirudh Karekar

    Bro even I have the same case,by birth i was left handed but my parents forced me to use right hand at age of 6 or 5 and the reason they told me that left hand is unlucky.And about the girl she is moving in clock wise direction for me.
    I was always curious to find someone like me who had the same issue.


    At three years old I was left handed, knew how to read and write, and only used scissors right handed. When I was 4, a religious preschool told me I was “doing that wrong” (writing) and the place began forcing me to do all my work right handed.

    Currently: I am right handed with the ability to do about half of any daily task left handed if needed. This includes cutting veggies, writing, throwing things, and tasks that require average dexterity. Things I cannot do left handed, is math. Thats it. Math.

    I am an artist, I paint with both hands, and sometimes even at the same time (when I blend two colors or am shading.) None of this is a boast, as I am going to tell you now why I am here.

    I have BPD, OCD, dyslexia, math dyslexia, and disassociate identity disorder (formerly mpd). Granted it is hard to tell because 4 is a cognitive time, I noticed a huge change in my thinking. I was diagnosed adhd very early on and I didn’t have trouble with sitting and focusing, as much as sitting still. It was as though my left half was searching for something to do.

    I have always wondered if there were studies done on this, and thus far this is all I have found.

    The picture moved counter and then wouldn’t stay going in one direction but going back and forth as though it just went side to side. Then clockwise, and when I looked away and back, counter clockwise.

    I really struggle with my logic and empathy arguing. There is no black and white. There are endless possibilities. I have multiple skills, guitar, singing, writing, as well as a very serious and complex demeanor. I love comedy -and write it- but when I am serious no jokes are allowed. I could easily be called eccentric, peculiar and particular. I feel my brain never stops and there is a constant battle.

    Apologies for any typing errors.

  138. Sarah Elisha

    Hi. I don’t really know how many times I was beaten or locked up or served punishment for being left handed. I think I was 6years old when I was forced to change. I lived with family members sometimes when my parents weren’t home. I have a hard time remembering people’s names, so much so that they thought I was lying. I got punished for not doing everything with my right hand. I used to love my hand writing, I got beaten in school for writing with my left hand. A while after I got used to writing and doing everything with my right hand. Now am paying the Price for it. I have a hard time with my directions. I have to have a small paper note in my books to remember my assignments from school. I have to have a remind to remember important events happening around me. I have a hard time making friends I prefer to me alone than I a crowd. I hide even from my family. I was beaten in school for daydreaming or for not focusing in class. Sometime a people could be next to me and talking to me but I wouldn’t hear a word. (Space out unconsciously). The issue is everytime I tell the people around me what’s going on with me they say am lying or am pretending. I play tennis, but when I first started my heart always raced so fast that I pass out almost immediately, I always get tired. My heart still races really fast but am trying to a handle on it. I have difficult with my spelling and grammar rules. I have to read the rules and write it without looking at my test books to see if I can remember. I am trying to change back but it is really hard. Please I need all the help I can get.

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  140. Lisa

    I was a Lefty forced Rightie too when I went to Catholic school.
    The Nun’s convinced my mother that being Left handed was a true sign of “evil ness” and corrected if caught early enough.
    I had my Left arm put behind my back and tied at my side. I remember I started stuttering, making letters backwards, some upside down. Not to mention being ridiculed in class by my teacher and classmates. If I was caught trying to use my Left hand to do anything I was whacked on my hands with a ruler.
    I am however able to write with both hands, and the best part ; I am able to shoot pool alternating hands.
    I shoot both 8 ball & 9 ball.
    My first two children are Left handed and my youngest two children are right handed.
    I guess, I was “cursed” at birth being a South paw.

  141. Mayank Sharma

    I am 23 years old right now and I was born a lefty. I too was forced to write with right due to religious purposes. I really want to change back to left again because I feel that that is my natural self. It is actually in the DNA of a person whether he is a rightly or a lefty and I believe that since nature has created me this way then it is for a right purpose. There is an actual gene in each cell of our body that defines us whether we are left or right. That is how our whole body structure works. I always use my left hand for other work other than writing. I am practicing my left hand for handwriting and one day do aspire to become a perfect lefty. Will the damage done to me be undone?

  142. Rhonda

    I am 46 years old and have gone through a traumatic experience. I have been feeling like I’ve been forced into using the left part of my brain when I’m right brained. Now I’m not fully functioning right brained and it’s causing me more trauma. If anyone can please contact me via email as soon as possible I would appreciate it. Thank you for your help.

  143. Nelly

    Am a victim too, and it’s affecting me right now , and am not happy about it because right now am a slow leaner, I don’t comprehend easily especially with science courses and mathematics, I daydream but I cnt express it, and I forget easily (read and forget , please wat do I do, I need help

  144. MissB

    I am left handed in eating and writing, Most other things, basketball, throwing, opening things etc I do right handed. I can write with either but left is better. I can see the direction of the spinning dancer change just by saying ‘change’..
    Not sure what that means.

  145. Rosaline

    I can see the figure change direction easily from anti-clockwise to clockwise or from clock wise to anti-clockwise and back.where do I fall?

  146. Todd C

    I found a mistake with the gif by taking it into photoshop. The angles of the extended foot and leg are not accurate for counter-clockwise rotation.

  147. charles

    Personally if I had a child that was left handed I would train them to use their right hand. At the end of the day its a right handed world and it always will be. I dont want my child to have to deal with the daily annoyance of being left handed so I would start them early using their right hand.

  148. TJ

    If you rotate your finger in a different direction it will cause the image to rotate 5 seconds later in that same direction.

  149. Heather

    Recently found out/had confirmation that i am indeed left handed, but was raised/forced to be a righty. Im wondering if its possible to try to switch back to lefty and if it could improve (especially being an artisit and architectural student)…? If anyone has any input it’s be greatly appreciated

  150. Beth

    A little while ago I was watching videos of when I was a young child. Through these videos I noticed my Grandfather would always switch my utensils from my left to my right hand. It was obvious from these that as a cold my inclination was to use my left hand. I later learned that this was done because of religious beliefs. In correlation to your article, as a child I also at one point struggled with language. Did you do anything to try and correct or even retrain yourself to once again use your left hand? Do you think that would correct the receptors in your brain?

  151. Anurag

    I am also the one who was left handed by birth and now i am right handed.But i can do almost all the work with my left hand except writing.

  152. Anurag

    I am also the one who was left handed by birth and now i am right handed.But i can do almost all the work with my left hand except writing.
    I feel so awkward when u come to know about this.I liked the article and i feel as if it is written for me.

  153. Gang WEI

    I double that the clockwise direction of that gif has any relationship with your domain brain. I guess most of people will easily found a clockwise direction other than anti-clockwise direction. I found clockwise are much more fluency than that in anti-clockwise direction. It really cannot indicate whether you are right-side domain brain or otherwise.

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  155. RixCanDoIt

    I have to question whether forcing a child to be right-handed is really an issue. I was born left-handed, and one day while doing some writing (with my left hand) my uncle noticed and stopped me, forcing me to use my right and explaining to me the difficulties I would have being left-handed in a right-hand dominant world (of course in child speak). My mother and uncle were persistent in making sure I used only my right-hand prior to entering school.

    As I grew up, everything I did was right-handed due to early corrective measures. I played baseball right-handed and was a very good player. I excelled at math, mechanics, computers (hardware/software), and many left-brained activities associated with right-hand dominance. I excelled in the analytical career based endeavors, achieving awards, making discoveries, invents, etc.

    However, while I had all these left-brain goodies, it appears I also got many of the right-brain stuff also. I loved the arts. Got good at photography, oil painting (early age then got bored), and at the age of 55 picked up a pencil and started drawing. In 90 days I started drawing photorealistic portraits to mine and everyone else’s surprise. Do a search on Rixcandoit to see my works.

    I don’t wish to blow my horn here and feel I’ve said enough. I’m just making a point. While I don’t know if there is psychological damage caused by the force switch early on, I can’t help feel that I’ve been given a gift of both worlds and without the left-hand issues with many products. I enjoy so many things in life attributed to both hemispheres that I’m bummed there are not enough hours in a day or years in my life to explore them all.



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